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  1. Hello All, There seems to be a good bit of info "out there" regarding the 101st but does anyone know where such info is regarding the 82nd All American? Cheers :-)
  2. If anyone has a set of DMS's in size 10, please let me know!
  3. It seems that Specialist Auctions are back online. That's good, save that the pic's of the items are now teeny tiny!
  4. A real shame if it's permanent. I will keep looking or a while. On the ordnance and ammo side it was ideal - some really interesting or rare pieces at non-dealer, collector prices. I got x5 unfilled 51mm mortar green, stencilled HE bodies, with fuses, for my display at £30 each. I had never even seen these before, other than in drill form (and then only once at Stoneleigh this year - asking price £120!!). Also, the same guy sold me x5 factory fresh white smoke bodies, complete with caps and all the parachute internals for £10 a go. Now that's a good price, and both sets were pristine. I got some nice 84mm Carl Gustav rounds there, too. It was also good for belted stuff, etc. Bummer!
  5. Specialist Auctions is great place for military bits 'n bobs with which to theme out my vehicle and ammo collection, etc, but where has it gone?? :cry: :cry: I can't seem to find it on google anymore, after a couple of "cannot find server" messages. Any news/info, guys? Cheers :-) :-)
  6. Wow, swift reply! Yep, that's the one. Any NSN on the brush, and what goes in the outside pockets? Any pic's. Thanks for the help.
  7. Hello All, I have just sourced a wallet to hold all the cleaning bits n bobs for the mortar, but wonder what tools/stuff I need to fill it? I have the 3-part cleaning rod that goes in the long pocket on the r/h side of the inside of it, and can source the oil bottle that goes into the little pocket on top of the rod pocket. Does anyone know where I can get the wire brush that goes in the l/h pocket on the inside? Also, what tools/items go in the two Velcro closed small pockets on the r/h side of the outside of the wallet, and who may sell those? Cheers in advance!
  8. The Warhorse tank and the original are 1:1. I have a photo of the 2 together in the WW1 hall at Bov - you can't tell the tanks apart, it really is an excellent copy. I think the TMC paid £160k for the Warhorse tank, but I assume they will be getting ack there investment for filming fees, etc.
  9. The Warhorse replica was being unloaded from a low loader when I was at the TM on 5/2/14 so I assume it was just being returned from the Essex film gig.
  10. Hello All, To theme up my very swanky 7.62 Bren, what tools/wallets etc do I need? I see that Bren tool packs are out here to buy but I am looking for contemporary bits to show with the Bren so don't wan to buy WWII stuff when I am looking for what would have gone with the weapon in it's very late service I.E. in th very early '80's Cheers
  11. I thought others would have done it but it's such a simple, but useful, thing I thought everyone should know! :cool2:
  12. A mate of mine has come up with a great fix that beats a torch any day, and produces loads more light to boot. Get one penthouse light and lead, a Clansman 351/2 battery and a Clansman battery extension lead. Diisconnect the heavy cable from the penthouse plug. Chop one end off the battery lead, as you can't unwire it from the connecting plug on either end. Put inline fuse in the battery lead. Wire penthouse plug to battery lead. Plug it all in, connect to battery and flick the switch - hey presto!
  13. Hi Glynn, That 's interesting, ta. I have now bought one from Cobbaton Combat Collection (with transit case and bore mop) for £350. It is a Mike Priest deac. I think the barrel may, however, be a repro as it has a definite step in it, rather than the smooth transition from wide to v slightly narrower after the bottom section, and there is no serrated, milled locking section which engages with the toothed claw at the very base of the barrel. Nonetheless, it has been very neatly refinished with the white bore sighting line, etc, so I am pleased with it. All the best.
  14. I have seen some on the market with round, turn switch type triggers, but not the pull down lanyard type ones. What mark, model or type are these? Cheers.
  15. Cheers, Chris. No, I didn't see the slotting. Not sold to me, I hasten to say. No reply to a few question regarding provenance, but they did tell me it had been sold. Mmmm, yours looks like the real McCoy - just what I (and probably a good few others, too, I imagine) would like to source. I am keeping my eye out and ear to the ground (ouch) but if you get the details if any come around, I would really appreciate a heads up. All the best :-D:-D
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