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  1. My jeep has a V5 so yes they do need one. Most sensible jeep owners keep a file of all their paperwork associated with the vehicle, Mot certs, parts receipts etc.
  2. Mark I have met with the park and there will be no swimming this year. The park are concerned about the possible pollution issues.
  3. Mark, I will need to discuss swimming the hagglunds with the park. My immediate reaction is that since the tracks are rubber and the weight is under 5 tons it is a possibility. They will make the final decision. There is a meeting On Thursday I will ask then.
  4. Getting dates right can be difficult, Wicksteed was always going to clash with something. The show is multi period and we welcome all post war enthusiasts to Wicksteed park with their vehicles.
  5. Texas Pete. The park have dredged the lake over the winter and done some massive rebuilding of the shore. They have asked for no tracked vehicles. However we are currently planning to swim wheeled vehicles. Anyone thinking of swimming a wheeled vehicle should contact me directly on the email from the show website. Gas 44 we have actually moved the show date as if we stuck with our normal date it would have landed on the Normandy dates.
  6. Clive, My understanding is that the National Show title has been dropped for any show this year. Tim Wicksteed at War Show director
  7. Clive, The title of National Show has not been allocated this year. Tim
  8. Wicksteed at War show is back for 2014. We look forward to seeing all types of vehicle at the show, including WW1 and amphibious vehicles (wheeled only) which we are hoping to swim in the parks lake. The show is perfectly suited for all the family including childrens play areas and lots of space for parking up. If you are interested in volunteering as a marshall, or swimming a vehicle then please let me know. Applications forms may be found on the website - www.wicksteedatwar.co.uk Contact me tim@wicksteedatwar.co.uk
  9. There is a much darker green as the last coat. Could be marines? That would also explain the tie down loops on the front bumper.
  10. Found some markings on the front wing my 42 Willys MB. Can anybody confirm them as wartime and American, and any other info. I know the markings refer to Tyre Pressure, I am wondering whether they used yellow in the war, I have only ever seen blue or white markings. The small lettering says "To fall below this" and the yellow lettering is TP30. You will find the picture on the following links https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29373198/Tim%20Private/photo%201.JPG https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29373198/Tim%20Private/photo%202.JPG https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29373198/Tim%20Private/photo%203.JPG https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29373198/Tim%20Private/photo%204.JPG
  11. What should I be looking for if buying a mk2 stolly.
  12. Wicksteed at war is please to announce its 2014 dates. The Wicksteed at war show will take place on the June 14th-15th. Moved on a week from its normal slot due to D-Day celebrations. Stallholders and exhibitors should e-mail tim@letscru****.com for more information.
  13. If the rifle has an obsolete calibre it does not need to be de-activated. Otherwise find a licensed person to get it done. It's not cheap.
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