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  1. wally dugan

    Fowler Traction Engines WW1

    A number of FOWLER TRACTION ENGINES were in use during the Boer war as a few other makes as well
  2. wally dugan

    50 ton dyson

    JUST a word of caution while you may think that you have done every thing to find the owner . The landowner and the quarry company may be glad to see the thing go they are not the owners if you remove it and the rightful owner turns up rather than him paying you he may claim damages for the lost of his property. Before any one says rubbish this is what l am doing at the moment over a vehicle
  3. wally dugan

    Gearbox oil K60 FV434

    if you have never changed the oil in the gearbox it could not do any harm for the record DEF-STAN 91-113 LUBRICATION OIL OMD 90 also some GEARBOXES AUTOMATIC GEARBOXES and TORQUE CONVERTERS . SAE VISCOSITY CLASSIFICATION 10W-30
  4. wally dugan

    Gearbox oil K60 FV434

    OMD 90 is not the same as EP90 OMD 90 is SAE 10W-30 OIL
  5. wally dugan

    Antar towing a rocket???

    Richard yes dealt with Stan and his successor Les Smith we got all our instructions from Sir Martin Farndale REGARDS WALLY
  6. wally dugan

    Antar towing a rocket???

    Richard 1999/2000 we refurbed the Honest John launcher after is had stood out side for a number years at the Rotunda it had moss growing in every seam. Sorry for the poor quality of the photographs the paint was copied from a photo supplied by the museum
  7. wally dugan

    Antar towing a rocket???

    I have to agree about the exhaust note of the 6602 petrol engine having driven the launcher and the support vehicles the one in firepower was from the reserve collection at Beverley and was on long term loan 04 BX 48
  8. wally dugan

    Antar towing a rocket???

    Continental six cylinder petrol engine
  9. wally dugan

    Antar towing a rocket???

    IT's just a thought between 1958 and 1961 27 GW RA regiment were based in CROOKHAM with there M386 honest john missile launchers
  10. wally dugan

    What was a TCV in WW2

    possibly a Bedford QLT
  11. wally dugan

    RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    I would suggest that the trailer is a Scammell semi trailer 6 ton GS Flatbed
  12. wally dugan

    Wanted - Bedford MW Door handles

    RICHARD have you looked on Holden Vintage they used to do similar one's called Dick Barton style/Range YOU COULD NOT MAKE IT UP WALLY
  13. wally dugan

    RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    I AGREE with RICHARD about the Thornycroft Nubian and the tractor looks like a Fordson Standard model N the raised air in take on the right
  14. wally dugan

    Mushrooms in deisel

    IT has been known for awhile that fungus and bacteria can form in diesel fuel and shows up as a black sludge in the bottom of storage tanks
  15. wally dugan

    SAS Land Rovers - before the Pink Panther

    THE first series one SAS land rover was a 86 inch wheel base MK3 and came from the BR series of registration numbers