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  1. just a few more one box is full of sales brochures and trials reports the gipsy photographs are in a maroon hard back folder with AUSTIN OF ENGLAND in pale blue with the company crest and two full files on the complete trials
  2. l am now finding just how much stuff l have collected l sent some MFO boxes in to storage a while back which were full of military vehicle reports and files the kids are not interested so it best l sort it all out here are two more there are all sorts from full sets of classroom wall vehicle instruction sheets some with out any sign of ever been put up cut away colour posters of ww2 weapons
  3. As the title suggests my wife said it was time for me to sort out some of the boxes in the loft amongst the many files from FVRDE that l have collected here are just two the trails of the SALADIN MK2 as standard and a SALADIN MK2 fitted with differential lock it make interesting reading the pictures need sorting The second file is for the CHURCHILL TWIN ARK which contains all the factory drawings from JOHN LYSAGHT's BRISTOL WORKS as well as stowage diagrams and a series of photographs and the list of faults that were found there are trail reports on dozens of vehicles and photos that l have not looked at for years
  4. l cannot give you a break down because there were a number of facts to be taken into the equation one a large willing volunteer base two people who know how to do the job three how to get things for nothing by using the things you need like transport and cranage free all this was done when the Beverley was first moved to Beverley a case of not what you know but who you know. Most important are well organized volunteers a fact over looked by some museums staff who see them a threat and not a valuable asset and in my case the brass neck to knock on company doors and ask for help not for the first time the HAMILCAR was also done like that the transport company not only supplied the transport but the crane down in Hampshire and Beverley and were/are based in Lincolnshire all for free one driving fact in all this is the museum of army transport never had enough money l was once told shy babies get now't
  5. From what l have read on this subject the victor is only a shell so there are no major internals to remove from and refit inside as some one who has been involved in the dismantling of a very large aircraft and its rebuild and care l can tell you that the costs involved was not any where near the figures quoted and the BLACKBURN BEVERLEY was the subject to a lot of theft of parts before it came to the museum l also would like to say that because there are a few still in museums if we had taken that stance in the past how many vehicles would have survived to day and been around
  6. LISA your mini van was supplied under contract WV9530/BL[A-M] 555 in a batch allocated to mini vans 12 FL 34 TO 12 FL 67
  7. HELEN l would suggest you contact gilbert baitson on 01482 500500 and talk to MICHAEL BAITSON as they are dealing with fort paull and the items therein
  8. Well in defence of the rolls B range engines l have worked on the whole range and l think they are a good engine to work on and l have to say l am a fan and l may be in the minority after over fifty years give me one these any day 🤤
  9. TOM your ambulance was in a batch of allocated with the postwar registration numbers 50 YP 99 to 71 YP 17 any information on the key card no2 will not tell you anything you already have been told other than the date it was sold but would confirm all details
  10. the square brass plate shown in your reply to Rupert first picture in the reply from you 2 hours ago if it helps its the plate with the letters MTRS and looks like under this BW 3? -its the number that not clear
  11. if you can tell the base overall number on the brass plate I can tell you were it was overhauled in 1952 can only make out the number 3 clearly the second one is unclear
  12. The cold war museum would be a good home for it as the V bombers were a main stay against the threat from the eastern block but sadly as someone wrote to me about the blackburn Beverley what price our military history if it cannot be put behind glass do not bother
  13. MIKE lam sorry to hear this his name is paul nelson and l believe he is involved in the Yorkshire wartime experience if l can help let me know
  14. Sorry to correct you but HUDSON only converted 33 to B40 81 inch and as you say they all had the ROLLS black B40 engine and most were registered with the 11 BC XX NUMBER series
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