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  1. Ex-boy

    Mystery Object No. 203

    Having just come online and found this new question, my first impression was of some kind of lighting installation. Is that getting warm? Steve.
  2. Keep up the good work, slowly, slowly katchee monkey. Steve.
  3. Ex-boy

    My 2018 Season In Pictures

    Many do, but some may be a bit shy!
  4. Not exactly relevant to your inquiry, but back in the '60s when I was in training they were known as cobbly wobblies. Thought you might like to know. Steve.
  5. Ex-boy

    Saladin Mk.2 Armoured Car

    I'm glad you got what you wanted. My memory is usually a bit suspect (getting old), so that was a result for both of us! Steve.
  6. Ex-boy

    Saladin Mk.2 Armoured Car

    If you go to the Archaeology thread, two up from the model one and then go down three places to the Libya/Tripolitania chat, I'm sure there was discussion of that emblem. Strangely, started by a Canadian member. I don't have time to go through it now, but I'm sure it will be worth your while. Good luck.
  7. Ex-boy

    New Use for a Land Rover

    Good luck to whoever it is, if people are daft enough to pay those prices.
  8. Ex-boy

    AEC Militant MKI (Update)

    If I remember rightly OC600 was used in Centurion gearboxes, so I guess Hutch 3674 is a young whippersnapper with experience of more modern vehicles. Great work on this old girl, so good luck with it. Steve.
  9. Ex-boy

    New Use for a Land Rover

    I for one prefer to see vehicles working rather than gathering dust. Think of all the vehicles that were demobbed after both world wars and how many went on to do many years of hard work before being restored. It looks as if very little has been altered and it could easily be restored if wanted. Steve.
  10. I would suggest it would not be good to pursue this line of chat, as it is likely to result in verbal fisticuffs. I have lost count of the number of times I have stifled a scream over grammatical errors etc but at the end of the day this is not a site promoting the English language. As long as people can understand and be understood, please just live and let live. Steve.
  11. Ex-boy


    Hi Steve, and welcome. I am sure your knowledge will be an asset to many here. By the way, I'm also Steve, ex-army and 69 years old, but sadly I don't currently have the time, funds nor space for any hardware, so I can only offer an occasional snippet from my experiences. No doubt you can do better. Good luck. Steve.
  12. Ex-boy

    There was only going to be one winner

    But was it a Warrior or a Challenger?
  13. Ex-boy

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    Rotating the wheel by 30 degrees (in either direction) would have enabled a clearer representation, but we are not all technical drawing experts. Anyway, it seems we now understand what is intended. Steve.
  14. Ex-boy

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    Hi David, I think the D dimension is actually supposed to be the pitch diameter, as the left hand grey line extends through one stud to the one below, which doesn't make it easy to see. STEVE.