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  1. Jeep parts manual

    There is a downloadable parts list for the 1942 GPW on the Jeepdraw website, this list also has the Willys part numbers and exploded view diagrams. http://jeepdraw.com/images/jeepdraw/ADOBE_ACROBAT_FILES/TM-10-1348-FORD-Parts-Price.pdf John
  2. Dunkirk,movie

    My wife and I went to see it in the IMAX format having read reviews in the Telegraph. The size of the screen and the enhanced sounds made you feel as if you were there in the thick of it. It was worth going to see in this format, if only to appreciate the terrifying effect of the Stuka sirens, something that I have never fully appreciated in the normal cinema format. I felt transfixed, helplessly waiting for the bomb to drop. Just another opinion. John
  3. I believe that the early gear boxes had the filler on the right hand side when looking forward. Most have the filler on the left hand side with a separate filler for the transfer case situated at the back of the case, all whilst looking forward.
  4. smoking

    Just a thought, looking at the condition of the flange faces on the manifold, it would be a good idea to have the manifold skimmed to provide a good seal on re-assembly. A good seal at the manifold is important for a good running engine. Regards John
  5. I have a sprung towing bracket complete with hitch for sale believed to have been taken off an Austin K5, please see pictures below. I am selling this on behalf of a friend who is looking for £180.00 o.n.o. I could take it to the Yorkshire Wartime Experience on Saturday. Any questions please call 00743752616.
  6. Gold Bullion in Tank!

    They all lived happily ever after, as in all the best fairy stories.:laugh:
  7. removal of rust

    Not cheaper than washing soda, water and a battery charger which most should have.
  8. removal of rust

    I second that, I have just started using it. Amazing.
  9. Hi You need to make sure that the socket in the replica pedestal has been machined to the correct size to take the spigot of an original mount. Otherwise it is a lot to pay out for something that won't fit.:cry:
  10. Supporting Charities

    Don't you mean public liability insurance?
  11. 6 volt Jeep generator problem

    Why not buy an overhaul kit from Jeeparts etc, and replace it yourself?
  12. Half track idlers???

    I thought from the title of this thread you were being abusive towards owners of half tracks :red:
  13. Like button on posts

    I decided to google the term passive aggression Passive-aggressive behavior is the indirect expression of hostility, such as through procrastination, stubbornness, sullen behavior, or deliberate or repeated failure to accomplish requested tasks for which one is (often explicitly) responsible. I haven't seen anything of this description in this thread, just people debating and expressing an honest viewpoint.
  14. Like button on posts

    To me the beauty of this forum, is that it enables the sharing of useful information to other interested people. So why is it necessary to "like" some one's post? It is surely better to add to the information, or benefit from the information posted. I have started to compile a "useful information book" for the benefit of myself and others in my group. We can already see how many people have shown interest in the subject title by the number of viewings. In my opinion don't fix what ain't broke
  15. Like button on posts

    I like this site because it is not Facebook!!