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  1. The Britain at War event is now in its 3rd year, this year the theme is D-Day and it takes place on Saturday 20th September 2014 at The Tank Museum, Bovington, Dorset. We invite all Military Vehicle owners to bring their vehicles to the event, there is a static display area to show off the vehicles to the public and there is also an opportunity to take part in an arena display at 2.00pm. For those who attend with a vehicle they will receive 2 personnel passes per vehicle, allowing access to the museum and vehicle conservation centre. For those MVT members wishing to attend the event without a vehicle, there is a special 30% discount on production of a valid MVT membership card. If you would like to attend please contact Vicki Pol - Events Manager - email: vickip@tankmuseum.org or call: 01929 405096 ext 238. Hope to see you at the event.
  2. Last September we held our Military Vehicle Day and had a fantastic response from Military vehicle owners, this year we have our Britain at War event on Saturday 21st September 2013, which is focusing on The National Service Years & Korean War. If you have a military vehicle from this era or any other era, please do get in touch. Britain at War - Saturday 21st September Time of Event: 10:00 - 17:00 Venue: The Tank Museum & The Tank Museum Arena Static display and parade of MVT vehicles National Service era Tank Action display Free children’s activities, talks & tours. Armoured vehicle rides Craft, Militaria & Bookstalls to browse There will be special discounts for Britain At War Magazine subscribers and Military Vehicle Trust membership card holders – On production of a valid card you will receive a 30% discount on museum entry. If you would be interested in working with us for this event or in the future please get in touch, eventsmgr@tankmuseum.org or 01929 405096 ext 238
  3. Tankfest – Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th June 2013 - Update The Tank Museum , Bovington, Dorset, UK Tankfest 2013 is fast approaching, with planning in full swing. In our morning display we can confirm our World War one replicas – Mark IV and A7V will be in action together for the first time and we are in discussions to secure some impressive guests armour. In our afternoon display the show will finish on the mock battle, what might have happened if the Cold War had turned hot. How would NATO react to a Warsaw Pact invasion of Germany? We are into the finer details and choreography of the battle, with a large chunk of our budget allocated to the pyrotechnics which are going to be a spectacle, along with the vehicles on display. Do you have a vehicle from the cold war era or a unique vehicle which you could bring along for static display or are you part of a living history group? We would love to hear from you. http://www.tankmuseum.org/ixbin/indexplus?record=ART3758&_IXMENU_=top for more information from our website. tankfest@tankmuseum.org or 01929 405096 ext 238 We look forward to hearing from you, The Tank Museum.
  4. Re-enactors for TANKFEST Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th June 2013 required. Tank Museum, Bovington, Dorset, UK TANKFEST 2013 examines the adversarial nature of tank warfare, pitting one nations fighting armour against that of another. Our arena displays will examine the great armoured confrontations of the last century with our unique collection of working tanks. The show finale, the mock battle, will present a scenario dreaded by millions in the post war years… What if the cold war turned hot? For the first time, we will try to show how NATO would try and hold a Soviet force on the Plains of Germany with the potent threat of a nuclear strike. We have a number of cold war vehicles we can place in our arena and ‘destroy’ and add to the setting. We also have a fleet of FV 432’s that we can use for an infantry attack. The more troops that we can have taking part in this battle will add to the spectacle for public and we may be able to help kit out some of these troops. We are keen to attract a wide range of re-enactor groups from all wars and those in-between, to set up camp on our fields. We have particular interest in those covering twentieth century warfare, especially those who represent Soviet or NATO Cold War forces. The Tank Museum will be managing all living history bookings, please contact us to apply for your living history entry form. tankfest@tankmuseum.org or 01929 405096 ext. 238
  5. Hi all, Here at the Tank Museum we are planning our biggest event of 2013 - TANKFEST. I will be posting details on the future events section shortly. Best wishes, Tank Museum
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