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  1. your matador had the wartime census number H4133548 when it was rebuilt it had the census number of H1721105 when the new form of registration numbers where issued it had the number 93 YY 45 until it was sold it was built under contract number V 3501 it was a order for 623 medium artillery tractor the contract ran from the 24/8/39 to 7/40
  2. They look like the Dunlop T28 track grip commonly seen on early land rovers both civilian and military
  3. A quote [ a man who never makes any failures never makes any successes either ] very true
  4. after ww2 the german war graves commission were responsible for their dead and the cemeteries and any reburials
  5. There have been lots of such stories over the years lets deal with facts after the war this country was bankrupt so it is a fact that the government needed every penny. The auctions were held under strict guide lines and all had a government offical in attendance who kept the records all vehicles arriving where checked and assess for condition so do you think that any one would over look a truck full of motorcycles. When vehicles are sold as a group there is a good reason they may have all been damage or stripped for parts before going to the sale.Do not get me wrong it is know there were biding rings who worked at auctions if any one can prove the stories show the proof hear say is a good form of the beginning to a story.
  6. A couple of weeks ago a old friend of over forty years + died at the age of ninety one he had a better collection of military documents than l two boxes have come and in one which measures 22 L X 20 W X 24 H which is full of cardboard backed display panels all are of the CMP vehicles 3 in a set
  7. it would appear that it seems that he has the finance to support this and that is a major plus a lot have to try and make ends do .The AMERICANS do appear to make more of their history even though their history only covers a relatively small period historical
  8. here is a bit of information on them
  9. DOUG The pictures l posted are from the official wartime data book dated 1944 it is not a copy it is the one supplied by the ministry of supply these are the only semi trailers shown for the pioneer where the people are saying it.s wrong ask them were they have got the information from and if its wrong post it because the book l have is not some one's idea of what it looked like
  10. DOUG what is different the only thing that jumps out on the model is there are no spreader plates over the rear set of wheels these were fitted when loading and unloading and removed while travelling if you enlarge the 30 ton drawing you can make them out
  11. lost the internet was going to post this attachment with the above
  12. Just a suggestion it could be a soft top KD
  13. if you compare the two drawings you have made the 30 ton as the 20 ton has a cranked bed were as the 30ton has a relatively straight deck in the video 1942 the one is the 30 ton so it was used in the north African desert ww2 and there is a photograph in a number of books of the pioneer SNOW WHITE with the early 20 ton so it would be correct to say both were used all so as the desert war went on the tanks got heavier
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