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    Classic Cars and bikes, All things "green". Animal welfare.
  1. arcot1751

    M201 Foot Starter Switch - best place to buy?

    Universal Jeep Supplies or Jeffrey Engineering would be my choice.
  2. arcot1751

    Remote brake Servo.

    Thank you. :saluting:
  3. arcot1751

    Remote brake Servo.

    Interested too, as was thinking of replacing the autovac unit on my GMC 352 with a modern unit. I have just taken on the vehicle and it has been standing 23 years. I have replaced the whole braking system less the autovac due to cost so a cheaper modern alternative looked tempting. Anyone done the same ?
  4. arcot1751

    for info a new petition re deacs

    Signed and Shared on Facebook. Spread the word folks
  5. arcot1751

    Mail on Sunday - MB/GPW value

    I'm out to find me a Mail on Sunday buyer with cash on the hip
  6. arcot1751

    MoT for first time

    As already stated your MOT station are wrong, it is perfectly acceptable (by the DVLA) to MOT a vehicle on a VIN. As long as the vehicle has a space ready for a UK number plate AND a number plate light at the rear you do not NEED a UK registration number or another countries reg number for that matter. I have MOT'd loads of vehicles on VIN alone. You actually use the VIN to insure it too, you can then drive to and from the testing station with no plates.
  7. Welcome to the HMVF
  8. arcot1751

    New member

    Welcome to the HMVF Dave
  9. arcot1751

    Hi Folks.

    Welcome along Mike
  10. arcot1751

    6 volt Jeep generator problem

    There is someone near me in Lincolnshire who tackles this sort of thing all the time. His name (if you can't find someone local) is Mel on 01205 367010
  11. arcot1751

    EU thread on deacts disappeared

    Unfortunately there is an us and them attitude in many military clubs, those that embrace the living history/re-enactment side and those interested solely in the vehicles. Many people here care nothing over the latest EU deactivation law and as long as it doesn't affect them that will be the case. As you say this is just the start, there are already whispers of possible law changes to prohibit civilian use of ex military kit including vehicles, I believe it is already the case in some countries. The MVT has done nothing to oppose these latest law changes as in their words "they are a vehicle club", this site seems the same. Well when it affects them ALL it will be too late, if the weaponry side disappears from shows it WILL affect attendances, dealers and vehicle prices. Many people love the living history side of this hobby when it goes shows such as Pickering, War and Peace etc will die. No doubt this post will be REMOVED but hey ho we need to stand side by side on this POLITICAL betrayal NOT bury our heads because " it doesn't affect me".
  12. arcot1751

    EU thread on deacts disappeared

    Surely when "politics" threaten our hobby then we have a right to discuss it ? As the whole deactivation situation has been manufactured by the EU and this countries government, it is obviously going to be an issue to people. The truth is politics are out to destroy a legitimate law abiding hobby.
  13. arcot1751

    EU thread on deacts disappeared

    I wonder the same, it seems freedom of speech has been banned everywhere even here This law change is probably one of the biggest threats to the military scene we will see yet it has been wiped from discussion.
  14. arcot1751

    getting age related number

    If you know its military number try getting a Merlin report from M.O.D under the Freedom of Information Act, this helped me in registering my FFR.
  15. arcot1751

    Decent classic military vehicle magazines?

    To be honest as Classic Military Vehicles magazine is pretty much the only monthly out there I buy it, however the content is quickly read and same old same old anyway. The small ads are useless most stuff by the time it is advertised is long gone. I support it because basically IF we don't we will have NOTHING apart from Windscreen which is ok but seems to be on a loop and biased to the Southern end of the country. Classic car mags are the same they seem to road test MGB's and Morris Minors every few weeks as if there's nothing else out there.