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  1. ploughman

    Spotted today....

    Saw this Jeep at Newbridge Pickering N Yorks last friday. Suspect the owner may be one of the loco crew.
  2. Due to the potential strain that could be imposed on the loops and hooks when tightening load securing ropes. Would screws be used ? I would have thought that bolts and nuts would be needed. You might get away with it for the Footman loops but not for the Lashing hook.
  3. ploughman

    LR Series 1 4x2

    I think CP was generally applied to items of specialist Construction Plant.
  4. ploughman

    Thornycroft Big Ben

    Metal stitching is quite common in Railway preservation circles. The firm linked have worked on stitch repairs to steam cylinders on locos. https://www.metalockengineering.com/en/typical-repairs/metal-stitching/
  5. ploughman

    The Hunt for a C-130 Hercules

    On the BBC news website today. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-43800089
  6. ploughman

    Yorkshire MVT Crank Up - York Castle


    Couple of shots of mine from today. One of which is of an interloper amongst the jeeps.
  7. ploughman

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    I'll be 12 then.
  8. ploughman

    Any idea what this is?

    Friend of mine unearthed this from his daughter's attic.Dejunking the rubbish gathered over the years.Markings are CTCO S406240 and S1054B (last digit could be 3 or 8 though)It’s heavy.No crows foot in evidence though Thanks
  9. ploughman

    Wire size

    Thanks for the comments.
  10. ploughman

    Wire size

    Just wondering about vehicle electrical wire sizes. If I was to rewire either the full harness or just one wire, is it better to use the same wire size as original or is there a benefit in using the next size up? eg. using 1.5mm sq instead of 1.0 mm or even more such as 2.5mm.
  11. ploughman

    Landrover Series 111 new purchase.

    IIRC - all the non-FFR equipped had a PYE blue coloured - Westminster model I think. What's a PYE Blue colored? We used to use PYE radios on the airfields with the RE's but doubt it's them. Thanks for all the replies.
  12. ploughman

    Landrover Series 111 new purchase.

    Thought I would post another photo of my recent acquisition. oops posted this the other week, still what the hell have it again. Mil Reg 07GN04 Downloaded the details from RLC yesterday Ashchurch date is 26-10-77 Then to ADPCON 1-11-77 , What is ADPCON? Then a TA vehicle first in Scotland with 32 Sig Regt (v). Based in Glasgow. From 9 - 3 - 78 to 1-4-80 then on the 22nd April 80 to 38 Sig Regt (v) in Sheffield Released to MVS 23/7/98 07GN04 History.pdf Is it possible from the B Card to identify the actual unit or Squadron the vehicle was attached to? Are the red inked notes anything to take heed of? So previous thoughts about it being a Training vehicle have been ditched. I note that a similar age S3 is being discussed currently under B Cards, the photos on there look almost the same as mine but I have an Ammeter but no big button, Fuel cap hasp and bonnet hasp.
  13. ploughman

    RLC Details

    Sent off a while back for a vehicle history from the RLC. Any idea how long they normally take to get back with any results?
  14. ploughman

    AEC Militant MKI (1966) 38EP19

    I assume permission had been granted by the Domestic authorities before you entered the kitchen.
  15. ploughman

    Oil equivalent chart

    Thanks Richard.