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  1. Nothing definate re buried tank but looked at supposed location of bren gun carrier -in the middle of a pool. Noted locations of catenary supports for anti aircraft wires plus weights that we have walked past & never noticed in the undergrowth in the woods outside Upper Midhope. Had another look at the remains of the entrance to a command bunker - there is another one somewhere further up that you can get a camera in - check out Ian Winterburns site everythingoutdoors
  2. Hi Bob even a half remembered location may help - 3 of us going up today as we are on duty to see what we can find
  3. 31 SHELLS WERE LOCATED IN A JOINT OP BY BOMB SQUAD & MOUNTAIN RESCUE (WOODHEAD TEAM see their web page) 4 deemed live & blown up if I remember correctly 6 weeks ago - one hole can be seen 50metres west of Cut Gate track by the first large cairn as you have started on Cut Gate. Also check out Ian Winterburns website - everythingoutdoors
  4. Hi I'm Dave Thorpe as part of my duties as a part time Peak Park Ranger working out of Langsett I cover the above Ranges, there are moves afoot to record permanently the history of the range. Various artifacts have been found including a Whickam ( is this the correct spelling?) trailer, the entrances to the command bunkers & bases for either searchlights or AA guns. I am interested in reports on this forum about a buried Covenantor tank ( fromSteveo 578) can anyone shed any light on this? or any other info on AFVR Midhope - many thanks Dave aka TheLangsettWanderer
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