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  1. Sorry Ron , The blanking plug on the headlight,replaces the Ammeter.
  2. Hi, I keep forgetting, August every shuts for the month.
  3. Hi Ron, Thanks again, I went & saw my friendly Electroplater no go on that idea I'm afraid. I have noticed people have been asking about the blanking plug I was baffled for a while but I went and got a Brass domed truck Welch plug, very little filing to get the edges right, bronzed a 3/16 flat head machine screw underneath with a flat plate to hold it down. It was only a couple of dollars with very little work. I have emailed Arnaud but if he is away working sometimes takes a while to reply. Thanks once again Richard
  4. Hi Ron, I think that would be a brushed Chrome rather than a bright chrome. I might go down & see my friendly Electroplater and see if he can brush plate the brass section without ruining the Enamel parts. My father Had his own Electroplating shop in London & by God I wished i had taken more notice. A good Electroplater is worth his weight in gold now. Also I was wondering if you could send me the the length of Clutch & Brake lever.
  5. Hi, could anyone please give me Metal Magics address. Regards Richard
  6. Hi, thanks for the info. The trouble here is I can only work from the parts or maintenance manuals as there is a very limited amount of "Fleas" here in Aus & the ones I have seen are usually civilian fakes. I download an awful amount of photo's if I see them but you will always see something different so its hard to work out whats correct & what isn't.. I have had a few parts from Arnaud & i will see of he has any plates left & I will check out Metal Magic to see if they have any filter bodies. Good if you could give me the length of brake & clutch handles. I will have to admit plug lead was hanging on the wall left over from a 1932 Chev i did many years ago Regards
  7. Hi Ron, thanks for reply, my idea was to find an old fashioned engraver to engrave the brass part out & fill with white. Trouble is there is no such person as an old time engraver these days, showed a few & they all went to water, they can only use panto graph engravers these days controlled by a computer. I have been given the name of one in Melbourne which i will try & get in touch with, but i hate having to travel up to the city these days Richard.
  8. Hi Ron, Mine nearly all there, Still a few bits to go, still looking for original badge & Miller Tail Light. Had crankshaft rebuilt I will whisper, it has Harley rollers cut down to fit. I made the Miller taillight, Local exhaust man expanded some exhaust pipe to fit the original light bracket , also some brass half round was made in a tight circle so when heated slipped over the pipe when it cooled shrunk tight, paint putty took care of the finish. I have a later badge from Hitchcocks & have been trying here to find an engraver to take some of the brass so as i can fill it with white. I did try the mob in North Devon who wanted £200 which thought was a bit rich seeing as they would then be able to sell to anyone for half the price seeing they had the mold. I got the switch top , lodge cap & resistor copies from Arnaud. & he has done a marvelous job. Afraid it has been reassigned to Australian Army as it was easier to get Australian Arm Olive Drab to paint it. I have tried to keep as original as i can but sourcing parts here Australia is virtually impossible & Flea Bay is drying up worse than the drought we are in at the moment. Regards Richard Geelong Australia
  9. hi, thanks for reply's, I have been using " A guide to restoring the Royal Enfield WD/RE " By Cameron Jamieson in which states that the booklet draws on the extensive knowledge & photographs of Steve Madden (UK), Ron Pier(UK), Lex Schmidt(NL) & Jan Vandevelde(NL). A Paragraph states, quote C Numbers There is evidence to suggest that some manufacturers, including BSA used water slide or varnish-affixed transfer lettering....our Royal Enfield Flying Flea here still had the remains of the (1944) serial numbers on the fuel tank beneath two layers of post war paint...and these were definitely of the transfer type. end quote I have tried Classic Transfers & they only have two sizes 2 in & 1 3/4 in which i think are UK regulation Number sizes, also they are shut down at the moment due to holidays. I did get a set of 1 3/4in. numbers from them but the Flea tank is quite a small tank & wont take the size which ends up about 12in. in length. I was looking at the Water slide sheets on Ebay but I an not sure that with my hands that cutting out 16 letters & numbers that they would look a bit rough.
  10. Hi, trying to find waterslide transfers for the Census numbers on my flying flea. The only ones I can find are from Classic Transfers & are to big. they are 1 3/4 in. Which are really to big for the size of the tank. I need something about 1 1/4 in. to at most 1 1/2in. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Hi, thank you for the info, If i do get a badge made at least they will have copy there, I believe they do most of it now by computer so once they have one made they should be able to produce them if any one else needs one. Richard
  12. G'day all, I am in the process of gradually restoring a 45 Flea. Engine No V6297/10102 frame same No. Trying to keep as original as possible. I have been looking for an original tank badge which i think is now showing to be an impossible task. I have decided to get one made from Pamela & David Enamels down in North Devon. I need a good photo of an original WD badge taken without flash and a big a resolution as possible & front on. I will be sending them a post war one as well so they use it for size. They cant get round to making one till April 2017 so I still have time to get lucky.Also the Fag end tail light, I have the mounting but no tube & reflector any leads on one would be appreciated. Have a good day. Richard Geelong Australia
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