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  1. Pat might be on vacation...Also he has a full time job...Keep trying...
  2. Good luck Tim..Let us now how you progress....
  3. Why not use the latest and best penetrating lubricant instead of oil or diesel fuel...
  4. When I got my Ferret all my hinges were frozen too....The front hatch I could barely move with a 6 ft long pry bar...What I did was everyday I soaked them in WD40 penetrating lubricant and tried to move them...After about 25 days or so doing this I switched to PB Blaster (much better) penetrating lubricant and was finally able to move them then sprayed again for days always moving them back and forth with the pry bar working the lubricant in...Go to your auto/truck parts store and talk with them about the latest and best penetrant to use...There are always new products coming out on the market and I try them..Good luck to you. Joe in USA
  5. Hey Tim how is the work coming on the 2nd Ferret ?
  6. Remember to really concentrate on hanging on to your tools or they could be lost under the engine....
  7. I always love to see videos like this.Great job...
  8. Yes it is Steve....We have a lot of old very experienced members willing to share their vast knowledge with everyone....We have members from all over the world and what a great hobby we have and it's getting bigger by the day.. All the best, Joe in USA
  9. Wow Tim that is just great.....I am very happy for you.....Never give up is your motto. Looking forward to a great video from you... Joe in USA
  10. Great that another gets going in the USA.. Joe in South Dakota
  11. Great work Tim..Your one of those that can do and make anything.....Wish I had you for a neighbor as there is so much to learn from you...Take a video coming home from the testing !
  12. Hi Tim, How is the project going on your second Ferret ?
  13. That is great...Congrats on your Ferret...All you Ferret owners are welcome to come out here to the Black Hills of South Dakota...We have ALOT of room out here...:-)
  14. So awesome...What a great hobby we have...
  15. Do a Google search for JOLLY IGNITION I hope this helps a bit. Also on this forum upper right SEARCH for Electronic Ignition System It will give you some great posts about it..
  16. Aussie Cowboy welcome to Ferret ownership...Good luck with your Ferret..
  17. WOW !!!!!! At 6 foot 7 inches tall that has to be a record for a person in a Ferret !!!!!!!!!!!!!:wow:
  18. Lots of great stories with such history here....Also interesting check on YouTube for ARMY TANKS STUCK IN MUD....
  19. What a nice thing that you are doing.........Try the "for sale" section on this site also http://www.milweb.net for parts suppliers...Good luck on your project......Please post more pictures of it when done...
  20. That spring is the BUSBAR SPRING and yes it can kill you if you open the cover up without knowing how to properly release the pressure...Your BUSBAR spring came off the rod most likely caused by improper operation of the GCP...The BUSBAR spring and it's rod needs to be properly set up now and hopefully nothing is broken inside......You need to get the manuals for your Ferret...Get all the manuals..One main manual is SCOUT CAR,FERRET,ALL MARKS USER HANDBOOK.....In that manual page 119 under Servicing-Gear Change Pedal you can find out more.......What country are you in ? Joe in Black Hills USA
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