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  1. Hello Ian, Stores Ref. 16A/1135 was "Trailers, Jeep", aka: Trailer, 10cwt, 2 wheeled, lightweight, GS, no.4 Bryan
  2. Give the info on the brass plate, or a picture of it. Chassis number would be good as we can get potentially get a contract number from it. Crossley 4x4 manuals aren't impossible to come by, we have a few at work.
  3. Is it a Q type? Of another model of Crossley? I'm sure the relevant manuals could be found if you can let us know.
  4. GS body for the Thornycroft Amazon - it's on page 25 under Lorries, 6-ton, G.S.
  5. Here we go, 100 yard intervals. Taken from AP3024 "Flying Control in the Royal Air Force".
  6. I'll take a look when I get a chance. It's going to be hidden a mess of APs
  7. No. They should all be listed in the appropriate AP1086, but I've yet to find one for that period.
  8. You're after the entry in the Vocab of Stores? That AP is pretty much just a long list of kit, so won't give much info on the flares themselves.
  9. You had to go and pick the thicker of the two Clive! I'll try and get it done over the next couple of weeks.
  10. I recently had some time to spare at work, so I thought I'd run AP2515A Vol.III, Mechanical Transport Vehicles Complete, dated May 1946 through the scanner. It essentially lists all of the MT vehicles, trailers and associated bodies, in use with the RAF at the time. Interestingly, some of the chassis/complete vehicles have the contract numbers listed and for many of those the chassis number ranges covered by each contract are included. Also included at the end is the first amendment list, from January 1947. If it's of interest, we also have the second edition of May '52 and the fifth edition from April '64 Apologies if there is a better place to put this. AP2515A 1946.pdf
  11. Not sure how often Colin comes on here, but I've been meaning to get in touch with him for a while now. I'll mention this to him.
  12. Damn, beaten to the post while i pulled up the exact same page Clive has linked to!
  13. Larry, the first AMO to specify an interior colour was A35/54 (February 1954) which stated eau-de-nil for the interior of crash and domestic fire trucks only. No interior colour specified for other vehicles. In my experience, the interior was usually the same as the exterior base colour. Unless the exterior had been repainted, I guess.
  14. I really don't think its RAF Blue-Grey, I'm betting on Nobel's Dark Tarmac, No. 4. I'm wondering if the original colour negative was mishandled or something, and it's in the standard Khaki Green No.3, but that something has caused it to look like it has both brown and green paint.
  15. BOBC, Not sure if these are of any use to you. Photos now held by the RAF Museum.
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