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  1. Ex-boy


    Hi Steve, and welcome. I am sure your knowledge will be an asset to many here. By the way, I'm also Steve, ex-army and 69 years old, but sadly I don't currently have the time, funds nor space for any hardware, so I can only offer an occasional snippet from my experiences. No doubt you can do better. Good luck. Steve.
  2. Ex-boy

    There was only going to be one winner

    But was it a Warrior or a Challenger?
  3. Ex-boy

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    Rotating the wheel by 30 degrees (in either direction) would have enabled a clearer representation, but we are not all technical drawing experts. Anyway, it seems we now understand what is intended. Steve.
  4. Ex-boy

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    Hi David, I think the D dimension is actually supposed to be the pitch diameter, as the left hand grey line extends through one stud to the one below, which doesn't make it easy to see. STEVE.
  5. Ex-boy

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    Advertisers have always had a bit of a cheek.
  6. Ex-boy

    Radar truck.

    That looks to be in good condition, so assuming parts and equipment are not too hard to find, it should be a nice restoration job. Well done for purchasing and good luck. Steve.
  7. Brilliant films, thank you for posting. I was amused by "the Scammells are coming" in the first one, I don't think I've ever seen a training film with a comedic commentary before. Also, the vehicle with the rear end on a trailer and front wheels on the road under tow was an eye-opener. Always good to get an understanding of bygone practices. Steve.
  8. Ex-boy

    new project morris mra 1

    Good on you. One of the less common vehicles (at least on this site), so best of luck with the project. Steve.
  9. Ex-boy

    Newbie alert

    Good morning to you and welcome. If it's military I'm sure there will be plenty of people wishing you well with it. Just one thing to remember; everyone likes to see lots of pictures! Good luck with your endeavours. Steve.
  10. Ex-boy

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I've not been for several years, so not perhaps as good a comparison as recent visitors could give, but with many pluses and a few minuses, I would give it a seven out of ten this year. Steve.
  11. Ex-boy

    Manifold identification

    As no expert has come along, I will put in my two penn'orth. Soon after coming into service, the mark 1 Stalwarts had a new exhaust system fitted as a mod. From my (very bad) memory the original, 2" I think, manifold pieces looked like that, and yes there would have been four. Steve.
  12. Ex-boy

    Bedford QLT restoration 82RB41

    That really is a labour of love. It's what I would have liked to do but never had the cash or space for. Now too old old to contemplate it, so good luck and I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines. Steve.
  13. Ex-boy

    FV432 driving on street query

    I think a dropped kerb is a requirement everywhere and certainly sensible in this situation. Could save problems in the future, as you will have done it legally. Good luck with the project. Steve.
  14. I'm sure the purists will have looked anyway and been scandalised but I think ferrets are common enough to have a few extra 'variants' without being an issue and it can all be returned to original later if required. So good on you for showing what the army missed out on for all those years. Steve.
  15. Ex-boy

    Morris c8 wiring

    Just a thought but if deviating from the original by using coloured wiring is your concern, perhaps all-black wires could be identified by fitting numbered rings, as many military vehicles had in the past (possibly still do?). It may be easier to hide such unoriginal features and be more in line with what you are after. Steve.