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  1. Luke made my canvas cupola for the K9, great job, quick & professional.

    Hey thanks bill hope your keeping well?! id forgotten about that turret cover nice little job :) how did it fit in the end?


    Got Luke's cover on my one ton Dodge now, fine job. Will be back for the end curtains soon.

    Thanks gordon was a pleasure!! :)


    I would take an exhaust cover if you decide to get them made ,my engine deck covers are in good condition if you want tp borrow to copy dimensions ?


    if you want to send me some photos of both i can make u a rough estimate if that helps? :)



  2. Luke

    Good luck with the new venture and a thank you for the excellent 'fly sheet' set. The attention to detail, quality of material and workmanship is excellent. I would not hesitate in recommending your services.


    thank you kindly crawford was a pleasure to meet you!!


    How would you fancy making up a set of the engine air inlet and exhaust outlet deck mats for a BMP-1 class vehicle - possibly even the canvas transit cover that goes over the whole thing??


    If you have a pattern id be more than happy to replicate it for you if not might take a visit to me or me to you so we can get it right!!



    Good to hear from you. The SUMB project hasnt gone away but I havent been able to get the time to get it mobile yet - probably end September now



    no worries on the time frame iain glad to hear your still on its case!! hope to hear from you soon!!

  3. hello my names Luke I've been working with canvas for 12 years now and decided to start my own business. i mainly make bespoke and custom items. I've always been interested in old vehicles so i thought why not combine the two. if you have any questions or query's please contact me at info@wear-n-tear.co.uk. thanks luke :)

  4. Yes it is mine Luke. I agree! Find a WD G3L and join us for the big one in 2014.




    well if I get one in time and get it restored I just might do that ron but we will see need to get business goin first but as soon as ive got the funds I'm definitely gonna get a project and this does look like it could be the one for me. :)


    Ron's absolutely right of course. A WD motorcycle is far and away the most useable of wartime vehicles, probably more so than the civilian equivalent and an ideal way of combining two interests.


    Is it this bike that you're looking at ?




    I wouldn't consider it 95% complete at all and parts like the mudguards don't look useable. The big lumps like engine, frame and fuel tank are easily found for post-war bikes but the parts missing here are where the expense will be and what you get will be knackered. I wouldn't take on one as incomplete as this for a first restoration. You should be able to find a complete good runner for less than £3000 (and believe me, this one will take a lot more than £1000 to make anything more than an unreliable field bike out of it).


    For some reason, post-war AMC singles are a bit undervalued. A good one is a nice bike though. Parts availability is pretty good for a sixty year old vehicle but don't go thinking that you can find all the right tinware for each model year direct on the shelves. Autojumbles will become a way of life.


    It is that one haha I would have put a link to the ad in the first post but some forums are a little funny with that so I left it out :) but this is the sort of info I was looking for thanks ill keep shopping around till I find something :) i kinda like rummaging at jumbles anyway so that shouldn't be a problem :) thanks 79x100

  5. Well since you ask Luke. You probably are in the wrong place. I don't think there is anything about this AJS that is military. A picture or a link to the sellers advert would help. I'm guessing it's a very similar bike to AMC's wartime Matchless G3L, which was about the most liveliest Brit WD bike produced through the war years. Also the only one with Tele forks, which made them the most favoured with DR's. Parts are readily available from firms like www.amcclassicspares.com and lots of information from http://archives.jampot.dk/



    hi ron


    ah that would make sense now one does feel a bit silly :/ I also wasn't sure about putting links up so thanks for telling me :) maybe i should just pipe down n stick to making tarps ;)


    the picture of the AMC does look very similar very sexy!! is it yours?! maybe I should go for one of those then i would be in the right place :)


    thanks luke :)

  6. 37 views and nobody's got any information :'( somebody out there must know something have I put this question in the wrong place or not been specific enough I've emailed the bloke this is what he said about it


    (hello. not seized, the crank was supposed to have been done some years ago at the start of the strip down, but dont hold me to it. it is loosely assembled for show.. it def needs a valve guide, prob piston rings. only half the carb is there. the drive and mag drive internals are loose in a box. all welds good, no rot. what chrome there is needs redoing. mag is good ive tested it with a drill and it sparks. all cleaned and primed so the dirty work done. come have a look.)


    I'd would really like this as a first project im in love with it but I'd like to know if the price is right as I'm not very clued up thanks


    luke :)

  7. Ok so if I was to start a project this would be it! I found one in some classifieds for £1750 doubt ill raise the funds before it goes but I think its a really sexy bike. dunno if this is a good price of not or how hard parts would be to track down. I did have a little scout around last night but didn't turn up alot but it was just a quick scout. Would it be difficult to find parts for this particular bike?


    thanks in advance

  8. Welcome Luke !


    At some point next year I may need some seat covers and some repairs to a rubberised canvas tilt on my SUMB - I will be in touch ! I do have some scrap material to use if need be


    Iain (just South of Ipswich)



    Hi Iain. Fingers crossed I should be sorted by then so I should have plenty of material. :-D

  9. hi welcome to the forum , ;)


    hey private mw :)


    Welcome to HMVF, :-D


    thanks shane.c


    I'm in Suffolk near Mendlesham,I run a classic car restoration business (which also does Military vehicles) and might need some canvas soon too, will give you a pm if the owner hasnt got any already


    Will be a pair of canvas doors,cab hood and a tilt


    hi Michael I don't stock the canvas yet as I said I'm only just starting out but the vehicles I've worked on usually use recycled military canvas I can get hold of new olive green canvas but my minimun order is 500m and at present this isnt doable for me sorry I do have access to canvas but only basic colours I'm afraid once I'm a bit more established I will be able to buy bulk and keep stock of most colours. hope that helps :)

  10. I'm one of many from Felixstowe, got an old boy who does tilts and canvas occasionally locally for me, when the kids trip and fall over guy ropes:mad:. Dont think he is up to doing seats tho, i ve got the original seats in still, but all the stitching has split and gapes when i sit on them.


    well maybe i could come and have a look as its not to far either maybe i can just restitch the seats if you like if the material is still in good nick?!

  11. Hi Luke, welcome! Whereabouts in Suffolk are you?


    hi Adrian Im near Bury St Edmunds thanks for the welcome :)


    Hi, nice to see another youngster about these pages, from Suffolk! ( no offence to the older generation! )


    Any good with seat covers ?? :) .




    hello Pete I've actually never made any seat covers I've put covers on pretty much everything else tho so I'm willing to give it a shot maybe we could make a mock up one first out of sum old material and see how it fitted?! also if you have a pattern I could take apart that would make things a whole lot easier :)


    thanks for the warm welcome every1 I think I could get used to hanging around here :)

  12. hi snort glad to be here already sifting though the great info on here. once I'm up and running smoothly ill be taking on something but for now I don't have the time money or knowledge but hopefully soon enough that should change a bit thanks for the welcome :)

  13. hi my names Luke Im 27. I've just started my own business working with canvas and p.v.c which I've been working with for 11 years. I've always had an interest in old vehicles and have canvassed a few old military Jeeps and trucks using recycled military tents ive also canvassed old morris's n the likes. I would love an old vehicle to restore but at the moment I'm putting all my efforts into starting my business so for the moment I'm just here to gather info on how to go about restoring an old military vehicle and to offer my services if I can as this is one of the areas of my job I'm most interested in. I also like mountain biking snowboarding and am planning to take up archery because I've always wanted to try that to. so id like to say pleased to meet you and how do you do. :)

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