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  1. could you post the pictures againe. I can´t see the old one. :-(
  2. Hi i am looking for my new toy for brackets and boxes as on the picture
  3. It is wehrmacht caaptured field kitchen "gulage canone" with replaced axle with wheels.
  4. This is great project!!!!!! :wow::wow:
  5. Thanks guys! Thats helpfull! Just searching around for information about parts for my dreamer project. ;-) Now, I have to sort all after what my father passed away. I will see in the near future, what will be my interest, If I have to sell everything :-( or will continue playing with green madness. :-D
  6. Hi to all, I have question. It is possible find Rerrets angine, gearbox and bouth axes for sale? how much is it worth? Thanks Radek
  7. Radek


    I thing that I have found advert where is your looking bike. It looks like scamm, be careful! I have lost for the similer 1400GBP! https://leeds.craigslist.co.uk/fod/5922719564.html here is original listing on ebay! http://www.ebay.com/itm/1942-Excelsior-Villiers-Welbike-With-Extra-Parts-Motor-/131630331861?_ul=BY&nma=true&si=TchaF8R8adE20Y1XV8w2zjNVR2I%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  8. Radek


    Did you bought the bike? Please let me know. Thanks
  9. I have sad news. Henk Minne has passed away. :-( His daughter selling "Bonne Shaker" Here is information from Hanno Spoelstra Here are the details as provided by Henk's daughter Angelique: The Austin is dry stored, and can remain there until further notice. Currently the rear brakes are not working, but all (new) components for the repair are included in the sale. No current Dutch registration, but all paperwork is present to register it. Henk wanted to get €6000.- for the truck, so this is Angelique's asking price. For genuinely interested parties, please contact Angelique Minne by email (click on her name). Here's hoping this threads helps to find a new good home for this truck. Hanno
  10. I know it was here in the past, but i canť find it. :-( Could somebody help me with location? Somewhere in England.
  11. Austin K2(RAF99804) Malta Historic Vehicles Trust Unknow Austin K2 Austin K2 Austin K30 Melvyn Been and Mike Humphreys
  12. I have deleted last picture in the previos post. She has new paint and new markings. Here is her picture. Unkow - was on WP show this year National Military Vehicle Museum in Elizabeth, near Adelaide uknow Austin K3 Australia Austin K2 "Bonne" Henk Minne Austin K3 Paul Wright Austin K2 Austin K2 Austin K2 Austin K3 - now in Czech Rep. in new colour and markings unknow - was on WP show this year unknow unknow unknow Austin K3Y Civil Defence Column Rescue Vehicle Jim Hay
  13. Austin K30/YK 1940 Zdeněk Marcín Austin K30 1940 Radek Marcín Austin K3 Colin Murray Unknow scrpa yard in UK Austin K3 "Vera Lynne" Austin K2 ex Tony - scraped Austin K2 Austin K3
  14. Kjell PM send. ;-) I have updated my register and now we have 27 (-2 scraped) (+2 Kjells) lorries. I am so happy that I can add the 3th K30 from England. From the register I have deleted civilian lorries in military markings, sorry guys. I hope that you are understing to me. I am preparing chart of this survivers, guys-owners please help me with filling it. If you will be so kind and send me any basic info about your lorries - type, chassis No. year of manufactur and owners name. If you know any history of your babies please let me know. :cool2: Cheers Radek
  15. Look on ebay, lask week was there one.
  16. Note: the size dipending on the scheave width! I have on the engines two width of the scheaves. ;-)
  17. Ron, i know :-( I have started anothers projects. Now is time any finish. ;-) The great puzzle will be the front forks. Desmantled are in the box for the long time. Radek
  18. "Forgoten" project. The sprokets and nipples was in bad shape, for the desamantling I have to used wire cutters. P.S.: The nos speedo drive wheel was on ebay, for the bargaine.
  19. Hi to all, I am looking for AC fuel pump type "T" repair kit, used in Austin K2. Could somebody help me? Thanks Radek
  20. Guys I know lorries was fitted from factory with greeen engines. This one was blue grey. Now I have to finnisching any small parts and prepare exchanging engines in my Austin K30.
  21. The strange looks Austin looks like modified civilian K3 or K4.
  22. Originaly was the engine sky blue. And one pocture of progres.
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