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  1. Any news about Austin? 😉
  2. After litle archeological research I can offer Petrol gauge switch and Tail light switch water decals. I am happy that they are exact reproduction. The set (early vehicles) 10GBP Petrol Gauge switch (late vehicles) 7GBP Reproduction of Cooling system label. Exact the same as original. Painted zink plated steel sheet with decal. price 15GBP Postage to the uk standard delivery is free, recorded delivery UK 3 £
  3. after David from Panther store pased away, thise chaps took the battledress production https://www.wpgce.net/en-us/blouses-uk/ the Panther stor produced the famous the best battledress
  4. I reproduced lable and water dacals for dash board. It was litle archeological research.
  5. Looking for details pictures from renovation of the side and rear doors windows. (sliding chanels, fittings etc.) Thanks. few pictures from renovation.
  6. Friend is working on our ambulance, nuts and bolts renovation.
  7. Looking for pictures from renovation of the rear body. Mainly of the wood skelet, rear doors and the windows. Tanks
  8. realy nice! This is on the Humber SC, operated from inside of car.
  9. hm looks like that I need it! 😉
  10. Hi Elias, did you found the lables? Thanks Radek
  11. it dipending which ATW wehicle do you have. 😉 They were based on LWB and SWB chassis too.
  12. Hi Julien, it is your Austin? Could you share with me any information about she? Regards Radek
  13. Looking for Royal Enfield WD CO Pillion footrest eye bolts to fit on the frame. I have footrests.
  14. Looking for contact on the owner of this Austin K6 Coles crane Mr. Chirs Tallent
  15. solved 😉 she is in REME museum too identified as K6/ZH 1944
  16. Know somebody what happened with this Austin K6 Gantry from Budge Collection? Thanks Radek
  17. Hi Ian, maybe, but than are made a lot of changes on the truck. copula, tool box on the left side, missing can holders, mirrors etc. Could you PM me details about your K5? Thanks Radek
  18. Could sombody help me where is now this Austin K6 Gantry from Museum of Army Transport at Beverley?
  19. Hi Elias, nice to see that another survived. Only a few Austin military lorries are around the world. Please folow my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/austinmilitarylorries/photos/?tab=album&album_id=290985594378782 your lorry was made at 1943. could you please look and make pictures of chassis number and contract lable too? The chassis is neer the steering box, the contract is on the dashboard (marked with red arrow) Thanks Radek
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