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  1. well we have it moving thanks to a long chat with a chap called Mick Norton, Ex RE. forward and reverse work, gear selector works, lift and bucket works, steering kind of works, the pump squeals like its in pain, and we have to stop it to change from forward to reverse. and advise on the forward-reverse selection issue? 20190504_130538.mp4
  2. yes it runs, need some info on what all the levers do though before I start it and damage anything! I have history of that with the Smith Rodley 10 ton crane if any of you have seen that post haha.
  3. Thanks, Richard, Iain I've done a few searches and there's loads on Marshall tractors, only the odd picture of the Gainsborough loaders.
  4. Gone and done it again and bought something big green and rusty and with no information on the web. anybody out there have any info, pictures stories to go with these beasts? its number is 02 DZ 67. cheers Richard
  5. I've not met anyone who actually drove any of my vehicles but at a show once with our Humber Pig, an Irish chap came up and said "I remember these well" my dad asked "what where you in" he replied " no, I just got a good kick in in the back of these a time or two" not that that ever happened in reality! haha
  6. Yes like I said earlier, "he who has the most toys wins" the nuclear option was always an option during the cold war when we had a much bigger army, there where plenty of short range battlefield nuclear shells and missiles around. You will remember one of BAOR nicknames was "Stalin's speed bump" so nothing pathetic about a dozen reapers dropping brimstones or hellfires on their heads, I'd be happy to take all the help I could get. As if they invade across Europe, they would be at the channel before the first conscripts had put down their mobile phones and learnt which end of a rifle was the dangerous part. Anyway that isn't going to happen as the next war will be economic and done through the internet. after that, then we will have the shootie bang bang one. But lets just hope not.
  7. from there being no examples of old armoured vehicles used in anything dodgy we now have several examples, here's another. these people are not part of our hobby or anything to do with us, but one bad apple reflects on the rest. in todays political and social climate, I can totally see why authorities would want to take our toys!
  8. Its all pretty easy to work out, its just a threat matrix and probability curve, you just don't want to end up in the wrong end of it haha
  9. neither do I, we need to keep our noses clean, and not be anti establishment or a bunch of loons honing around in old army vehicles, or we will end up being legitimate targets. Enjoy our freedoms. Don't forget that we are the exception, most in the world only get to play with a military vehicle when its a burnt our wreck on their high street. but look up Marvin Heemeyer on the net, he made his own!
  10. Yup spot on the money! it's not a grand "EU" conspiracy, and that's why they may want them filled with concrete.
  11. and yes I guess the reason for the risk is all political. If somebody hates another group of people for colour, religion, accent, language, I guess that's political. we are returning to an age of popularist leaders, and the polarizing of the right and left. and I'm sure you can think of some good popularist leaders from the past! that's enough of that. I like my tanks and want to keep them too!
  12. yes I hear you Iain, I was commenting on the fact that the EU is jumped straight on without thinking through the real reason for the risk to our hobby.
  13. you all know why these laws are rearing their head, stop making it a political soap box moment and think about the real reasons.
  14. yes Larry, mixed you up with another contributor to the thread! sorry about that. the MAD theory worked for years, almost failed a time or two though, all ideas are on a cycle, as they say the only thing we learn from history is that it repeats it's self. shame that.
  15. hahaha you are really keen on us all being cannon fodder Larry, and yes of course a determined guerrilla force will win the day as they will fight for years and years and years until the other side give up and go home as the government can no longer afford it and the people loose the will to fight, no doubting that. depends on what we are talking about, conventional old fashioned warfare or the modern world.
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