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  1. HI ROBIN it appears that the number on the land rover starts 10 BH if so it is a mark 2 from the contract 6//v/7711 CAT NUMBER 8 the registration numbers 01 BH 01 TO 19 BH 00 the early land rovers from the BC SERIES TO BH did have semaphore style trafficators fitted wally
  2. I do not know if you have thought of the BMIHT at GAYDON archives they have some of the NUFFIELD MECHANIZATIONS archives and some times its not the obvious place that may hold what you are looking for As to museums as some one who worked in one and dealt with archive enquiries I have to agree with the above comments things have changed not for the better in military museums on a visit to a collection l pointed out that a exhibit was label wrong as a fuel tanker and not a water bowser the person there basically said we are the experts on things military to which l pointed out that if he or someone cared to take time to read the back he would see written drinking water only also l was the person who gifted it to them and l then left
  3. THE one to the left of center looks like a morris - commercial 8 cwt
  4. in my reply l said that the numbers allocated showed that 50 RB 34 was in that batch for QLDs l did not say the vehicle was a QLD or any other as to how these numbers were allocated I am fully aware that other vehicles can be found in amongst these batches also that batches of number that that are shown as not taken up in such documents as the chilwell list 19 44 were allocated after this date and appear in the chilwell ledger 1945 to 1950
  5. In june 1946 in the aftermath of a large explosion at CAIRNRYAN were seven soldiers died PATHE news made a film showing some of the ammunition that had arrived by train
  6. the numbers quoted are from the key card records also they appear in a well known book on the subject but as I have said in the past mistakes appear quite recently some one questioned the fact that census numbers were not applied to new vehicle between the end ww2 and 1950 a fact well documented
  7. 50 RB 34 was in a allocation of numbers 30 RB 71 T0 72 RB 03 for BEDFORD QLD trucks
  8. 9 Just started unpacking my latest pallet of parts most are for 110 and 90 land rovers items like new soft tops for 90s and carry NSN numbers but there are a number of new green pvc dash covers that only carry a D of Q number which is as follows no prefix 5895996677051 any one know what these are for ? any one KIND REGARDS WALLY
  9. the CAV SL5 starter motor was fitted to a number of GARDNER engines as well as fitted to a number of other makers engines
  10. SMT standard maintenance task some quad bike trailers have the SMT prefix ie 171B / 120B
  11. There are sixteen A4 pages l had it given when l was looking at buying two of them but l was also after something british and which l have bought this year after more than nine years of trying
  12. This has sat on my book shelf for a while it is a interesting little booklet on the subject
  13. this matador had the wartime army registration number of H1712202 in 1947 it received the postwar army Number of 86 YY 76 it was built under contract number T8232 in 1940 the contract was for 560 matadors army medium artillery tractor
  14. A group of Iconic ww2 vehicles should include the 15 cwt trucks and the tilly these were used by a generation in military service to learn to drive including the Queen
  15. As you say any one can make a mistake l have now found the Bicester receipt voucher as well as the national audit list of vehicles which is the most complete and the museums records the correct number is 92 RC 23 l have now change the entry in the RQMS LEDGER and attached the reason
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