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  1. Landrover Series 111 new purchase.

    IIRC - all the non-FFR equipped had a PYE blue coloured - Westminster model I think. What's a PYE Blue colored? We used to use PYE radios on the airfields with the RE's but doubt it's them. Thanks for all the replies.
  2. Landrover Series 111 new purchase.

    Thought I would post another photo of my recent acquisition. oops posted this the other week, still what the hell have it again. Mil Reg 07GN04 Downloaded the details from RLC yesterday Ashchurch date is 26-10-77 Then to ADPCON 1-11-77 , What is ADPCON? Then a TA vehicle first in Scotland with 32 Sig Regt (v). Based in Glasgow. From 9 - 3 - 78 to 1-4-80 then on the 22nd April 80 to 38 Sig Regt (v) in Sheffield Released to MVS 23/7/98 07GN04 History.pdf Is it possible from the B Card to identify the actual unit or Squadron the vehicle was attached to? Are the red inked notes anything to take heed of? So previous thoughts about it being a Training vehicle have been ditched. I note that a similar age S3 is being discussed currently under B Cards, the photos on there look almost the same as mine but I have an Ammeter but no big button, Fuel cap hasp and bonnet hasp.
  3. RLC Details

    Sent off a while back for a vehicle history from the RLC. Any idea how long they normally take to get back with any results?
  4. AEC Militant MKI (1966) 38EP19

    I assume permission had been granted by the Domestic authorities before you entered the kitchen.
  5. Oil equivalent chart

    Thanks Richard.
  6. Oil equivalent chart

    Is there an accessible Oil equivalent chart on the site anywhere? I think that I have seen one at least once and thought I had found it with http://www.hmvf.co.uk/pdf/POLcompact.pdf But that page can not be found. Just need the equivalents of all the regular suspects as against Engine oil, Hydraulic, Brake fluids and Transmissions. Should this be a sticky item on the menu? Having seen a number of individual queries for specific oils.
  7. Landrover Series 111 new purchase.

    Thanks or the added comments. I think a number of your points can be seen in the attached photos. The filler cap is on the RH side and not under the seats.
  8. Landrover Series 111 new purchase.

    We shall have to see what develops. When the RLC Records turn up it may answer the query. Robin mentioned this earlier - "I recall there being a number of very plain Jane short and long wheel base Land Rovers for driver training in the early 1980s. They usually had civvy rear cross members," What would be different about the Cross Members? I know nothing so what should I look for?
  9. Landrover Series 111 new purchase.

    Thanks for that Robin. I was thinking it appears to be slightly different to the usual LRs around. I had been thinking of Driver training as well, but my background was with the RE's so our training place was Church Crookham. I spent about a fortnight in classrooms, even though I already had a license, then out on the road in these Rovers. seem to recall having more road based tyre treads than the usual All Terrain.
  10. Landrover Series 111 new purchase.

    Thanks for the replies. I picked my new toy up today. Ex Army reg 07-GN-04 just applied for details from RLC.
  11. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

  12. Been a bit rash and splashed out on buying a Series 3 SWB today. Couple of questions. If Listed as being a 1978 vehicle will it be near the limit for road tax? What would you recommend as being the priority things to check up on and what to do about them? What is the address to get its history? Read it often enough but not noted where to send off to. Is there a date at which Matt green took over from DBG? Best sources of parts? Not needed yet but you never know. Thanks in advance. Will post photos and details when I collect it.
  13. Vulcan 6x4

    Am I correct in thinking that Vulcan's were built, for a while at least, in Southport?
  14. Warsop pump parts

    Thanks Richard. There is a Decompression lever on the top. Very stiff to move initially but 5 mins working back and forward eased it off.
  15. Warsop pump parts

    Photos of the latest pump to arrive. A Spate 3 Anyone any idea as to engine make or any other detail? It looks like there may be some matt green paint in some places on it. Any info at all would be good. Thanks.