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    Stollen Welbike

    Please make report to the british Police department. Czech can´t make anythink. :-(
  2. I have anoter few carriers http://www.mapleleafup.net/forums/showthread.php?t=21425 but I am looking for missing parts. The Maultier wheals are free for sale or swap.
  3. I am downloading pictures from my phone. Do you have picture of the Loyd wheals?
  4. I am new in carrier comunity. I have bought two carrier projects with spares. Now I am sorting what is there. Just found 4 wheals from german Maultier and anothers are there. First I have to identifi the another wheals. There are small upper wheals but with rubber rim and on the carriers are full metal. Maybe are from loyd.
  5. I would like know prices for parts and postage to the Czech Rep. Now I know that I can´t use paypal for payment. :-(
  6. Hi to all, I have traied order the parts on russell motors website http://www.russellmotors.co.uk/ , but the mail come back as undelivered (spares@russellmotors.co.uk). Has somebody corect email? Thanks
  7. Only e few what I have saved from scrab yards.
  8. Thanks, but is only repro not a original one.
  9. Any pictures for you. This one is my.
  10. I thnig is is only one registered shot down Panther tank with PIAT from any Canadian soldier after invasion.
  11. First I never have in my hands original one, I have only repro from bajonets and battledress with original demiled bomb. It was time when I was haghly interested about this gun. I know this shot from movie. I am not sure if the piat will be so efective again Panther tank. From this angel is heavy armor. Wht I am remember from Arnhem memories, what I have readed. the soldier has used a few bombs again Pz IV, this tank was litle bit demaged and come back wit own power to the gemany line. look they are using bomb without pyro composition what was used for bomb fly For the first shot you have pull the spring by legs in laying or stand. If I am rememberign corect it is equivalent 90 kg for pulling the spring. The bomb fly with spring and pyro power. After what the bomb was fired knocked the firing pin, slide back and pull the spring for next shot. absolutely wrong, from somebody who knows only bazooka :-D better http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIHVp7ObZbI time 6:10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKW0nmM_9-s
  12. What I am remenbering, the spring is wery strong!
  13. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?6698-British-airborne-trailer/page3&highlight=airborne+trailer+radek
  14. Bouth trailers are in Czech Rep. On the first picture is my (upside down - town hitch) The second and third picture belongs to my friend.
  15. Thanks for information. I will give it to my friend who is unseccesfull registestered to the forum.
  16. Friend of me has bought Ariel WN/G from hmvf menber, but with incorect carburattor. It is too long and is impossible fit the gas tank :-( Could somebody tell me the number of corect one carburattor? Thanks
  17. Or if you will use the black outs, wou will finished as I with my R-E WDCO. I have ride at 11PM and stoped over few meters. Gold price for me was flash lamp with tape in pannier. For the rest of journey was fixed on the handlebars. Back to your question, the price start from 20GPB for each. But you have to wait for right time!
  18. Hi to everybody. I have started facebook site for all ovners and friend of Austin military lorries. :cool2: https://www.facebook.com/austinmilitarylorries?hc_location=stream
  19. The mudguards are wery usefull, they are british upgrade, but post war. I have the seme modification on my trailer, ex Norwegian to.
  20. Nice cannon, but the Skoda isn´t polish but Czech factory or if you would like exactly it was made in the Austrian monarchy in Pilsen Skoda factory. After the great war we was Czechoslovak Rep til 1993. Now only Czech Rep.
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