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  1. Couple of pictures of ours. A replacement starter has been procured, just need a day to play!
  2. We have one. lovely machine. later type with the ACE AV760 in it AEC axles I believe, Aveling Barford badge on the front, Leyland badge on the back, Scammell LD55 cab. The last days of the British motor industry Leyland empire. poor thing is outside at the moment, starter motor dead and Clutch slave seals gone.
  3. well I've got a sentinel tug that was designed to tow the V bombers. don't think our Norfolk roads are wide enough though. because if it was that easy we bloody would have it haha.
  4. wouldn't we all love to save it! some things are just not practical though. I hope someone saves the tail at least.
  5. thats a political issue about keeping the great unwashed masses in work and the pension schemes going to keep paying all the retired people. not much to do with our hobby.
  6. yes the best way, "user trials" the user can find ways to break things the engineers would never have thought of!. been there haha. I designed a piece of kit once that was perfect in our eyes, all high tech bells and whistles etc, it came back split in half and scratched to buggery. What the user had done was in an emergency situation he rolled the unit over and used the top heat shield as a shovel. I never in my wildest dreams thought anyone would do that. so beefed it up, extended and curved the front edge of the shield and gave him duel use. then as expected they never came across that emergency situation ever again haha.
  7. yes. thats why Hydrogen fuel is a better option, you can fit a motor, smaller battery and fuel cell and tanks to anything
  8. thats what trials are for, after a few versions they will love driving them, or at least not notice the difference
  9. Spot on! stop turning the wind turbines off when the whole sale electricity price drops and make hydrogen instead.
  10. hi Simon, no problem, most of us on here are engineers or closely related to the "art form" so have a pretty pragmatic approach to the future, personally I see a whole load of opportunities, ok shows might be fewer and smaller, but we will still do our thing, as long as we are helpful to the changing situation and don't become a load of stick in the mud luddites, it will be ok, if we don't then the general public will turn against the hobby.
  11. hi Simon, I've only just got round to looking at the winch and the arm and roller is bent on this one as well, looking at the other posts it looks like you have found one.
  12. so are you against the Bio Ethanol or for it? I cant quite tell from the post.
  13. Yes we have strayed from the point, it was a simple question but there are a whole range of things that will affect the future once you get into how we can keep them running and that unfortunately includes politics. As for show, I think there will be less and smaller in the future, on any given weekend in the summer there are hundreds and several clash badly, but it is what it is, I would personally only exhibit at more local ones, down to cost and time. Probably a lot of the people who own something just as an investment with no historical, family or emotional attachment will disappear from the "hobby" that may be good? not sure. Those of us who love them will keep then weather we can use them or not. Transport to shows, well electric heavy goods are dam close already. again here we can go into the electric V hydrogen debate, also why not fit a nice new electric drive from a bus to your truck. there is a perfect unit that would drop right in the middle pair of bevel boxes on any Alvis 6 wheeler right now. and the tech is moving fast, all the parts we need will be available 2nd hand in 10 years from breakers yards, we just need to learn electronics and control systems. awful lot of military vehicles for sale? well the ones no one want will end up in the scrap pile, the rest will be cheaper for idiots like me who already have too many! Our younger collectors will probably come into the hobby thinking nothing of stripping a crashed Tesla and using the parts in another vehicle, the same as our grandfathers did with steam and we do with those dam new fangled internal combustion engines. The hobby won't die it will just change.
  14. minor point. energy saving will play a big role too. just did a quick calc. over the last 3 years we have replaced all the strip light bulbs in the factory with led ones as the old ones went wrong. that saves me 4.2kw/h on a 12 hour day so 50.5kw. thats enough to fully recharge my electric car. and yes the led ones do last longer so far the 3 year old ones are still good. never had a standard one last that long in a machine shop before.
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