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  1. I have a Military(?) parafin handlamp with a red lens. It has the registration number 34 AX 54 painted on it. Can someone please tell me what vehicle this reg number belongs to. Thanks and regards Drewe
  2. Please be advised that we have sold the above vehicle 25.6.16.Please delete the ad from the forum listing. Many thanks for your help. Regards Drewe
  3. We have owned this Pinzgauer for 10 years and, as we have moved away from the military vehicle show scene and it is not getting used, have decided to sell it. We bought it direct from the Swiss Army ( via a dealer), it has only done 45,000 km (28,000) miles from new. It has been garaged all it's life with us and serviced/maintained by the Pinzgauer specialists Pinzmeister of Sheffield. It was repainted 2 years ago and had a new full canvas 5 years ago. It is road tax exempt and MOT'd until August 16. Located in South Yorkshire, Price oiro £8,500. Contact Drew on 07836 622860 or email via HMVF.
  4. For sale an original factory workshop manual and a parts manual for the land rover 101. In very good condition having had little use. Also included is a photocopy of the NATO parts list detailing the NATO part numbers. £50 inc UK postage postage will buy them. Regards Drewe
  5. Hi chaps, thank you all for your interest and help. We have decided to preserve the Fergie in it's present ex-service condition, we are to degrease it all, deal with any rust and spray it with a laquer which will protect and preserve the paintwork. Secondly we would like to buy another one which we intend to restore to ex-factory as new condition so we can show the pair together. If anyone knows of a complete ex-army TED20 for sale please get in touch. Regards Drewe
  6. Thanks for all the replies chaps, keep them coming. Regards Drewe
  7. The tractor looks to be in unrestored exservice condition, the original paint is gloss deep bronze green with patchy overpainting in what may have been a semi matt bronze green. There is a white stencilled anti freeze do not drain sign and a yellow(ish) circle painted on the bonnet and the military registration numbers are stencilled, white on black on the diff cover and the front radiator panel. I attach some photos
  8. Thanks Richard, any photo's please? Regards Drew
  9. We have found a 1954 Ferguson TED 20 Tractor which has a military date plate fixed to it with the following information printed on it: Tractor Land Utility 4 x 2 Chassis no : TED 371456 Vehicle no : 23 BY 40 Contract no : 6V EHS 14175CB286 I have had a search carried out by the RLC museum at Deepcut but sadly they have no records. I also tried the RAF museum at Hendon, they have no record of the RAF having any of these tractors but did confirm that the military registration number 23 BY 40 is one issued to army vehicles rather than RAF ones. Does anyone please have any info on these tractors in service, their uses etc. In service photos, handbooks etc etc. Thanks and Regards Drewe
  10. Back to the original thread, The Ford belongs to and was restored from scrap condition by Alan Rogerson from West Yorkshire, If you PM me I can provide his contact number. Newby Hall is close to Ripon in North Yorkshire, it is a privately owned stately home with superb gardens. It hosts several classic transport and owners club rallies each year as well as other shows. I agree with the posts regarding CMV, my subscription expires next month and will not be renewed. Regards Drewe
  11. drewe


    The lights fitted are too modern and look like civvi Land Rover ones. The wood blocks may have been fitted by a previous owner to cover the original military light fittings holes. Regards Drew
  12. I have bought a new boxed Military Floodlight No-2 Mk.1 from an autojumble. It has the part number LV6/MT3 LU/51998A clearly a Lucas product packaged by them in 1964. It looks to me like some form of infra red floodlight which bolts to a vehicle and connects to a power supply via a rubberised 2 pin plug. Can any forum member please enlighten me as to what it is and what it fits? I attach some photo's. Regards, Drew
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