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  1. Does anyone have a working 432/433 voltage regulator they want to sell ? Can you email me please on the following address colvyn@live.co.uk thanks in advance
  2. Hi all Does anyone have an ISPL for an Abbot? As my turret will traverse right and not stop till I turn off the turret master switch and will not traverse left at all. I’m after the wiring diagram to see if I can work it out. thanks in advance
  3. Hi Everyone Does anyone have the testing equipment i can borrow or hire from them to test my Daf Gearbox as it is not going up the gearbox past gear 4? ive been told it could well be a solenoid in pack B so need to test it. If you can help please drop me a text or message on here please. 07552219098. thanks in advance colvyn
  4. Hi does anyone have a photo of the fuse board cover for a Daf drops mmlc 1990,showing what fuses do what on the fuse board as mine is missing? Thanks in advance
  5. Is anyone thinking of selling a Daf drops or know of anyone selling one with a heavy duty rack? As I'm after one in the new year. Thanks in advance colvyn
  6. Hi all I'm new to all this truck registering business, I ve purchased a scammell S26 which is plated to carry 65 tonnes + now I need to get it registered with dvla. If I go down the route of STGO 2 private light goods not for hire or reward and it's being used to carry my 432 around do I need to get the truck mot'ed ? Thanks ks in advance Col
  7. Can anyone help me please? I am buying a Leyland DAF drops and I'm after a rack to carry my 432. Now I've been told there are two types of rack a light weight for carrying MLRS missiles and the heavy weight one for carrying containers. Now will the light weight one be ok to lift and take the weight of my 432 which is about 14 tonnes . Col
  8. Hi hi I see you have a foden drops I am looking to get a Leyland Daf drops to carry my FV432 do you think this ok ??? regards colvyn
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