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  1. Probably looking at £1500 in movement costs by one of the main hauliers, Reids or Allelly's etc. If the carriage is continental that may limit potential sites, due to interest or lack of for foreign vehicles. There is also the issue of Continental stock being larger than UK and may not fit the loading gauge. The only UK railway that comes to mind is the Nene Valley near Peterborough they do operate some Continental stock..
  2. Its off a pallet truck. So nowt special. We do not have a pallet truck so it will be for the scrapman.
  3. This is a very off chance of this being ex military but there again if you don't ask? Any idea what this object is? We have absolutely no idea what or where from. If you want it come and get it.
  4. When I was introduced to this beast, the towing was carried out by a Bedford MK with a D6 on the front. The MK being used mainly to carry the mine pallets. The usual training field was by the Avon near Amesbury, usually inhabited by cows in the previous weeks, to be found during the night excercise of breaching the minefield by hand with the knitting needles. Often wondered since then if the beast was developed from an agricultural machine possibly a Potato Harvester or was it the other way round?
  5. From the local BBC webpage. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-humber-51192579 If not here then where would be best for the Beverley - Elvington?
  6. Our group has one of the other locos that were sent out to the middle east to work on the Suez railway, to date we have not been able to find out any detail of its time abroad. Can anyone supply any detail please? https://www.nymr-pway.co.uk/plant/drewry-diesel-no-16/
  7. A good Agricultural Engineering workshop should be able to assist. Here near York is an example. https://hydrapower-york.co.uk/ as a side business to https://www.yell.com/biz/westaby-s-ltd-york-4369850/ I, on behalf of our group on the NYMR have had dealings with Hydrapower for repair of Rams off one of our railway machines. Otherwise I have no link to this firm.
  8. I seem to recall a regular task for the fitters, was working on the rubber boots in the wheel hubs. Too technical for us operators. We were too busy trying to change the steering into Crab without the new boy noticing.
  9. Photo of similar machine at RAF Leeming pre 1996
  10. It looks like the tow strops are attached from the tow hook on the machine to eachh wheel set on the Vulcan. Therefore the Vulcan is being moved backwards. If on a fairly unused / overgrown part of the airfield then mud or debris is likely to be encountered. The low row that can be seen would have been produced by the Terex when getting into position. Those tyres on it are massive and will squeeze any debris out to form a ridge.
  11. I spy the outline and lettering of a Haulamatic in one photo but also in the last photo the front of an Aveling Barford tipper. Another hard to kill machine. Although not exactly speedy.
  12. That would have been the RE TA ADR unit based at Waddington. Terex 72-71 the biggest machine of its type in use by the RE TA. We had similar machines at RAF Leeming in 234 Fd Sqn Const RE and similar tasks were often done around the airfield if we had the gear and manpower to do a job. I recall moving a Victor that had some sort of problem and the RAF Forklift was not available.
  13. Yes and very good it was too. I think it might even have been better than the Allis Chalmers that was in use in the 70's - 80's and streets ahead of the Allis's replacement in the Terex 72-51 We certainly tested them to extremes on the Airfields. Any other job and it would have been classed as abuse.
  14. Surprised at that amount, as the average scrap steel price that we get on the NYMR is around £150 / tonne. Some scrap man looks to have had a bargain.
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