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  1. Hi, this is my first post here, apart from one in the Introductions forum. I've long hankered after an old Military truck and the time may be approaching for me to buy one. I'm currently have my eye on a Bedford RL, it will have to be tatty as I need to keep the costs down, so my question is:- How difficult is it likely to be to restore? Obviously this is an impossibly broad question but I have worked on old Landrovers before so I know what to expect but I don't have any heavy lifting gear and my garage only has a 6'6" door so I'll have to work outside. What are, in general, the biggest problems I'm likely to face? Thanks Nick
  2. Hi I've just joined this group as I seem to have developed an irrational urge to buy and old Bedford RL and need someone to talk me out of it. This is the right place isn't it? Regards Nick
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