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  1. there are images of vehicles still in the factory with the bridge plates attached one such is of AUSTIN K2 AMBULANCES on the finishing line at the factory it is quite true that the actual bridge classification number would be painted on as well as arm of service and div signs on receipt by the army
  2. A few years ago l had to do a H/S REPORT on tyres and how they deteriorated with age which had become a problem with museum vehicles when a number of tyres blew out without warning been a potential risk to visitors. After contacting a number of tyre manufacturers they confirmed that a tyre would start to deteriorate after approximately after six years and there was no way of stopping this as most of the deterioration took place out of sight they gave examples such as a spare wheel that had never been fitted and had stayed in the boot for a number of years painting with tyre black only covered up the problem and did not solve it This what l found out the vehicles l own have had all the tyres replaced if they show the signs of cracking
  3. ALAN B 269 comes up a lot mostly in connection with AUSTIN CHAMPS B 269 is for HENLEYs WESTON -SUPER -MARE they had four sites in the south doing are range of rebuilds on various makes of vehicles. As to a book to busy on the history of the MUSEUM OF ARMY TRANSPORT with the help of a friend REGARDS WALLY
  4. RICHARD locating the information has taken a lot of time and is not straight forward take WALLINGTON as a example there are three places with that name so a search of council records to find which one can take weeks as a lot of A A W had closed by the early sixties today l have found a few ROYAL NAVY MT units some thing l was not expecting one name that comes up is G W motors who it seems operated A A Ws but finding out were there head office was at the moment has eluded me. As to B131 I have not come across any reference at this time but the files l have got has taken me four years to go through and lam only about half way through but if l come across any details l will let you know REGARDS WALLY
  5. I replied to a earlier thread on this subject and at that time could not add any thing to it other than what i knew at that time since then l have been put to gether a list of RAF MU's AAW's AVD BVD RVD and there locations several things have come to light concerning the numbers allocated to them one location can have two or three different numbers on the same site or in a area covered by one area command BURN near YORK and BARLOW near SELBY had the same 41 AVD were is this taking us well up to now with what i already knew i have found one hundred locations and B42 was located at WALLINGTON in the uk ps at the same time DIAMOND Ts were under going rebuilds at the same time
  6. wally dugan


    You could try G K JACKSON & SON on 01670 787393 they are in the north east they sell new and used parts for the RB44 if you cannot find anyone nearer to you
  8. The hook is a multilift mk 1v full technical description can be found in 2320-r-302-101 also can be seen clearly in the Scammell / Foden drops trial video
  9. PAUL l quote from the book [multi grade heavy duty crankcase oil for use in compression ignition and spark ignition engines of ground equipment operated at all ambient temperatures above minus 20c also in some gearboxes automatic gearboxes torque converters hydraulic systems and power steering systems ] l did not write it it is what is in the manual
  10. PAUL that's what it states it up to you as to the wheel nuts oiled 644 to 712 NM 475 to 525 lbf ft
  11. omd 90 is quoted in the lubricants list in the drops manual in section 2320-r-301-601 the equation is from fuels lubricants and associated products defence standards will look it out for you on the wheel nuts
  12. the military spec for this is OMD 90 which equates to SAE 10W- 30
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