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  1. This was going around a year or so back. http://www.armouredcarriers.com/uss-robin-hms-victorious
  2. During my time in the TA with 234 Fd Sqn RE at RAF Leeming we used to use Ellington Banks for Demolition Training which involved the use of Plastic explosive mainly PE4. However I cannot recall actual use on vehicles and there was also a size limit on the charges used on site.
  3. I heard that the engine was flooded.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  4. Am I right in thinking that when the Eager Beaver was conceived it was meant to comprise of standard mechanical parts from common vehicles? Possibly Bedford MKs or others.
  5. Why think small. Go for a Grand Slam instead.
  6. By using it you are probably freeing it to move.
  7. Spotted a Militant from the train yesterday. Sat in a scrap yard off Greenfield lane Doncaster. Balby Motor spares comes up on Google maps but milli not visible on that.
  8. Found this piece through google. Note the comment about returning vehicles or selling them. https://www.autosport.com/historics/news/139307/donington-collection-museum-to-close
  9. Underpants? was it keks, skivvies? A stated earlier Keks were trousers. Skivvies were underpants but American - See An Officer and A Gentleman as said by Mr R Gere. Uk Was Shreddies for underpants
  10. We had Muirhill A5000's at various times and the regular game with newbie's was to divert the attention of the operator while sneaking an arm in under the seat and selecting Crab steer, then stand back and watch the fun.
  11. I think it would be of more interest if you post them here on the website.
  12. Has there been any recent changes in the regulations covering use of Trade Plates?
  13. Still planned for this year. https://rove.me/to/england/peasholm-park-naval-battles
  14. British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland to re-open. After a lengthy re-build, the museum is set to open it's doors again on 26th January 2019 http://www.britishcommercialvehiclemuseum.com/opening-times/ Number of photos of Military vehicles in the Gallery pages.
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