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  1. I’m sure there was a Scania near the end, but certainly almost all vehicles were British made. Just watched again, and at around 7.40 there is a grey Scania artic.
  2. It could be your lucky day SquireBev. I have a copy which I picked up for pennies many years ago and no longer need. If you PM your address I will put it in the post on the understanding that you make a donation to HMVF. Steve.
  3. As you say, similar, but with the shank the whole length so that it can safely be hammered! Steve.
  4. Hi Graeme. I had one the same, plus a smaller one (6”) and have had a sort through my tools with no success. My memory is not what it was but I suspect they went to a local MV enthusiast who does my MoTs. The reason for this post is not to wind you up but to say that when I was an army apprentice, at least one of the old civilian instructors called them ‘New Perfect’ screwdrivers. I’ve never seen that written anywhere but that’s how I always remember them. Good luck with your hunt: they really are very useful tools.
  5. You could send Wally a Personal Message but I’m surprised he hasn’t seen this post: he doesn’t miss much. Steve.
  6. That is what I was taught was called a New Perfect screwdriver when I was an army apprentice. I had one, plus a smaller (about 6 inches). It is possible they are still about but I haven’t seen them for years. I will have a search tomorrow. 

  7. Tony, in reply to your query about Wally having the book in a box, it appears he is having major work done on his house and his collection of literature is currently in storage.
  8. I seem to remember that ENFO stood for English Ford, but don’t quote me on that.
  9. These take me back. I joined the Army Scaling Authority just before amalgamation with the Army Cataloguing Authority, so went through all those name changes. From ASA to ASCA to ATSA to DLO. I had no hand in CESs, but thanks for the reminder of times past Wally.
  10. You are doing a wonderful job. She is looking great.
  11. I also read that men are more likely than women to die from the virus. As an over 70 A pos male I’ll just have to rely on my sense of humour to see me through. Please take care, one and all.
  12. Brilliant Wally. Please keep them coming.
  13. Good to have this back underway Simon. Long may the lockdown last from my selfish point of view.
  14. I take it that the new photo is part of your model build. Beautiful work: I hope you have time to get it on the front burner soon. Thanks for taking the time to post it. Steve.
  15. Any updates available yet? I see the vehicle has a Kent registration. Whereabouts was it based? I am interested as I live in Maidstone.
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