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  1. Exactly, Dad said that the lockers were used for his kit and the gun crews, plus tools and the rods for lining up the gun, There's just no way you could get 96 shells and cartridges in there, you'd struggle to get that amount in the gun crew compartment. Great picture, thanks for the link.
  2. Just ordered it, so I'll see what you're talking about soon.
  3. I spoke to my dad about this at the weekend, he was a Morris Quad driver in 20th field regiment RA 1954-56. He confirmed that there was no built in stowage in the Quad for ammunition, sometimes they would carry extra rounds (boxed) on the floor of the crew compartment if they were doing a big shoot, but this was rare and not too popular with the gun crew.
  4. Thanks Ron, that at least gives me a direction to start researching :cheesy: Kev.
  5. A friend asked me the other day what Motorcycles the Western forces used in the 80's and I realised the only one I could think of was the Can Am Bombardier, which I believe was used by the UK, Belgium and Canada but I have no idea what the US or Germany used can anyone shed some light on the subject for me, even better if you can point me to somewhere on the Web so I can show him. Thanks Kev.
  6. Same here my Dad drove them in 20th field regiment 54-57, you're doing a cracking job Ross, will you be bringing it over the water at all when she's finished? Kev.
  7. It'll be Scotland next! I cross posted this on here, https://www.facebook.com/groups/tankie/816225858428914/?notif_t=group_activity And it turns out there's one just across the water from me in Essex at this museum, http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=422823 which I might be able to gain access to, so happy days :-D
  8. True, but from memory Duxford has it's vehicles behind rope, makes it a bit hard to take measurements, Bovington would be better, you can get closer but I wouldn't be able to get on the vehicle and measure the Stillbrew armour.
  9. Hi Guys, Does anyone know of a Stillbrew Chieftain in the Kent(ish) area that I could get my hands on to measure and photograph, I have a friend who is building a 3D model(computer) and he says he just can't get it right, as he's in Tasmania Chieftains are very few and far between so he can't do it himself, cheers, Kev
  10. Someone should have got out and pushed :-D
  11. Sounds interesting, care to tell me more, for the Cent?
  12. Lovely pictures, thanks for posting
  13. Thanks James, much appreciated. Kev
  14. Hello guys, I'm after a Centurion 105mm gunnery manual, so far I've drawn a blank, can anyone please point me in the right direction, Thanks, Kev.
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