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  1. matador restoration.

    iam useing a zinc phosphate primer . doesnt brush very well. but sprays well. from trade paints look on ebay
  2. matador restoration.

    well the more rust you get off the better the paint job . I do try and get as much off as I can .
  3. matador restoration.

    only got today on the matador this weekend . started to get the rear diff cleaned up ready for paint . it is a fidderly thing to clean up but it is coming out ok. only a small update as been bizzy with other stuff .
  4. another Diamond T 980 restoration

    the lorry is looking good clearly a lot of work has gone into it . you see a lot of steam engine owners with ex army lorrys for moveing dead engines around . cound,nt help notice the steam bits .
  5. matador restoration.

    Didn't have much time on it this weekend. but managed to get the drivers side back in red oxide primer. still cant get the brake drum off but will try a little heat . Probably been on there since 1942 . I don't suppose it has ever been taken off.next step is to get the diff all cleaned up and primed . this week I have picked up a load of used wood that should be enough to replace it all in the back. in order to replace a bit of chassie I have to take some of the wood out the back . as some of it isn't all that iam going to replace it all .
  6. matador restoration.

    the reason I haven't taken all the axles and running gear apart is simple . it runs and drives and I can get every gear in hi range and low range and evern the air brakes all move as the air starts to come up . all the air tank drain plugs were taken out so couldn't get much pressure but enough to make the brake chambers move so didn't rearly see the point . the oil will be drained and replaced
  7. matador restoration.

    I have been queit surprised about the intrest this has got . yes I know there is not many of this type about and evern fewer in private hands . this one is going to be restored back how it was on the fairground where it spent most of its life . in a long time from now we may possably put it back to full speck but in many years . so far I have scrapped off about 75kgs of mud . grease and hardened oil which has kept it in good condition .I have repainted it as it was under all the muck . I have not only used a wire brush on a grinder but beleave it or not a needle file and a very small screw driver which I use to get into all the small bits . takes a while to do but I think its worth it .I didn't get anything done last weekend and don't think I will get much done this weekend . I picked up new old wood for the back as I have got to take some out to repaire a small bit in the chassie rail where the floor box was fitted .
  8. AEC Matador 853

    is there any updates to this thread , I would like to see some photos of how its getting on . thanks Doug
  9. matador restoration.

    As I know very little about there army life any imformation is good thank you
  10. matador restoration.

    hiya yes the box was right behind the rear of the back axle . so it looks like it was a lp version . I take it the others didn't have this box .
  11. matador restoration.

    thank you . we are bizzy over the summer months so it a winter thing . we had a good winter last year got loads done so hopeing to get lots done this winter .
  12. matador restoration.

    As you can see I have been bizzy lately . got a lot of the back axle on the drivers side cleaned up ready for primer. cleaning the bit between the drum back plate and spring was difficault but we got there. the box was sunk into the floor at the back , don't know what it was used for . its very rusty so a new one has to be made which isn't a problem . its good to see the convoy light still there or whats left of it . a new one will be refitted . I cant seem to free the brake drum off so going to give it a little heat .
  13. matador restoration.

    hiya Governor , I use a sharp old wood chisele and a niddle file then wire brush on a 5inch grinder .
  14. matador restoration.

    Hiya all. we are back again for the winter. started scrapping mud and grease off the rear axle and under the off side rear wing . As you can see by the photos the muck is 1/4 inch thick on the springs , but once scrapped off it all looks very good .