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  1. Ashcollection

    REME Trailer

    Anyone got a manual for one of these? anything much appreciated. Richard
  2. Ashcollection

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Yes it sure has! and I think I can Now Confirm that we are all agreed that we like and dislike Guy Martin, Like and Dislike the replica Tank, think that machines and systems are safer in the old days before health and safety and are safer today, we need more and less people in engineering and are pro and anti Europe, want to get rid of people who use their money to push technology forward and also want to keep them. I'm Glad that's all now settled, better close this thread off before it gets out of hand!
  3. Ashcollection

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    so fire someone who pushes the boundaries of engineering into the sun? don't we need that sort of person and their money? and if you voted out ,you voted for our legal system to therefore be stronger so what did you think would happen haha so Gina Miller etc can have their say as much as they like, it's called democracy and what lots of people have fought and died for.
  4. Ashcollection

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Spot on Jolly Jeeper, Guy's style of appearing to learn as he goes along his enthusiasm and giving anything a go will hopefully inspire some of the younger generation. we are now so far off topic but, at the end of the day we need more engineers! I will refrain from going political now. we all did that in another post which started about the high prices of vehicles and a possible decline, then on to " the younger generation aren't interested and they lack the skills" well boys and girls like it or not, its down to us and the likes of TV personality's to get kids interested and keep them interested. The powers that be stopped being interested some years ago and now they are interested again they can't afford it.
  5. Ashcollection

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Thats what R&D is all about. Pushing the boundrys. Early steam engines blew up, early aircraft crashed alot, our beloved tanks broke down and got lots of holes in them. After a load of money and some dead ends and deaths it all worked in the end. Same will happen for automomous vehicles, just look at unmanned aircraft for instance, only one step away from needing a human controller.
  6. Ashcollection

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Slightly off topic, but relevant to comments in the thread. Excellent program hosted by Guy Martin last night on AI. proves Guy Martin is very different to Fred Dibner, I can't ever remember the episode where Fred drove a race car at 200mph, or wrote basic code. would have loved it if he had though haha
  7. Ashcollection

    Microfiche reader

    someone on the ferret face book page was after one.
  8. Ashcollection

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    this thread is getting funny. common sense does prevail 99% of the time, but when you have 100 litigation lawyers watching you like a hawk it tends to put off most officials. Seen it happen. get over it and move on. Again I'll point to a sketch in Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy where they put all the middle management and they like on a space ship and send them into the sun every few years, unfortunately we don't have the technology to do that yet, but the likes of Richard Branson and Elon Musk and a few others are working on that at the moment. and a question to all those who know how mechanical things work and can do the calculations. Regarding tanks in confined places, If the tank is 30ft long in a 20ft wide street with people between the walls and the tank both sides 2 deep shoulder to shoulder, if the tank spun on the spot due to a gearbox or steering failure how many people would you squish? however unlikely I'm sure that would have been something that was considered.
  9. Ashcollection

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Spot on Adrian, I think people are getting confused with the real world and TV world, done both, both are good but very different. reminds me of a line from the Simson's years ago. Homer asked why a stage hand was painting patches on a horse, "so it looks like a cow on screen" "what happens when you need a horse? We tape a load of cats together" and on an earlier rant in this thread, Fred bless him is no longer with us, he was any Engineers hero, Guy Martin isn't Fred but if he sparks an interest in engineering to only 1 child growing up then he's matched Fred. and will be someone's hero as well. Health and safety is here to stay, we could go back to the old day of exploding boilers and trucks with no brakes mowing people down and asbestos everywhere. The world has changed, preserve the past and then move with it, work with it, round it, under it what ever it takes to get the job done. or get off haha. I thought it was an excellent program, showed 3d and VR very well and a snapshot of how it is used in engineering, a huge amount of ingenuity will have gone into making that tank look right using modern skills. and I think taking it to Cambrai and naming it Debora 2 was more fitting than a drive in Lincoln. that's my rant over.
  10. Ashcollection

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Think there are a couple of A7V's replicas about already.
  11. Ashcollection

    Michigan 175

    saw a picture of one of these brays in a facebook page "hedgerow tractors" not for sale unfortunately .
  12. Ashcollection

    Nice collection of Tracked AFV's up for auction

    where and when?
  13. Ashcollection

    Army radio sales co

    Thanks for the feed back guys. I got the impression that the site is not "manned" I'm after a few larkspur and clansman bits, I was also after a pair of the French sound operated handsets.