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  1. Ok Ward lafrance gods ,Viscometer group 0605, page 139 in the 1945 ord 8-9. Sending unit you can buy http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ward-LaFrance-Diamond-T-Mack-Viscometer-sending-unit-N-O-S-/131410504454?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e98ad2b06 but can not find it in the parts manual. I have seen these on hercules engines. So what ward lafrance had them. Jeff
  2. Hello R Cubed Was wondering why you did not use the original transmission since your truck has a winch. The transmission you used, Does it have overdrive ? The Cummins is longer then the 270 GMC, You must cut through the cowl. Jeff
  3. Hi Tony yes let me know. Also on mine there are plates welded on top of the hole threw the cross-member and one on the bottom inside. I have to go up about a 1/2 inch to center the elbow in the hole so should clear the plate. Jeff
  4. Ok guys I have been working on the C2, Blew the mouse condominium out of the bell housing, rebuilt the carburetor , rebuilt the governor(there was lots of afro american engineering in there). dumped the oil, Did not like what came out so pulled the pan. Then for some reason it started to leak anti freeze,looked to be the gasket on the lower radiator elbow , pulled the rad. so i could clean it up real good, made 2 nice 1/2 inch rubber pads (there was 2 layers of old inner tube about 3/8 max.) and put the rad. back in. Now the elbow hits the cross-member. here is what i want to know. How thick are the 2 pads supposed to be. I am thinking 1 inch. How long are the 2 mounting bolts.I thing they should be fine thread and a castle nut for cotter pin. I have 2 springs and 1 stepped washer,will make 3 more, where does the spring go, on top or below. Looked at many pictures on the net but can not find any that show the radiator mounting. Jeff
  5. If you have a air compressor hook it up to your truck not running to keep the system charged. listen for the leak,If no leak that is good. Use a board as Mike said to hold brake pedal down, Hunt for leaks. Are all the glad hand and drain valves closed ? The pedal will go to the floor with air brakes, You will not have a solid pedal like hydraulic brakes. The valve that the brake pedal is attached to is regulating valve 0 psi. to 100-120 psi. depending on what your governor is set at ,the farther you push on the pedal the more presser on the brake diaphragms. A common leak is the relay valve (between the rear axles). and diaphragms (made of rubber, old, hard,crumbly) Are all the valves on your truck the original type ? Just let us know where it leaks with the brake pedal OFF and ON. Jeff
  6. Here's the pictures if you haven't seen them. http://g503.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=231256 Jeff
  7. Wish I could find a ballast box on this side of the pond. Luckily I drew up plans at Kevin Kronlund,s a few years ago. Jeff
  8. Let's just do it the old way, copy and mail. This parts book was put in hard cover some time and is missing the first 2 pages of the index, I was hoping some one on this form would have them
  9. Hi Tony Sounds like a plan, I will start on it soon as possible (-10 right now,that's the high temp, -30 this afternoon) .Or do you want to scan the manual and send as an email attachment. Would that work for you? Trying to,figure out my truck, low serial no.109608,low reg. no W5447 I think I have one truck made from 2 which makes sense, There is a parts truck also (chassis only) Just can not find it under snow, Will know more in the spring. Jeff
  10. I now have a Federal 606 C2, It needs total restoration.(post pictures soon) There is very little found on the net. Manuals seem very hard to find, luckily in my manual collection I have T.O. No. 19-20-17 parts for 606D chassis serial nos. 113001 to 114859 but when I look at this site http://www.twinbeech.com/federalc2wrecker.htm my dash is a 606E and my serial nos. is 606 109608. Besides the 606 does the 109608 tell me any thing like the ward lafrance serial numbers do ? Any information would greatly be appreciated. Jeff Jensen
  11. Hi radiomike Thanks for saying something, I knew it would be a slow topic. I think the FW in the serial number was one of the manufacturers. I think the one or two of the authors of the two Diamond T 980/981 books are on this site. Someone sometime has to have sand blasted one of these trailers and seen some serial numbers stamped somewhere. thanks, Jeff
  12. Hello I have a M9 trailer but want to know who built it, The data plate is an Italian one and has 16376 stamped on it and on the dolly stamped above the front right spring hanger is FW16376. Who made it ? Are there more stampings any where else on the trailer ? Thanks for your help, Jeff Jensen
  13. I would buy it, You can find cabs and repair the bed but you can not find the 7th one built ever again. Jeff
  14. Thanks to all of you, I think we have found him. Jeff
  15. Hello I am tring to get ahold of Andrea for weeks now with no answer. I do not under stant why they would post FOR SALE but do not answer. I have a friend in Belgum very intrested in these vehicals. her is the post. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?36186-Diamond-t-For-sale Jeff
