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  1. There should be a platform which the boat would be lashed to then the whole lot would be hand winched on
  2. wally dugan

    one for the jeep men

    While still moving stores to the new building came across a jeep pintle hook looks new and complete with chain and lock pin at came from southern Ireland with a load of ww2 jeep parts over twenty years ago the part number is WA 3738 not the usual WOA 593 any ideas?
  3. I think you will find it may be a 4 wheeled motorboat carrier made by BROCKHOUSE on 10x50x13 tyres laden 4 ton 10 cwt
  4. wally dugan

    post war sales catalogues

    I have been asked to repost this page from February 1947 sale at BYRAM PARK the vehicle in question is now owned by a forum member
  5. wally dugan

    Combat dealers is back :(

    I have watched the last three programs all l can say is this type of program is for the general public who have very little or no knowledge of military history and only view it as entertainment .Does it do justice to the hobby and the people that do so much to preserve these things IMHO no not really
  6. wally dugan

    Saxon armoured car .

    Some of the SAXONS ended up in the UKRAINE they were never popular saw one filled with ces kits locked up and is still there as a gate guardian
  7. wally dugan

    Steel trailer mudguards wanted

    you can try BOYDELL & JACKS BURNLEY LANCs they manufacturer steel mudguards l have had them they are good
  8. wally dugan

    Grease Nipples

    they do a six port for combines a agricultural dealer may be able to help
  9. wally dugan

    East London Lwt

    I recall this lightweight very well its history card turned up in amongst a batch of army history cards there was a nine year gap in its history if i remember right l contacted the branch at CHETWYN BARRACKS and was given a reason for the missing years since then l did look in to these occrrence's that appeared on other vehicles some of which have a very simple answer others not as straight forward
  10. wally dugan

    WW1 Peerless lorry restoration

    we have been using a dairy milking machine product called milkstone for a while with very good results it is cheap and we buy it in 20 litre drums great for cleaning out fuel tanks
  11. wally dugan

    Army / SAS Range Rover's

    With regard to O8 GF 04 its history predates the MERLIN SYSTEM
  12. wally dugan

    Army / SAS Range Rover's

    if you have the MERLIN REPORT it is very doubtful that you get any more information the form 419B will show the same. Over the years l seen countless vehicle history cards concerning vehicles used by the SAS they all show the minimum amount of details possible
  13. wally dugan

    leyland drops engine oil capacity

    THE correct amount of engine oil after draining is 26.5 litres do not go above the H on the dipstick the aesp 2320-R-301-601
  14. wally dugan

    Contract FVE-22A-304

    The earliest record for LAND ROVERS in my records for contract FVE- 22A-304 is January 1990 that l have found at the moment
  15. wally dugan

    Libya, Tripolitania, vehicles, barracks 1950s to 1966

    115 command petrol depot was based in Torbruk in the 1950s the RLC MUSEUM DEEPCUT holds the records of rasc units