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  1. Ex-boy

    new project morris mra 1

    Good on you. One of the less common vehicles (at least on this site), so best of luck with the project. Steve.
  2. Ex-boy

    Newbie alert

    Good morning to you and welcome. If it's military I'm sure there will be plenty of people wishing you well with it. Just one thing to remember; everyone likes to see lots of pictures! Good luck with your endeavours. Steve.
  3. Ex-boy

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I've not been for several years, so not perhaps as good a comparison as recent visitors could give, but with many pluses and a few minuses, I would give it a seven out of ten this year. Steve.
  4. Ex-boy

    Manifold identification

    As no expert has come along, I will put in my two penn'orth. Soon after coming into service, the mark 1 Stalwarts had a new exhaust system fitted as a mod. From my (very bad) memory the original, 2" I think, manifold pieces looked like that, and yes there would have been four. Steve.
  5. Ex-boy

    Bedford QLT restoration 82RB41

    That really is a labour of love. It's what I would have liked to do but never had the cash or space for. Now too old old to contemplate it, so good luck and I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines. Steve.
  6. Ex-boy

    FV432 driving on street query

    I think a dropped kerb is a requirement everywhere and certainly sensible in this situation. Could save problems in the future, as you will have done it legally. Good luck with the project. Steve.
  7. I'm sure the purists will have looked anyway and been scandalised but I think ferrets are common enough to have a few extra 'variants' without being an issue and it can all be returned to original later if required. So good on you for showing what the army missed out on for all those years. Steve.
  8. Ex-boy

    Morris c8 wiring

    Just a thought but if deviating from the original by using coloured wiring is your concern, perhaps all-black wires could be identified by fitting numbered rings, as many military vehicles had in the past (possibly still do?). It may be easier to hide such unoriginal features and be more in line with what you are after. Steve.
  9. It seems to me that a CES is called for. Surely Clive has one?! It certainly looks as if everything could be original, but what's the chances it's all complete? Good luck and thanks for keeping us all enthralled. Steve.
  10. Ex-boy

    RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    It looks to me like someone wearing cook's whites just to the right of centre in the group photo, which would add weight to the messing area scenario.
  11. Hi Bernard and thanks for the prompt reply. I have been busy these past few days, hence slow response. I will have a longer look when time allows, but I think I haven't found the correct link, as the one you gave sent me to a thread I'd not seen before. Thanks again. Steve.
  12. I am struggling to access the photos in the gallery. How do I get a picture to come up? I have tried to click on the index number but nothing happens. I also have a picture I would like to upload once I have managed to get it into a suitable format. Can I add it direct to the gallery? Assistance would be gratefully received. Steve.
  13. I'm sure anyone who served anywhere during the Cold War will have numerous memories of the time but it's picking out what is of interest to the wider public. I suppose even what I think of as mundane could be an eye-opener to others, so I will put my thinking cap on. Actually, my first memory of any action was soon after joining 11H LAD in Jan 68, when the unit was called out on a "quick train". Three of us had arrived together and not yet been allocated to vehicles and two of us ended up riding on the back decks of the HQ Sqn Cent ARV. Being early Jan it was bitter cold, so the heat from the decks made it quite bearable, especially as we were only out for a few hours. Just a pity the decks weren't a bit softer!
  14. Sadly I never had a camera at that time so have no pictures at all. It didn't seem to be worth having one then, but what memories they would evoke if I had had more sense. Steve
  15. Ex-boy

    Northern Ireland Oddities Help Wanted

    I was with the RCT LAD in Lisburn in 1972/3 and a chip van was an occasional visitor. I never worked on it myself but those who did hated getting underneath because it was dripping (no pun intended) with chip fat. I don't recall what make it was but I'm sure it was a different type than that shown here and also was painted white if memory serves correctly.
  16. Just a reminiscence from the time, but it may interest/amuse you. I was with 11th Hussars LAD in Hohne in 1968 when the Warsaw Pact countries invaded Czechoslovakia. Having heard nothing about it beforehand, and being a Wednesday, we went to the airfield sports pitches for a game of football in the afternoon and wondered why the whole German army seemed to have mobilised. The entire time we were there, there was a constant stream of vehicles heading east. Why did the Germans react when the Brits took no notice? I never could understand why there was such a difference between the two allied armies and have never heard any explanation for it. Memories! Good luck with the museum. Steve.
  17. Ex-boy

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Nosing is new to me too, but when I googled pyramid nosing it also showed one which is angled to go over the nose of a stair, which then made sense. As for the forum coming up trumps yet again, it really shows what a great community it is. I love this thread, so please, when the Thorny is finished, have a break and start on the next one. Good luck with your quest to get to Brighton. Steve.
  18. Ex-boy

    Waterproofing station locations?

    Not entirely related to the subject in hand, but my father was a REME welder in 1944 and was then based in North Devon, where a lot of waterproofing trials were undertaken. He said very little about it apart from that he was involved in fabricating metalwork items for tanks for the beach landings. Steve.
  19. Ex-boy

    Cvrt front numbers

    Just done some googling to find out where WG may have been in 2000 and 2002. Unclear about the former, but in 2002 they deployed to Bosnia, so maybe your vehicle went with them. Steve.
  20. Ex-boy

    Cvrt front numbers

    Some of the other units that have held this vehicle are the vehicle depot at Ludgershall, just outside Tidworth, Hants which would have received it on its return from Cyprus. There it would have been inspected before going for major repairs or upgrade at the Army Base Repair Organisation (ABRO) workshop. Also issued (twice) to first battalion of the Welsh Guards (1WG). A few others I'm unsure of but someone can fill the gaps I'm sure. Steve.
  21. Ex-boy

    New member

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm just an armchair enthusiast and don't have the pleasure of owning any MVs but there are endless people who will give you all the help you could ask for. My only comment is that you would probably be better putting the thread under the Motorcycle section, as you are more likely to get answers quicker there. best of luck, Steve.
  22. Ex-boy

    WW1 finds and discoveries

    I wondered about that, but the ground looks pretty dry and solid, especially on the side shown, where the weight is possibly concentrated. It does puzzle me. Steve
  23. Ex-boy

    WW1 finds and discoveries

    Why were all those bodies still on the truck whilst it was being manhandled though? Steve
  24. Being no expert on water trailers I would guess they are not British. The lamp above the number plate looks to me more of a US type. Steve
  25. Ex-boy

    RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    Not sure I agree with your comment on CWGC records. My understanding is that all deaths in service, even many post-war are recorded and of course also have headstones where burials took place. Steve.