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  1. If you like, you could make a contribution to the HMVF. How does that sound? Steve.
  2. I looked but couldn't find your address Adrian, so please PM. As for postage, if it's only a few quid it's not worth worrying about. Steve.
  3. Then yours they are Adrian. I think I have your address, as I sent you some special tools several years ago, but I will get back to you if necessary. Otherwise I will let you know when they are on their way. Steve.
  4. I am having a clear out and have found some artillery related photos (amongst others). They are official, posed, MoD pictures, possibly for use in publications, as at least one appears to have been retouched and another is annotated, so is definitely for an official publication. They are all mounted on card and the pictures are in the region of 28cm x38cm. Two are stamped on the reverse with a Royal School of Artillery stamp. They are of: 155mm SP 70 155mm FH 70 105mm Light Gun 5.5 or 4.5 Howitzer (this is the annotated one) Would anybody like them, free of charge? Steve
  5. Thanks Chris. I'm sure you will think it worthwhile. Steve.
  6. Hi Doug. Ref the HSP, there was a thread last year in the Aviation section about aerial delivery. Perhaps a mention of it there would be useful. Steve.
  7. Hello Chris. When you picked up what I posted yesterday I hoped you were answering my plea, but you made no mention of it. Would you be interested in me sending you some photos, or would anyone else? Steve.
  8. Hi all. Seeing this thread reminded me that I have a few (actually 9 to be precise) photos from ATTURM Instow. They are original MoD photos, mostly stamped on the reverse with the ATTURM photographic section stamp. Four are of some kind of plant equipment in various poses, three are Landrovers wading in the sea and one driving through a trough and the last is a 1 Tonne Landrover all at sea. I have now scanned them (three are too big for my scanner, but I got the main content) but I can't post them, as they are the wrong format and I am pretty useless with that kind of thing. Would anyone be willing to act as an intermediary if I were to send them via email? Here's hoping, Steve. PS: I am having a clearout and if anyone wants the originals they are very welcome to them.
  9. A big thank you not just to John, but to you too Simon for what you are doing. To we observers it is a revelation and an absolute treat to see what can be done with the right attitude and a lot of skill. Keep up the brilliant work, I am in awe. Steve.
  10. As the turret was fitted over the personnel compartment, with gun front that is probably correct, but gun rear could possibly overhang. I only ever saw one or two in service, and then on a vehicle park, so this is conjecture to some extent.
  11. Still cheering you on. The time it takes matters less than the end result and from what you have done so far, it will be a credit to you and another oldie saved for the future. Good luck with the rest of the restoration. Steve.
  12. Surely the number of privately owned AFVs is dwarfed by those in military service, and I know they have been commandeered on at least one occasion by crewmen and driven on public roads. As this is something that can happen at any time, should all AFVs be banned altogether? Just a thought.
  13. Rereading this, I wondered whether the truck in the picture is just the sleeping van mentioned in the article, and the Krupp (together with the weapons carrier) is not actually in the picture at all! Any thoughts anyone? Steve.
  14. I second that. You are doing a great job, and I would hope your other half would appreciate that and not ask too high a price.
  15. Captain Max, you are doing a great job and I'm sure you will give a lot of people the idea that you can do whatever you set your mind to. Keep up the good work and I can hardly wait to see the finished product. Steve.
  16. I couldn't have helped you but I have to say I admire your courage! Steve.
  17. Having just come online and found this new question, my first impression was of some kind of lighting installation. Is that getting warm? Steve.
  18. Keep up the good work, slowly, slowly katchee monkey. Steve.
  19. Not exactly relevant to your inquiry, but back in the '60s when I was in training they were known as cobbly wobblies. Thought you might like to know. Steve.
  20. I'm glad you got what you wanted. My memory is usually a bit suspect (getting old), so that was a result for both of us! Steve.
  21. If you go to the Archaeology thread, two up from the model one and then go down three places to the Libya/Tripolitania chat, I'm sure there was discussion of that emblem. Strangely, started by a Canadian member. I don't have time to go through it now, but I'm sure it will be worth your while. Good luck.
  22. Good luck to whoever it is, if people are daft enough to pay those prices.
  23. If I remember rightly OC600 was used in Centurion gearboxes, so I guess Hutch 3674 is a young whippersnapper with experience of more modern vehicles. Great work on this old girl, so good luck with it. Steve.
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