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  1. As far as l know the military has not got a trailer big enough to move the carriage when it was moved to Beverley and then to fort paull it was done by a specialist private contractor so yet again it comes down to money. If the military could have done the job you can bet l would have used them when it arrived at Beverley the railway specialist from the military helped lay track and move it into place
  2. The RAF museum at HENDON had a complete Beverley which went for scrap the last Beverley's fate will lay in who wants it and who has the cash The Berlin dining carriage would need some one with funds to move it. To a lot of military personal the carriages were a symbol of the cold war
  3. These were made by the company WILDALL 72 BR 44 was from contract 6/P&E/10381 and was in the series of 71 BR 88 to 72 BR 87 allocated for mine layer mechanical trailer
  4. The Beverley was dismantled and assembled twice first time in 1983 and brought to the museum of army transport and secondly when the museum closed and moved to fort paull As to the berlin carriage the RLC had the chance to have it in 2003 and to be blunt they could not have cared less as some of you will not have heard what l said in the interview today l explained the problems when taking on the Beverley only three options the scrapman fort paull and Elvington air museum fort paull offered the most l would have preferred Elvington
  5. The auctioneer involved indicated on the interview today they are looking into a sale in june this year
  6. l have just been told by the local radio station that FORT PAULL HAS CLOSED and yet again the last Beverley's fate is in question lets hope finally it find a safe and long term home
  7. 1 [BR] PROVO COMPANY RMP they were based at RIPON BARRACKS BIELEFELD 115 provo company they were based at VITTOR1A BARRACKS WERF when the bike was there ordnance depot ANTWERP was a storage depot VD HILTON was a large storage depot now long since closed TMP THETFORD was a training material park were vehicles were held for army units who came to THETFORD to take part in exercise's also for TA units they were supplied vehicles held at the site for use while there. 3AVP was like thetford but the title stood for advanced vehicle [reception] park OSSD was a large storage and sales of surplus vehicles at Ruddington sorry for been short/ brief
  8. DETAILS from a original ministry of supply data
  9. IT is my under standing HUP stands for heavy utility personnal
  10. made by CAV and fitted to a number of ww2 vehicles
  11. As some one who collects post war MOD sales catalogues and have a fair few l have yet to come across any such prices there are numerous tales and up to now have never seen even scrap vehicle been sold for such prices in 1946 a rough BSA M20 Cost £ 42 or a gents push bike for £ 3
  12. The ministry of supply was created in 1939 so it is unlikely that these plates would predate that ?
  13. 87 BL 74 is in contract 6/v/9403 in series 87 BL 43 T0 89 BL 42 a point these batches of registration number relate to a financial year but it does not always follow that they were all made in that year ps mick I did mention this contract in the lists of contracts in my reply
  14. There were five contracts placed for this type of trailer BRITISH TRAILERS 6/V/5592 HANDS 6/V/5948 TASKER the largest supplier with three contracts 6/V/5947 6/V/9403 and last 6/v/19104 these were supplied over a number of years if you had a contract number or army ERM it is possible to date it
  15. RICHARD we have one all the clips are present not damaged the screws for the clips are present and free not sized
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