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  1. Result! I'd like to thank Bruce for allowing me to crawl all over his fv439 (before it's sold) & take close onto 350 photos with loads of measurements. Top bloke & he took me for a run out on his other 432 (he drove lol). Shame the 439 is gunna be debagged & turned back into an APC. Again thanks Bruce. Tony
  2. Comin' on just great. I remember gettin' 'kit kat ar*#' sittin' on those seats lol I take it you'll be taking it to perth? Hopefully after Tuesday I'll have all the info I need to complete my project as soon as KFS's 432 comes out. Tony M
  3. Get a grip man! Don't want any excuses at Perth, you can't build a flat bed like that & mess up on the seats? lol You've got just over a week to get it sorted. lol I'm not blowin' ya trumpet..............not just yet anyway lol Tony
  4. First temporary picture from KFS's fv432, master pattern only. So I've got to go from this................. to this..............Ptarmigan Triffid Radio fv439. I wish me luck! lol
  5. Hi I'm helping you & I need help? lol I've only a few pics of the interior & they are of the SAS MC & Triffid Radio Relay. I was given loads of pics from the SAS MC of the genny housing & gennies & a few measurements. Private message me your email & I'll forward ya what I'v got. As for 'not' being let loose on the 439, I really need measurements & more pics inside & outside. Ideally I need to be let loose all over a Ptarmigan Triffid Radio Relay FV439, for pics & measurements so I've got a good understanding for when I start my project. Without the info, I won't be able to complete it? Maybe Armourgeddon have to deal with Health & Safety, that's why you wasn't allowed to climb on it? Tony M
  6. That'll look mint when the paint's on. Will you be puttin' a canopy on, or keepin' it open back? Tony
  7. Looking good, I bet you've lost count on how many parts are just on that bed alone? lol. You still goin' to the Perth show at the end of this month? Tony M
  8. Thanks Chas Got a load of pics for the gennys & housing..... Much appreciated Tony M
  9. If it's a Radio Relay version, bring it on, I'm more than happy to arrange something & travel. Can you private message on here? If you can, drop me some contact details. regards Tony M
  10. Nige With the amount of hours of labour that is going to be put into this project, if I was to charge, per hour, I could afford a 'real' fv439 lol, that's a thought........... I'll buy a real one, take some photos, post em up on here & say "look what I've built" lol Tony M
  11. Cheers H Still, ya a bugger lol. I've got the fiber optics & leds. Once I start on the Triffids I can work out what I need to do & once your kit is out I can then work out where it's all gunna go? No damn pressure! lol Tony M
  12. Nige By the sound of it, there's enough detail on KFS's 432 without what I'm going to add to it & that comes with instructions, looking forward to it tho but, like yourself, I'm relying on other people for the relevent info for me to complete the project. I'll just keep plodding along eh lol Tony
  13. Scam 12 mast On the Ptarmigan comms wagon, I built the mast from evergreen & brass....... & as you see it's prominently from evergreen. On the fv439 I decided to add more detail to the mast & there are 70 separate parts of which only 13 are evergreen... The rest are brass & are soldered together.... On these masts, there are moveable carrying handles & moveable handles that are for doing 'swings' for the directional antenna...... The mast can still be extended but the sections will be kept in the closed position when on the 439...... Tony M
  14. Henshaw Garage, A69 Every now & then, they'll be an ex mil veh appears, then gets sold on.....
  15. Must be a fashion statement with the Mats? lol
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