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  1. We're actually looking to offload the Jag engines, called the Jag factory and they dont want them!
  2. The other Comets have all the hatches welded shut John and the higher ups don't want us opening them up unless we're really stuck. One issue we had when we started last year was two holes in the left and right exhaust manifolds which had allowed water in the engine in the three years it had been lying idle. The manifolds were too corroded to get a good weld so we had the wizards in the welding shop make up two new ones but im not sure if they can be trusted at high pressures. Ya the landsverk and the bren carrier are both working at the moment and they should make an appearance at the next show and for Cavalry day as usual. The Ford MK VI is running, i removed the starter motor last year as there was damage to the bendix but that was repairerd and we had it down in Coachford in Cork for a vintage rally last August. Hi timbo, as far as i know there's a tender out for the scorpions to convert them from petrol to diesel so we might not see them for a while
  3. Its the top one John. We had it running for about twenty minutes last september after about 8 weeks of work on it. Unfortunately it started firing oil and water out the exhaust once it heated up. From what i've been told it was ran a few years previous with very low coolant which has caused some damage to the head. We've had the radiators reconditioned and we have a spare engine which we are in the process of changing over at the minute. The spare isn't in the best condition though. It was left in a crate partia;lly exposed to the elements for the guts of the twenty years. The plan is to have it fully operational for august. The main problem we have is a complete lack of original tools for the engine and spare parts like seals and gaskets. Very few resources are being allocated to this project at the minute as other vintage vehicles are taking priority
  4. Hello everybody, My name is Conor and im an apprentice heavy vehicle mechanic in the Irish Defence Forces. Im currently involved in the restoration of a Comet A34 and would greatly appreciate any advice from any of the site members. Ill try and post some pictures soon (providing i can get permission of course) Thanks
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