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  1. Radek

    Austin K30, K2 and K3 register

    Hi Tev, could you send me Chassis serial number, maybe I will help you with identification. Radek
  2. Are these numbers painted under bonet, census numbers? Are they war or post war?
  3. Radek

    What trailers are these?

    first one is ww2 british mortar or GS trailer
  4. Radek

    Austin k2y restoration

    CMP chasise was used for movie K2/Y
  5. Radek

    Austin K30, K2 and K3 register

    Register updates Austin Lorry Register.xls
  6. Radek

    Unknown Vehicle Back Rests.

    my Austin K30 Are your for sale?
  7. Radek

    Austin K5

    For sale Austin K5, location Czech Rep. Missing any parts including GS body, bonet side pannels, engine cover, dash board etc. But good start for nice renovation project.
  8. my work for the last 20 years ;-) Austin Lorry Register.xls
  9. Ha I have missed this topic. Could somebody give me mor information about this K3, which isn´t in my Austin Lorry register.
  10. Radek

    10.50 x 16 Tyres

    could you post the pictures againe. I can´t see the old one. :-(
  11. Hi i am looking for my new toy for brackets and boxes as on the picture
  12. It is wehrmacht caaptured field kitchen "gulage canone" with replaced axle with wheels.
  13. Radek

    Austin K30 Rear Body

    Here is my ;-)
  14. Radek

    Dorking covenanter recovery

    This is great project!!!!!! :wow::wow:
  15. Radek

    Ferret power pack and axles

    Thanks guys! Thats helpfull! Just searching around for information about parts for my dreamer project. ;-) Now, I have to sort all after what my father passed away. I will see in the near future, what will be my interest, If I have to sell everything :-( or will continue playing with green madness. :-D