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  1. Flying tank

    Think it was on here about 2 years back maybe less. Also may be part of a film clip.
  2. Found this yesterday. It’s also the closest the USN really got to the mythical “Project Rainbow”, where experimentation with teleportation was supposed to have made ships 'vanish into thin air' before reappearing somewhere else. So, what’s in a name? At first glance it seems to be what it claims. It was a ship under US command. Its aircraft bore the USN white star. Its crew wore USN clothing. Its radio operators spoke with US accents. Many of its aircrew also had those distinctive twangs. But the name didn’t match that in the USN inventory: USS Robin was supposed to be a minesweeper / ocean-going tug. http://www.armouredcarriers.com/uss-robin-hms-victorious
  3. Signature

    How do I change my signature website address? Went through profile settings and can see everything else about me but not where I can alter address detail.
  4. DUKW for sale

    Found this ad today for a DUKW in the States. http://www.sterlingrail.com/classifieds/classified.php?id=14233
  5. Not seen any mention of this. From the BBC Lincolnshire news pages. The country's only Ministry of Defence firefighting museum has begun to move its vehicles from the home of the Red Arrows to a new site.The Museum of RAF Firefighting at RAF Scampton, Lincolnshire, closed as space was needed to organise an airshow.The museum had a presence in Scampton's hangars for about 14 years and shut in January.Some of the 50 vehicles left for a new site about 16 miles (25km) away in Gainsborough, due to open in 2018. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-42123472
  6. Spotted today....

    Yesterday Tues 14th 6 Wheel Pinzgaur running South on the M1 between Sheffield area and Bolsover.
  7. I've been spending again! My '43 GPW

    Where is the Dove going? Or is it going for restoration work and is likely to be back?
  8. Not sure if it is still in place but there was a Range Railway serving the ranges at Strensall Camp near York. Tracks still in place about 3 years ago last time I ventured that way. Not known if there was ever a loco but there used to be push trolleys.
  9. bedford mk tyre change

    When we were asked to change a number of tyres on our MK's we always took them to the Base tyre bay on RAF Bruggen where there was a cage. An added incentive was the couple of holes that had been caused by rings coming off and going through the roof. Make sure you never stand in front of them when inflating always stand to the side.
  10. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Thanks for that. The stove is actually a bit big to fit in her oven, so that options out.
  11. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Is it possible to weld thin cast iron sheet? I have an old railway stove and the side sheets are about 1/8th inch and cracked. It is not the normal rounded version but more square.
  12. Pickering NYMR Wartime Weekend

    The showground has been sold and is under redevelopment. From the website. https://www.nymr.co.uk/Event/wartime As an aside at least 4 jeeps seen yesterday around Pickering. No idea about anything else.
  13. Welcome back!

    Thanks for that.
  14. Recently saw a newish 66 reg RAF operated Citroen van and noticed the tyre pressures painted on the wheel arch as usual. The rear ones are no problem being marked as 60 PSI However the front ones would be a test to get exactly right, being marked as 59.3 PSI Why? Is it a conversion from BAR pressure ? In that case why isn't the rear pressure similar.
  15. Welcome back!

    Nice job you and the team have made of the upgrade. Couple of comments. It appears very bright to my eyes, could it do with a tone down? Also Where has the New Posts button gone? Or is it hiding under a new name?