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  1. From Manchester, Iowa USA I bought hull# 1434 5 58 about a year ago. So far we have it narrowed down to 00CA82. It is a Ferret MK 2/4 and right now is in pieces. Been tearing it down and cleaning as I go. Need carburetor gaskets and membranes(diaphragms). Good luck in your quest.
  2. Hi everyone. I am a new Bristish Ferret owner. I am a retired school teacher (27 years classroom, 5 years transportation director) and retired military (24+ years in the Iowa Army National Guard). My wife and I also own and operate a manufactured home community. I have started restoring the Ferret and have already ran across some issues with a rotten pick axe handle and a broken fire extinguisher bracket. I will be back to check for parts and other advice. Thanks for all you do, Ron Struble Manchester, Iowa USA Scout Car,Reconnaissance, Ferret, Mark 2/4, VHF 00 CA 82
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