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  1. OPERATION HOME GUARD INGLETON NORTH YORKSHIRE 6TH 7TH & 8TH JULY. http://www.ingletonhomeguard.co.uk for details Been of the forum for some time , Good to be back.
  2. OPERATION HOME GUARD INGLETON NORTH YORKSHIRE. Back on again 1st 2nd & 3rd July 2011 .
  3. Thanks with the help getting the Object ? out of the tree! Please forward me the photo's.
  4. I heard rumours that it was £10 to bring a vehicle is this true?
  5. Operation Home Guard 2010 Ingleton North Yorkshire. 2010 posterv2.pdf
  6. We camped there all weekend by the lake this year 2010 a Great place .
  7. Yes come along just a bit further up the road, to Ingleton . Just over the border into Yorkshire. Where you will be made very welcome.
  8. Don't forget Operation Home Guard in Ingleton is still on in the north west 3rd & 4th July.
  9. We had to go and Patrol between the Novelty Rock Emporium and the Jolly Roger Ice Cream Parlour. And when we arrived back with some blankets. We could not find you .
  10. I hope you found a place to stay after being bombed out . your poor family . I trust the wine dulled the pain . And i do believe i spotted a 70 year old US Ranger , Had to laugh.
  11. Did you ever find some one to replace your windscreen Frames
  12. I used to drive this for a guy. Looks like the same Hippo.
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