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  1. Hopefully something will turn up. If we have to make one then perhaps we can help others out at the same time.
  2. Hi We’re looking for a PLM, Bren mount, either complete or parts of a mount. Anything considered, all help and information greatly received. Cash waiting or perhaps trades depending on your needs. Thanks Ben
  3. Hi Ron Good to chat a few days ago, the bike looks marvellous and I’m very much looking forward to seeing it in the flesh (after the ransom has been paid😉), very pleased with the end result. Thank you. Thank you to Rik and Jan for their help too, without their help I wouldn’t be in a position to have the bike, Jan’s research into these early Royal Enfields is a benefit for everyone. Ron, thanks again for restoring the bike and posting the progress here for others to share. Ben
  4. Thank you Ron. Looking better and better with every update👍🏻
  5. The north coast of France or Belgium seems sensible?
  6. Looking great, really starting to come together now, thanks Ron.
  7. Sorry they took a little longer than they’d said it’d take but it sounds like it turned out well in the end.
  8. It’s coming along really nicely, thank you. Dod Jan know about the stand? Could be something new to add to the file! Ben
  9. Hi Jan Thanks for posting the History side of things. I know you thoroughly went over C68153 after you picked it up, Ron has the list you prepared. I hope to have yours and mine sat besides each other in Dunkirk in a few years time. Good idea about opening the exhaust out, that would certainly be a good way of repairing it and getting it re-plated. All the best Ben
  10. The ammeter is a replacement as it had a much more modern French type fitted when found, same goes for the speedo.
  11. Sounds very positive about the engine, that’s great news! At the minute the only markings we can be sure of are the painted census numbers. I’ll have to have a think about any markings...... it’s a shame there wasn’t anything left on the tank, they’d given it a good rub down to get the civilian paint a good finish The Scout doesn’t have any permanent unit markings just the T number. Perhaps if if I can find a unit that had Scouts, WD/C and a CDSW 18 pdr gun tractor I could mark them up all the same. 🤔
  12. Hi Ron Thanks for taking it on. Really looking forward to watching your progress. I’ll dig the rear reg plate out today and see how much of the original census number was under the more modern top layers.
  13. Hello I’m looking for help with pictures or measurements to help restore a White truck radiator, the truck is the same as the attached photo. We have the radiator but it has suffered some damage to the rear face and bonnet flange, if anyone can lay their hands on one to measure any information provided would be most appreciated. Thank you Ben
  14. Well done Rick. First class effort. Ben
  15. Hi Tommy The large canvas looks to be the cover for a truck, the square parts are usually mesh for "windows" the green leather parts look to be the tops of a standard size cushion for vehicle seats. They are usually part of a seat pad about 3" thick, stuffed with horse hair. It could be Rexine rather than leather. Could the mesh have been replaced by the rest of the cushion material? Ben
  16. There's is a recreation Scout carrier in France. I've been to see it. It's based on a carrier lower hull. All the recreated upper armour and engine cover are loosely based on a Scout. The owner has has put a lot of effort into it but the accuracy and detail isn't fantastic.
  17. I restored this Scout carrier. There's a thread on MLU about the restoration. http://www.mapleleafup.net/forums/showthread.php?t=19313 Ben
  18. Carriers are great fun to own and drive. Spend your money wisely and do lots of homework. Nigel Watson's books are well worth the investment if you're going to buy one. Vehicle spares are out there but are getting harder to find. Engine and gearbox spares are plentiful. Good luck Ben
  19. Yes I understand the utility tractor is the smaller one you posted a picture of. Vickers/Carden Loyd had several tractors, commercial and military and truck tractors built on the same early platform as the example from Portugal. I also appreciate that the light dragon was developed from this vehicle. My point (apologies for not being clearer) is that it is one of these earlier tractors and not a light Dragon as you suggested. A light Dragon II has a different type of suspension than the Portuguese example. As far as I'm aware there are no surviving light Dragons. I have some Vickers pictures and period adverts showing these early tractors, based on the early, pre Dragon design. I'll dig them out when I get home.
  20. It's not a light Dragon. As the thread suggests, it's a Vickers (Carden Loyd) utility tractor. looking forward to seeing your progress.
  21. Well done. You'll enjoy being a carrier owner............ And driver.
  22. The chaps at the vintage car radiator company are very, very knowledgable on all types of radiators. They make all their stuff in house so standby the workmanship. Although vintage car specialists they have made radiators for Hawker Hurricanes which will give you some idea as to the quality of their work.
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