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  1. wally dugan

    ID ammo boxes

    Those boxes fit the mounting 7.62mm gpmg no 11 mk 1
  2. wally dugan

    Coker 10.50x16 track grip tyres

    IF l remember correctly when fitted to non driven axle the method shown is correct as there is no advantage to fitting the same as to a driven axle and it would wear less
  3. wally dugan

    (Ferret) fuel tank woes

    ring RICHARD BANNISTER on 01797 2532211 he stocks them
  4. wally dugan


    GERBER SCIENTIFIC PRODUCTS /3M technical support/ customer services may be able to help some years ago they supplied me with out of date vehicle transfers as you know they still supply most of the transfers for the MOD and had/have a reference archives
  5. wally dugan

    Bedford QL 6pdr portee

    The body is the same on the Austin as the QL
  6. wally dugan

    Bedford QL 6pdr portee

    JONATHAN This from the data book its small but its a start when l did the Bedford mw 2pdr portee l struggled for plans but david fletcher at bovington found some it my be worth a call to the tank museum you never know what may be lurking in the archives
  7. wally dugan

    Identification and Information required!

    TOM PM sent
  8. wally dugan

    Land rover Series 3 Ignition light fault

    check the connecter block for a bad connection or broken wire thin one is favorite first check bulb
  9. wally dugan

    Catering core

    you could try the RLC MUSEUM as the ARMY CATERING CORP is part of the RLC REGIMENT
  10. wally dugan

    Track connectors

    HAVE you tried CHRIS MUYS in Belgium he holds chaffee parts
  11. wally dugan

    Caunter-camouflaged gem at the YWE

    As both hand and spray painting took place does it matter l seen examples of first class looking paint work from both any one can nit pick my self included
  12. wally dugan

    Morris c8 wiring

    The attached is how l learnt about vehicle wiring many moons ago it may help you over the years l have come across british military vehicles wired with just black cable these were mainly from the 1930s and early 1940s
  13. wally dugan

    Help, Bedford OY servo problems

    JIM is this of any help it is from the service repair manual OX OY
  14. wally dugan

    WANTED - MK/MJ Canvas Roof Panel

    NEIL can you tell me the size as l am now clearing out the stores before moving to the new workshop and there are numerous new and good canvas sheets of all sizes off trucks and trailers all ex mod REGARDS WALLY
  15. wally dugan

    Bedford mw camouflage pattern

    The pattern shown is called the DAPPLE or to most mickey mouse due to the shapes looking like the ear of said mouse