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  1. The CP in the Reg plate indicates an item of Construction Plant and is not registered in the usual military format.
  2. First priority when packing your kit on excercise was to get hold of some rolls of CUMFYBUM. Sounds a bit like the current situation.
  3. And no refuelling either. Is there a current time from the top of the BT Tower to the top of the Empire State?
  4. During th ecurrent shut down of everything, I ventured into the garage to start a bit of dejunking. Found this in a corner. Approx 17 inch long by 13 across the head. Marked US Diamond Back 1945. I am thinking an Entrenching tool isssued to Infantry bit small for a vehicle version. Is there a value?
  5. I used to be in a TA Royal Engineer Airfield unit based at RAF Leeming. As par of our vehicle allcation we had 2 Saracens initially from about 1989 to 1992 These bits of armour had all been modified with a Plexiglas cupola over the commanders position. This was to enable better visibility when doing a recce for bomb damage on the runways, but did create vehicle access problems. The vehicles had no other purpose other than airfield use. Does anyone have any photos of these vehicles so fitted? Similar vehicles may have been at Marham, Coningsby, Waddington, Coltishall, Honington, North Luffenham, Lossiemouth or Kinloss. Thanks.
  6. Dioramas and Sand Table models. Are they of interest in explaining a military task or operation? Thinking of putting one together to explain Airfield Damage Repair.
  7. In the entry for RAF Bruggen on the first page, I see no mention of 52 SQN ADR CONST RE normally based at 22 Engr Reg at Perham Down Tidworth back in the UK. I believe that they were allocated to Bruggen and had facilities and vehicles based there permenantly. From personnel experience I was with them between 1978 and 1983. Was 52's role not required by 1990? Even with a different SQN. A similar situation would apply to Gutersloh, Laarbruch and Wildenrath. These being covered by RE units from Ripon, Maidstone and Waterbeach.
  8. What I find interesting is the vehicle allocation detail.
  9. Found this document elsewhere. https://www.orbat85.nl/documents/BAOR-July-1989.pdf Full of detail of what was where. I assume it is now irrelevant due to all the BAOR Units now defunct or returned to UK. Found my old units listed but no detail on RAF (G) Sqns.
  10. BR had hundreds of them in all manner of variations. Absolutely useless off the tarmac.
  11. I seem to recall that the RE TA Airfield Damage repair units in the UK used to have some of these trailers for carrying the 5 tonne dropweights used by the Compactor. If not these then something very similar. The only photo I have of the rig but the operator has just released the trailer. sods law again.
  12. Probably looking at £1500 in movement costs by one of the main hauliers, Reids or Allelly's etc. If the carriage is continental that may limit potential sites, due to interest or lack of for foreign vehicles. There is also the issue of Continental stock being larger than UK and may not fit the loading gauge. The only UK railway that comes to mind is the Nene Valley near Peterborough they do operate some Continental stock..
  13. Its off a pallet truck. So nowt special. We do not have a pallet truck so it will be for the scrapman.
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