  16. I cleaned 1 of my tanks on my ward lafrance with electrolysis, The tank has 2 baffles. Had to be a little crafty on the pos.+ electrode and takes a few weeks to really clean but it will look like it was sand blasted. Cleaned and dried it then sealed it with tank sealer from these guys http://www.northernfactory.com/CHEMICAL_AISLE/FUEL_TANK_LINERS_-_KITS Jeff
  17. Ross What Totall Mike talks about is all from W&T no.3 . In the article they show all the truck serial and registration numbers very well for the war lafrance series 1,2,3,4 and Kenworth 570,572,573. But when they get to Ward lafrance series 5 and Kenworth 573 there is a lot of gray area. Also the contract number W-740-Ord-2723 is the same for the series 4 and 5. I tried to find the contract number with a Google search , found a bunch of usual government B/S. I do not know who wrote the article but it could have been Winston G. Ramsey or Bart Vanderveen. I wonder where they found the information, Bart died in 2001 do not know about Winston. I wish I could find that contact so I can read it myself, There has to be someone on this HMVF site that knows more. Thanks Jeff
  18. I am tiring to figure out the registration number on my series 5 ward lafrance. I have wheels and tracks number 3 that lists contracts but there seems to be a lot missing. I tried to find the war contacts listed with no success. I also so have just about all the references listed in the article and find nothing on war contracts. So where did they find it ? My truck is a very late war 557118 Jeff
  19. Mick Every one around here knows Cargill, I am retired public works guy, Put down many tons of there salt. Could use a few pounds right now, You can play hockey in my drive way. I worked many years on that lake, All them piling docks in Wayzta Bay we built, I wonder how many miles I pushed barges around that lake. I was there from day one on pulling the Minnehaha up and out, Did you get to ride on her ? If you ever get to come back here stop in, All my trucks and home are in Excelsior. Here's a few pictures
  20. No the flat bed is not mine, But the weasel is mine to. These pictures are at least 15 years old, Trucking was very reasonable back then. I should have bought the US6, It was very clean and the load came from a cool dry climate. I have more toys ,just can not find the pictures but will post them as soon as I find them. Jeff
  21. Hello Adrian I have Diamond T 9813002 closed cab had a Hall- Scott 470 but now has Hercules DFXE. Needs ballast box. I also have Diamond T frame # 969A2075 closed cab wrecker,Number on data plate on cowl is 969B0166, RXC powered,This truck is still working. They are in Excelsior, Minnesota, USA Both need restoring. Jeff Jensen
  22. Thanks guys Here is my Ward lafrance http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?9016-Ward-La-France-Gallery/page10 It is the one pulling the yellow boat, I bought it from my good friend kevin Kronlund about 6 months before we lost him. Trying to find some pictures of the rest of the fleet, Will post as soon as I can. Jeff
  23. Hello My name is Jeff Jensen, I live in Excelsior,Minnesota,U.S.A.. I have been collecting U.S military vehicles for over 30 years. I have; 981 Diamond T,M9 rogers trailer,Ward-lafrance series 5, 969 Diamond-T ,M-51 Diamond-T dump,M-62 IHC wrecker. Two WWII Chevrolet's 1-1/2 ton conventional's and one COE (Its the only complete COE I have seen) , M211, Dodges; 1/2,3/4,1-1/2 Ton, Two M2 halftracks, M29 weasel, trailer's and generator sets. I am a retired heavy equipment mechanic/operator,Most of my work life was at a dredging company with cranes and backhoes on barges in the summer and on the ice in the winter, I have driven 1000,s of piling,hauled and put in place 1000,s of tons of rip-rap,rock, And dredged 1000's of yards and 1000's of hours welding It makes me tired just thinking about it but I still help out every now and then because it is very hard to find people to do this job these days. I have my own shop that you will find me there 7 days a week,spring,summer,fall. Winter I shut the door and hang around the wood stove,It is -13 here today with wind chill around -30. I will work on rebuilding engines,starts,generators or what ever I can get down the stairs in the bunker. I never went to school to learn how to operate or repair all this stuff, My father was a mechanic his whole life and some must have rubbed off on me,He worked for the local power company as head mechanic but on the side owned and operated speed boats at a amusement park that was here in town on the lake, he had 5-7 beautiful Chris-crafts and Hackers. I remember riding then when I was very young,My job was the shift lever. In the mid 60's he bought a marina, guess who got put to work, pumping gas,caulking,painting,replacing planks,repairing docks. sold the marina in 1974. So then joined the Navy, Got out in June of 1977. So that's when I went to work for the dredging company and started hauling these old trucks home. I have been married to my wife Renee for 34 years and have 3 sons all in there 30's. Jeff Jensen
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