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  1. ploughman

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    Film clip not available to me on that link.
  2. ploughman

    Leyland Drops

    Spotted what I think may be 4 or more Leyland DROPS wagons in an HGV yard near Derby off the A52. Do not know any details, or if they are for sale or breaking.
  3. ploughman

    Grease Nipples

    Thanks for those.
  4. Does anyone know of anyone who can supply a manifold block for centralising a number of grease lines into one place? Probably about 5 - 6 lines to be fitted so we do not need to crawl round inside the frames of a vehicle.
  5. ploughman

    RAF vehicle camouflage

    Camouflage works then.😉
  6. ploughman

    British Army Stoves

    As long as the cook knows what he is doing no problem. However on an exercise in Cyprus back in 81 one of our cooks decided the burner needed refueling. So he took off the filler cap while it was still lit and under pressure. BIG MISTAKE.severe burns all over. Luckily we were on the beach at Akamas and just picked him up and threw him in the sea. Helicopter Casevac to Akrotiri or nearest Hospital. When he eventually returned to unit many months later, the chief cook sent him on a training course for field cookery. Appointing him as the unit field cookery instructor. You know the hazards already. One other tip when using these burners, do not set them up in a roadside layby using a gravel chipping heap to bury the stand in. Hard hats and body armour may be needed.
  7. ploughman

    Tracing series 3 history - newbe

    That format of letters / numbers is not similar to my own S3. of 1978 Going off the Vehicle History card I received from RLC it states my Contract number is WV8765 R2993 The vehicle is a series L/Rover CL with an MOD reg of 07 GN 04.
  8. ploughman

    Stolly without a brolly (or anything else to protect it)

    Have you forgotten something? Or was the journey in a snowstorm?
  9. It was usual practice with Engineer regiments for the sub units to go off on various detachments but the Regiment remained based at its home location. The sub units then returning to base on completion of detachment. Similarly personnel got posted or transfered out individually unlike with infantry units etc were the whole unit and families were moved en bloc. The sub units or Squadrons had a base amount of staff to fulfill normal tasks but also had some added personnel from ACC,(That dates me) REME and others as required. In the case of the ACC (Army Catering Corps or Andy Capps Commandos) during normal operations they remained in the central cookhouse and only went with their allocated Squadron on detachment. For REME some staff were based in the Regimental workshop unit with a few staff working alongside the regular RE fitters down in the Squadron MT or Plant section. Again if detached then the numbers would be boosted if required. As an aside the loco in the photo is Gazelle a former exhibit at Beverley museum. Currently located at the Colonel Stephens museum at Tenterden Station on the Kent and East Sussex Railway.
  10. ploughman

    The Sun newspaper - 22nd August 2018

    Also featured on the BBC Wiltshire news page. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-45268154 A Jewish woman has spoken of her fear after seeing people "dressed in SS officer uniform" at a living history event on National Trust land. Nazi items were also sold at the West Wiltshire Military Vehicle Trust (MVT) event and an original Star of David arm patch Jews had to wear was on display. The woman said: "They were also selling reproduction berets with the SS skulls on them and the Third Reich emblem." John Wardle, from the MVT, said the items were on sale legally. The National Trust has warned the charity not to do it again.
  11. ploughman

    Green Gloss Paint

    Thanks for the comments. Will probably keep it as plain green. As you say it would have been in that colour for the majority of its service life. I cannot recall seeing any in DBG when I went through Church Crookham in 78 and 82
  12. ploughman

    Green Gloss Paint

    Answered my own question today. Went rooting about in the dark recesses and found a bit of unrepainted DBG lurking under the Gear lever boot. Guess that means that a repaint is on the cards sometime in the future. Thanks again.
  13. ploughman

    Green Gloss Paint

    Thanks for the replies. Thought DBG was a possibility but wondered if there was a gloss version of the IRR Green but not IRR if you get my meaning.
  14. ploughman

    Green Gloss Paint

    Was checking the detail on MERLIN for my Series 3 Landrover CL. Found the entry and noticed that the colour is listed as Green Gloss Date in service 1-1-78 - 6-7-98. Does anyone know the detail of what paint should be used? Other than it being Green and Glossy. 😃 A RAL number would help as well. Thanks.
  15. ploughman

    H test pointers

    Did mine in a Cat D6 dozer, easiest test ever. Track forward, 90 right, 90 left, track forward then reverse the way you came. Roller test was similar but slightly trickier as you had to stop between 2 cones. Later had a refresh of the Track test in a Sultan on the A1, doing a circuit via Northallerton out of RAF Leeming.