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  1. wally dugan

    Trade Plates.

    In 2017 the DVLA ISSUED guide lines on the display of trade plates as they were been displayed in a number of places on vehicles other than on the front and rear on the out side of the vehicle the rules on trade plates are to be found on the DVLA's site or give them a call
  2. wally dugan

    Number plates

    CHESTNUT REGISTRATIONS crosby liverpool do the mod style number plates
  3. wally dugan

    Finding the history of my Bedford MWD

    Your bedford was in the batch of numbers 22 RA 04 to 38 RA 99 allocated to bedfords mwd 15 cwt GS there is a no2 keycard for your vehicle which should be at the RLC MUSEUM DEEPCUT this will give the correct census number and as a rebuild the original census number before the rebuild as to any wartime history you will not find any it is very very rare to find details of the last unit it served with before disposal
  4. wally dugan

    AEC Matador 853

    NICK the records l have on the MATADOR show that chassis numbers 1624 to 1773 from contract T9569 were fitted with the A193 petrol engine
  5. wally dugan

    morris C8

    JON l hope you do not think my comment was any form of criticism only it seemed to me strange as on your other project your eye for detail was and is outstanding REGARDS WALLY
  6. wally dugan

    morris C8

    JON first let me say how impressed l am with your projects and the standard of your work a point to be correct the arm of service should be on the off side both on the front and rear look forward to hopefully to see the morris in the flesh REGARDS WALLY
  7. wally dugan

    What's This Please

    This is fv157961 standard trailer socket used alot in the fifties on b vehicles only functions side and brake lights if l remember correctly
  8. wally dugan

    US made British battledress

    just postwar
  9. wally dugan

    US made British battledress

    It is the badge of the HQ CENTRAL MEDITERRANEAN FORCE'S the torch of freedom to commemorate operation torch
  10. wally dugan

    Bedford OYD data needed

    engine may have been changed so not much help look for any metal plates in the places suggested if you find any post what you find that may help with any other avenues of research
  11. wally dugan

    7.5 ton Cranes trailers

    From then 1945 vehicle data book overall length 20 feet width 7ft 8 1/2 inches height 4ft 5 inches weight gross unladen 3 ton 1 cwt hope this helps
  12. wally dugan

    Bedford OYD data needed

    From that serial/chassis number made in 1941 number 40034 to 53889 were made in that year
  13. wally dugan

    Bedford OYD data needed

    Sorry you have not given any details of what you want look for information attached on plates on the passenger side chassis rail in the cab. Look for the chassis number stamped on the passenger side chassis rail below the cab floor it would help if we knew where in the world you come from
  14. wally dugan


    this is from a book compiled by brigadier K Timbers royal artillery institution on the subject the 25 pounder gun limber and quad and other contributors from the royal artillery and museums the article on the quad was compiled with the help of Richard and Micheal Peacock both well known for their restorations of quads and the CDSW artillery tractor also Richard was a major serving in ww2 with the royal artillery with both of these types so l think it fair to say these people should know a thing or two on this subject
  15. wally dugan

    Help with formation sign

    Hi ted bedford 1967 arm of service RCT Divi sign 1st armoured brigade BAOR ?