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  1. You are so right, I should have said Pioneer. It’s old age catching up. Thanks for the slap on the wrist. Steve.
  2. Being ex- REME, it has to be the Scammel Explorer.
  3. Thanks for posting Rob. I’ve never been and am currently out of the country, so missed this year’s, but I will look out for the show next year, as it seems to be well worth the effort. Steve.
  4. She's looking great and good luck with finding the bits you need. I love seeing these old girls come to life again. Keep up the good work. Steve.
  5. I would guess that the 16.5 tonnes is bombed up and ready for war and the 15.2 tonnes is just the vehicle (with CES?). Either way, well under the 17 ton requirement. Steve.
  6. Sorry to see no one has answered your question, so I will show willing, even though I am pretty ignorant on Chall 2. Like any vehicle that is laid up for a length of time, seals dry up, moving parts tend to get stuck and fabrics, plastics and rubber items may perish, so everything will need to be inspected before being put into use. I don't believe anything will drop off or fail in any way differently from other vehicles but maybe a Challenger expert will see this and tell us different. Good luck with it come what may. Regards, Steve.
  7. Brilliant! Maidstone, for once, seems like a good place to be. thanks everyone for the information. Steve. Actually, after a bit of thought, the top of Detling Hill might be the best place.
  8. Noel, if you wish to model railways and military vehicles I'm sure you could do worse than take on the Longmoor military railway, which was still running in the 1960s, although somewhat reduced in traffic. I don't know what information is available to work from, but no doubt the folk on this forum could provide all that you require. Like you, I'm a bit long in the tooth to be taking on the real thing, so welcome to the forum and good luck with whatever you decide to do. Steve.
  9. Coming along nicely. I am really looking forward to seeing her come alive again. Good work. Steve.
  10. It's great to have you back Dan. This is one project that I, and I'm sure many others, have missed. What you have done so far is brilliant, so please don't let it go to waste. We are all rooting for you. Best wishes and good luck, Steve.
  11. Wow, I hope your cutting discs come at a discount! Good work, but rather you than me. The restoration is really inspirational and much appreciated by an old armchair warrior like myself. Keep up the good work. Steve.
  12. Hi Bob. If you post this in the Transporters and Wreckers section you are more likely to get some replies. Best of luck, Steve
  13. Thanks for posting, even if just for those of us cheering from the sidelines. That is interesting stuff. Steve.
  14. Hi Gerlof. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on this forum, so you are very likely to get what you need. Just in case, though, it may be worth inquiring on the Great War Forum too. Good luck, Steve.
  15. Ex-boy


    Oi, don't be ageist! There are a lot of old people who are very tech savvy. Sadly, I'm not one of them, so I would have to call myself old and ignorant. Steve.
  16. The week is up and no takers, so for completeness, I confirm that they are in the bin: shame! Steve.
  17. That is a place of wonder, and not far from me, but sadly beyond my ability to save anything.
  18. Ex-boy


    I hope you find that it gives you all you need. There is plenty of good advice available and some very helpful people. So welcome and enjoy. Steve.
  19. Once Chris had kindly posted my pictures I had intended to ask, but forgot, if anyone had identified what the vehicles was that I described as "some kind of plant". Is it a Muirhill or something else? I've always wondered. Steve.
  20. From a cache of dozens of old MoD (and War Office) photographs, which I have got rid of over several years, I am down to the last two. They are so uninteresting that I will be surprised if anyone wants them, even free, but here goes. They are 6" x 8" pictures of a Leyland Daf 1900 tractor unit in RN livery, Reg No 30 RN 26. One is taken from front right, the other from left rear. The pictures are presumably taken for use in an official publication, so not very exciting. Anyway, if anyone wants them, I am happy to pay for postage to anyone who can give them a new life. If not snapped up within the week, they will end up in the bin, and I would hate that. Steve.
  21. Great pictures and thanks for posting. One comment though, it is a Centurion being recovered in No 3, rather than a Chieftain. Steve.
  22. Thanks for taking the trouble Chris. As mentioned previously, the originals are up for grabs, so if anyone would like them, free, please PM an address and I will send them on their way. Steve
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