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  1. A friend of mine who was in the TA in the 1980s was pulled for not displaying a tax disc on a Foden wrecker coming out of the Birkenhead tunnel. When asked by the cop who owned the vehicle, his response was Her Majesty the Queen. Classic!!!
  2. When you ask for a size 45 is this your chest size or the military size, as a size 16 is rather a large military size for a battle dress blouse.
  3. Hi Steve With great difficulty, some came out with an internal bearing puller, of the collet type attached to a slide hammer. Others I had to weld a bar to the taper inside the cup and knock them out from the other end. In better setups on machinery etc. there are usually relief slots in the diameter behind the bearing that allow you to use a punch to knock them out. Good luck John
  4. Hi The bearing codes are: outer bearing code 09074/09196 Inner bearing code 14125A/14276 When I gave them the original codes they could not recognise them, so I had to measure them myself and identify the codes from websites, but they are a perfect fit on the job. Any bearing supplier should be able to get them for you. Best regards John
  5. Hi I have just put new bearings in my N0.1 Mk.2 lightweight trailer, they are easily available from bearing suppliers. I can post the bearing numbers tomorrow if you would like them. Best regards John
  6. Hi Gary Thanks for the quick reply, very interesting. Regards John
  7. Hi Guys This is not mine, the wife spotted it on one of her Ebay searches, does any one know anything about such a trailer? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Military-Tracked-Trailer/153623349686?hash=item23c4aa49b6:g:HJMAAOSwa39daNl8 Regards John
  8. Don't forget that you need to use a suitable flux when soldering. John
  9. While I agree that it is possible to repair fuel tanks at home it can be very dangerous. People need to be aware of the serious risk of explosion, if the tank is not thoroughly purged of any vapour before the application of any heat. John
  10. Hi I have used this firm, they are based on the Wirral, at Ellesmere Port. They have rebuilt radiators for me and repaired pin holed fuel tanks using traditional methods. They are very well regarded in the area. http://radiatorrepairs.co.uk/ Regards John
  11. A little pedantic I think. The old SAE threads were standardised into the Unified system in 1949, but that is not to say that this is not the thread in question. John
  12. Could it be Unified extra fine series which is 16TPI but 60 deg. https://www.gewinde-normen.de/en/16-un-thread.html Regards John
  13. We have used a firm in Nutexa Frictions in Hoylake, on the Wirral, to reline GAZ 69 brake shoes to suit drums that we had had skimmed due to excessive scoring. They were very helpful and did a good job with bonded linings. Their phone number is 0151 632 5903
  14. Hi Paul Thanks for the reply, I will have to have to get some brass plugs, do you know if they had square ends for spanner? The front leg has securing pin there is no clamp, as for the back leg I do not know as I presume that the back end of the drawbar was chopped when the tail gate job was done. I have welded on replacement C sections and now need to bend the 3/16 plate to make the rear hitch plate. I would be grateful if you could let me have the dimensions and hole sizes and positions for the steadies. Best regards John
  15. Hi Guys I am currently restoring a Mk1 lightweight trailer which I believe was made by SS cars, unfortunately there are no data plates present. The rear panel has been cut out and the top half used to make a tail gate. I am told that the trailer was adapted to mount a diesel welder, it would appear that leakage of diesel and engine oil into the trailer has helped to preserve it so, thankfully there is no rot at all. In the floor at the back of the trailer there are two threaded bushes welded in, thread appears to be 3/8 BSP. Are these original drain holes or have they been added later. I have also found extensive stress fracturing around the damper mountings, is this a common occurance? Would somebody be kind enough to give me the length and hole positions of the front and rear steady legs as they are both missing? Best regards John
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