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  1. Hey thanks bill hope your keeping well?! id forgotten about that turret cover nice little job how did it fit in the end? Thanks gordon was a pleasure!! if you want to send me some photos of both i can make u a rough estimate if that helps? luke@pathfinderdistribution.com
  2. its an hour away its doable..... take my email luke@pathfinderdistribution.com and we can go from there
  3. thank you kindly crawford was a pleasure to meet you!! If you have a pattern id be more than happy to replicate it for you if not might take a visit to me or me to you so we can get it right!! no worries on the time frame iain glad to hear your still on its case!! hope to hear from you soon!!
  4. hello my names Luke I've been working with canvas for 12 years now and decided to start my own business. i mainly make bespoke and custom items. I've always been interested in old vehicles so i thought why not combine the two. if you have any questions or query's please contact me at info@wear-n-tear.co.uk. thanks luke
  5. welcome in this place does have sum remarkable info......
  6. Luke

    AJs 16m 1948

    well if I get one in time and get it restored I just might do that ron but we will see need to get business goin first but as soon as ive got the funds I'm definitely gonna get a project and this does look like it could be the one for me. Ron It is that one haha I would have put a link to the ad in the first post but some forums are a little funny with that so I left it out but this is the sort of info I was looking for thanks ill keep shopping around till I find something i kinda like rummaging at jumbles anyway so that shouldn't be a problem thanks 79x100
  7. Luke

    AJs 16m 1948

    hi ron ah that would make sense now one does feel a bit silly I also wasn't sure about putting links up so thanks for telling me maybe i should just pipe down n stick to making tarps the picture of the AMC does look very similar very sexy!! is it yours?! maybe I should go for one of those then i would be in the right place thanks luke
  8. Luke

    AJs 16m 1948

    37 views and nobody's got any information :'( somebody out there must know something have I put this question in the wrong place or not been specific enough I've emailed the bloke this is what he said about it (hello. not seized, the crank was supposed to have been done some years ago at the start of the strip down, but dont hold me to it. it is loosely assembled for show.. it def needs a valve guide, prob piston rings. only half the carb is there. the drive and mag drive internals are loose in a box. all welds good, no rot. what chrome there is needs redoing. mag is good ive tested it with a drill and it sparks. all cleaned and primed so the dirty work done. come have a look.) I'd would really like this as a first project im in love with it but I'd like to know if the price is right as I'm not very clued up thanks luke
  9. Ok so if I was to start a project this would be it! I found one in some classifieds for £1750 doubt ill raise the funds before it goes but I think its a really sexy bike. dunno if this is a good price of not or how hard parts would be to track down. I did have a little scout around last night but didn't turn up alot but it was just a quick scout. Would it be difficult to find parts for this particular bike? thanks in advance
  10. Hi Iain. Fingers crossed I should be sorted by then so I should have plenty of material. :-D
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