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  1. on the Maple leaf military vehicle forum looking for the "Project Pheonix"
  2. Scraper ring arrived. We can continue with work. ;-)
  3. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?38277-British-airborne-trailer-CWT-10-no1-restoration-project
  4. New made part of seals set. Without old seals it is queit hard work. ;-)
  5. They have them, thanks for help!!! :thanx:
  6. Thanks for the contact. Just I have send email to this company.
  7. Just first problem. :-( On piston ring is broken. Looks like that is original from manufacture. :-( Could somebody help me find original size one set piston ring set? Thanks Radek
  8. thanks for info. Here is actual picture of dismantling.
  9. Another question. Could somebody help me with torque on crankshaft nuts. Thanks
  10. Here are any pictures of engines what we have. K30 spere engine K2/Y
  11. could somebody help me with the shade of colour for the Austins engine? Thanks
  12. Nice looking UC!!!! I am PM you about spare parts for my projects. Thanks
  13. Interesting trailer! What kind is it?
  14. Do you have any pictures of the Austin K3 what is behind the trailer?
  15. look insite the switch. on dashboard is fixed with wire around the body with screw. Mark all electric wires and disconect. When you have the PLC2 out. Push on the front face and turn right. You have put the tongues to the holes. Be carefull inside is spring. After then check contacts inside body. I hope that my english id enough for that.
  16. uh are you kidding!!! A few years ago I have pay 20gbp less on ebay for one. :wow:
  17. You are welcome. This dimensions are litle bit problem. I am using this on my Austins, but still looking for anothers better.
  18. http://www.zbozi.cz/hledani/?q=pneumatiky%2010.50-16#utm_source=search.seznam.cz&utm_medium=hint&utm_content=products-exact-ABtest-B&utm_term=pneumatiky%2010,50-16
  19. I have started thread with tyres pattern any years ago on this forum http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=110&t=47697 Under picture is name of manufacture. This tyres are 10,50-16 what I have on lorries.
  20. Yes british. Buttler or Lucas made. They fit on standard military lamps. ;-)
  21. Could somebody help me with identification of this stand. Something missing ther for secured standing.
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