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  1. No, there wasn't a delay, the first guy unscrewed the cap and ignitor, the second guy removed the clip to arm the fuse the third guy screwed the cap and fuse back on, then down the Shute at the front. yes I've always thought poor old Bedford. there was some sort of frame for the job though, never seen one though. want one if anyone has one!
  2. I've got one off a Leyland Martian on my "spares" vehicle row/pile/field.
  3. haha but Clive has an amazing memory, he probably remembers just about every detail on every post over those 9 years, not to mention everything about Humbers!
  4. for laying the Mk7 anti tank mines, replaced by the bar mine. massive saving in man power, crew of 10 on the Mk7 crew of 3 on the bar mine layer.
  5. Bedford RL with a crawler in front of it I believe. just need a coat of paint on my one, then only the Bedford to fully restore! haha.
  6. Never been to any dealerships for anything in my life haha, I can work out all the O rings if they don't come in a kit, its the correct rectangular vane seals I want to get right. The rotary cylinder is a pretty simple thing to strip and re-build.
  7. bit of a clue as to where they are please, I can find printers, sweet shops, do you mean Barnwell seals? bit hard to find anything on their web site without the part numbers.
  8. Picture of the 2/4wheel drive was mine. We replaced the boots when we rebuilt the back axle, its quite a task! and had a scare last year, we lost hydraulics, I thought it was a pump problem as it happened all of a sudden. first check was obviously the filter and it has collapsed restricting the flow to about an 1/8" haha. we did the MF back hoe rams the year before, the pic I posted of the arm extended to the rear was taken just after we had finished fitting them. Does anyone know where we can get repair kit for the slew cylinder?
  9. Hi Richard, you do know your stuff on Plant as I know from previous posts. I have manuals on the A5000 and there is no mention of crab steering so thats a bit odd, was it prototypes or pre production?? Also the transmission is listed as Allison TT2221-1
  10. Ok thats good that your 4 wheel steering works. I don't think these models ever had "crab" steering. if your brakes don't work I defiantly take it home on a plant truck or low-loader. winch it on so you have control! Give Lloyd loaders a call and get a copy of the operators manual. I've just looked up the bit about shifting from forward to reverse under power, yes it says you can, "soft shift transmission" I've never done it, it's an old machine and the last time anyone did any work in the transmission was probably in the 1980's so better safe than sorry, brakes are cheaper to fix than the Allison transmission.
  11. you would normally stop then shuttle straight to reverse, I wouldn't use it as a brake, you might break something! drop the forks and let them drag you to a halt if you must. I didn't know they made that model without 4 wheel steer. I thought all the military ones where. The lever is under the seat between your legs for 2 or 4 wheel steering, is it just seized up? or broken off. Personally I'd fix the brakes before you do much with it. On the steering. does it not have the rams still on the axle?
  12. Yes get those brakes working! when I got mine the rear axle pinion bearings had collapsed and the brakes where totally seized. so we took the axle of and split it and re-built the whole thing. before the days of the mobile phone camera, in those days you just did a repair and forgot about it. Shame you have lost the back actor, very useful bit of kit and a dam good counter weight when dragging dead wheeled armour suspend towed under the bucket!
  13. Great Machine, we use ours loads, we have the backhoe and bucket on the front, we get parts from Lloyd loaders ltd. very helpful people.
  14. I'm kitting a ferret up as a Royal Engineers rece, for the 1950/early 60's so I need some help in identifying minefield marking kit for that time period. I've got 4c detectors, tape, pioneer kit, the canvas bonnets, but I can't figure out what the metal mine marker picket and signs and light should be like, does anybody on here know or have any pictures or spare kit they would like to get rid of? cheers Richard
  15. we have a 27 1/2KVA to go with it to make the set up, love to get them set up together outside one day. too much to do, not enough time!
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