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  1. She's gone through well going through a winter strip and rebuild fresh alloy guards and painted frame new nuts and bolts shes my first bike I brought so she's special
  2. More marks than you can shack a stick at :nut: heres a pic of my bess Hope you like her as much as I do this is where she is today
  3. Hello all I'm mark for the sunny midlands i was going through Facebook this morning and a link popped up to this forum had a look through and WOW its great had to joining a motorcycle nut owning a few Brit bikes the one I'm restoring at the mow is a 1966 B40 which is an EX army Scottish six days bike is was told for the old boy I brought it off in 2000 I do restoration work at home so hope to get another project once the BSA has been finished looked at Ron enfield project nice bike there buddy very nice cheers folks for reading this
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