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  1. I agree, if it had come off the runway on take off or landing it would have made a bigger mess.
  2. It should be contract V5134 (chassis numbers 56576-57398) and S2178 (chassis numbers 57401-58000) which are for the Load Carrier Type 3. Contract S3035 cover Tractor Type 1, chassis numbers 71001-72750
  3. Agree on the contract date simply because the MoS used the one number sequence. This is a Type 2, Mk 2. from about mid-way through the contract (chassis numbers for this contract run from 51201 to 55467) which consisted of both Mks 1 and 2. The provisional edition of the maintenance manual (poorly copied typed notes, the preceded the printed first edition) are dated August 1940.
  4. Yes, somewhere. I'll dig it out and post it later
  5. Number 43 would be the 2nd Field Regiment RA in an Infantry Division wouldn't it? So if it is the 43rd Wessex then this would be 112th Field Regiment RA
  6. As 10FM68 said earlier, this isn't an RAF trailer, and thus the towing vehicle isn't likely to be RAF either. I assume the Army had different specifications for their equipment.
  7. Unfortunately, I don't have time these days to do an in depth search of the record cards. But if anyone can give me some reg numbers I can pull those cards (if they survive!) and tell you what is listed in the colour entry.
  8. Hello Ian, Stores Ref. 16A/1135 was "Trailers, Jeep", aka: Trailer, 10cwt, 2 wheeled, lightweight, GS, no.4 Bryan
  9. Give the info on the brass plate, or a picture of it. Chassis number would be good as we can get potentially get a contract number from it. Crossley 4x4 manuals aren't impossible to come by, we have a few at work.
  10. Is it a Q type? Of another model of Crossley? I'm sure the relevant manuals could be found if you can let us know.
  11. GS body for the Thornycroft Amazon - it's on page 25 under Lorries, 6-ton, G.S.
  12. Here we go, 100 yard intervals. Taken from AP3024 "Flying Control in the Royal Air Force".
  13. I'll take a look when I get a chance. It's going to be hidden a mess of APs
  14. No. They should all be listed in the appropriate AP1086, but I've yet to find one for that period.
  15. You're after the entry in the Vocab of Stores? That AP is pretty much just a long list of kit, so won't give much info on the flares themselves.
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