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  1. SMT standard maintenance task some quad bike trailers have the SMT prefix ie 171B / 120B
  2. There are sixteen A4 pages l had it given when l was looking at buying two of them but l was also after something british and which l have bought this year after more than nine years of trying
  3. This has sat on my book shelf for a while it is a interesting little booklet on the subject
  4. this matador had the wartime army registration number of H1712202 in 1947 it received the postwar army Number of 86 YY 76 it was built under contract number T8232 in 1940 the contract was for 560 matadors army medium artillery tractor
  5. A group of Iconic ww2 vehicles should include the 15 cwt trucks and the tilly these were used by a generation in military service to learn to drive including the Queen
  6. As you say any one can make a mistake l have now found the Bicester receipt voucher as well as the national audit list of vehicles which is the most complete and the museums records the correct number is 92 RC 23 l have now change the entry in the RQMS LEDGER and attached the reason
  7. lRADEK l have waited before replying the K6 at Beverley was indeed sent to the REME collection but it is not the sand one done by 44 District workshops Ashford the one from Beverley was sent from Bicester to the museum when it was on display in hanger five at what was then called the ARMY SCHOOL OF MECHNICAL TRANSPORT based at Leconfield the receipted voucher is dated 6/12/77 voucher number BIC 1158 accession number T 0626 post war registration 98 RC 23 all this from the RQMS LEDGER for all vehicles held by the MUSEUM OF ARMY TRANSPORT from its conception to it closure l also note that it has lost both its head lights? WALLY
  8. The record for the fastest built LIBERTY SHIP was credited to the SS ROBERT E PEARY built in 1942 in four days fifteen hours and twenty nine minutes
  9. To be different the LIBERTY ships would get my vote as a much over looked part of ww2 its role made a great deal to the out come
  10. I know am getting old but l thought the first Churchill tanks came into use after DUNKIRK
  11. Surprised no one has mentioned this forth coming sale by bonhams of Barry Poecocks SAS vehicles on the 26th of September it is of interest to me as l have the photos of the series 2a pink panther while in for restoration as well as the independent engineers reports on all of them before and after a few of them at beverley
  12. It must be the week of the helicopters at the DEFENCE SCHOOL OF TRANSPORT sunday it was three APACHE HELICOPTERS flying over the camp before heading north east today a Apache followed by a Puma and bringing up the rear a Chinook all head to the north east makes a change from DROPS and MANS
  13. this morning on the A164 a blue painted DAF YT514 towing a car trailer towards DRIFFIELD
  14. as any paint would wear off quickly when used in the water paint would not stick very well on bronze that said post war red was used check the ex RCT one in the NATIONAL ARMY MUSEUM collection
  15. lf l remember rightly the people who owned this yard were called smith as you say they had numerous k2 ambulance bodies as well as a few CMP s but what was the best and complete was a ALBION FT15NW but he would not sell it
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