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  1. Hello fellow C2 owners.Looking for T.O. no. 03-5CA-1 ,It is about the Inertia starter used on Federal and Biederman trucks.Thanks Jeff
  2. Hello fellow C2 owners.Looking for T.O. no. 03-5CA-1 ,It is about the Inertia starter used on Federal and Biederman trucks.Thanks Jeff
  3. Trying to gather parts and came across this on page 404-405 of ord9 g-150 ,water stowage tank. Where is it ? What is it for ? Can not find it in any other manuals. Jeff
  4. Hi Mike This all started when I removed the transmission to see why my clutch did not work right and flip the ring gear ,Turned out to be grease on everything from over greasing of the throw-out bearing. Anyways with the transmission out it was just right to stand and check out why the fuel gauge was not working. The wiring is all new but the lay out of the wiring is all wrong and plastic cable ties, my low air buzzer is mounted strait ahead of the chock and throttle cables,The big resistor for the black-out drive light was cable tied to the steering column support,way to many single wires going threw the fire wall and no grommets, everything WRONG. Tried to see where that big resister bolted but could not find a bolt pattern to match, the only thing that did match was the flasher and I do not know if that is correct because it takes 2 people to install. Even the wiring harnesses going down the frame front to rear wrong, cable tied or raped around parts. I am not sure how they mounted them but think they used them metal spring clips that slid over frame. looked at all the manuals and pictures, found none. I will take some pictures and post here. Jeff
  5. Any one have or can take some pictures of what behind the dash should look like and where the low air buzzer and resistor and flasher are mounted. Mine looks like a cat was playing under there. Jeff
  6. I guess no such thing,I know when you look in the Ord 8 they only list std,.020,.040 But if you look in the Ord 9 they list std.,.002,.005,.010 individually and then std,.020,040 in sets. Lets hear from you. Thanks Jeff
  7. Hello Who has main bearings for the DFXE .010 under. Thanks Jeff
  8. Hi Steve I have just about every manual or book about these trucks and trailers. The two best are; DIAMOND T type 980/981 by Les Freathy & Robin Pearson and Diamond T 980/981 The M19 tank-transporter train in British Army Service by Pat Ware,I think these guys are on this site. Pat Ware's book has some information on the trailers,It shows Contract and Census numbers but nothing about serial numbers. I was hoping to stir the pot when I posted in the : http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?7379-Diamond-T-Gallery/page130 I would like to know what FW stands for. Another question I have is why is there such a big difference in your number and mine. Are you sure about your number? There are very few of these rig's over here but there seems to be many on your side of the pond, Maybe you could encourage a few of them to open up and talk, I think they could answer just about anything about the M19 and once they are gone we will never find the information we want. They must have had to dig to find the information (contract & census numbers) to write these books so maybe they also found lists of the serial numbers. Jeff
  9. As long as it warmed up to 26 I went to my shop, here's My data plate and as I was taking the picture I looked down and look what I found, Front right corner of the dolly. Jeff
  10. Hi Steve That is where mine came from also, Italy,Army Cars, Italian data plate. I am about half way cutting and grinding the extensions off. Jeff
  11. Hello Can any of you ad to this; http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?52433-M9-45-ton-trailer Jeff
  12. Adrian Do you know if they stamped the serial number somewhere on the frame. Jeff
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