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  1. Is anyone selling an old jeep hood, for a reasonable price? Just thought I would ask..... as looking to make worn look on jeep! Cheers all.
  2. where would you suggest Chris? Thanks
  3. Hi I was under the impression it had a deeper shelve to take the larger T90 box!
  4. Hi everyone i wondered if anyone has a CJ2 /2a T90 crossmember for sale: thanks for looking.
  5. It's the eBay link this takes you to the advert! I will have a look on eBay
  6. Thanks, I've bought the one off Mark. The ones I saw at Malvern looked rough; however may have missed some good ones, as so much there. When are you putting it on, will take a look if you post link. Cheers
  7. Yeah! Sounds good, cheers! What's the postage and how shall I send money PayPal? Regards
  8. Hi has anyone got a T84 for sale, needed for new project. I'm looking at taking the T90 out of her. Cheers everyone
  9. Hi, thanks please could I have a picture; sounds like a plan.
  10. Thanks looked at some of the pintle hooks at Malvern, however not suitable.
  11. Hi everyone has anyone got a Pintle hook for sale for a WW2 jeep? I know its a big ask... lol
  12. I had this problem with the engine running and transmission oil leaking from the gear box through the shaft and out, it dribbled out faster dependent on the speed/revving . However in the end I had the help of Ray Tew who worked at Hitchcock's previously. My fault was there is a type of Archimedes screw for oil to on the shaft if I recall, there had been a batch made incorrectly Ray told me and this pumped oil out of the gear box; or it could possibly be worn, it was replaced and the problem was solved. Hitchcock's (Alan) has Ray's number if you need any more information. Just a thought! There isn't much Ray don't know about Royal Enfield's. http://www.realclassic.co.uk/enfieldcontinental.html
  13. I just wanted to say a 'BIG THANK YOU' to all those I met at the Goodwood Revival, you made a great weekend greater! Thanks Phil for the back seat on the race track, I will truly never forget it; I hope the lads who had the incident on the track have a safe journey back home. I look forward to catching you all again, and I just hope one day I will be able to join you with my Royal Enfield WD/CO.:cheesy:
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