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  1. Gentleman, i found a US 24 gal trashcan dated 1943. Can some one tell me what it is Worth. condition is good altrough its missing its lit. Thanks
  2. Hi Paul, yes i have seen that as well but also police sending german vehicles away. Weapens also but i know from previous events that it could lead to big issues. So thats why better taking no risk. I've seen some nice ARIEL W/NG's. Took some pic's so i can continue with the rebuild of mine. Brdgs Bram
  3. So Richard your tight those brake shoes are soaked with oil I have swapped the shoes with the back ones. Its braking better. I will buy new brake linings and replace also the RH wheel brake cyl. I think that because LH is new there is a slight difference By the way does any one have experiance with removing glued liners on the shoes?
  4. Hi Richard what i will do is swap the RH front with the RH aft. At least the stearing wheel will not jump out of my hands. I will see for some new shoes in normandie. Since the postal delivery is as fast as a snale moving up hill i will not get the parts before leaving
  5. Master brake cyl is working fine but archh adjusting the brakes. Cleaned the RH front brake. Helped a little. If braking you see the dodge dive on the LH front side. Brake strong it turns 90 degrees on the direction what i will do now is put the front completely up. Have some one push the brake and see on LH and RH when its braking and adjust the other side or give more slack will also see if there is no air sneaky left not much time left for normandie keep you posted
  6. So latest update, found out that my right front brakes where coverd with a kind of grease?????? Cleaned it and now its less turning to the left. I need to give some more slack to the LH brakes to compensate. Maybe in normandie i will buy a new RH brake cylinder so at least the two front ones are new. As said before i had them all overhauled but the LH front got stuck. Keep you posted.
  7. To all of us, hereby a link to the programme in Normandie this year. Be sure that you don't cary waepons, its forbidden, even if its plastic. In Saint Mere Eglise no German uniforms or vehicles are allowed. http://www.ot-baieducotentin.fr/d-day-1944/75eme-anniversaire-debarquement-programme-juin-2019/ http://en.normandie-tourisme.fr/calendar-of-events/june-603-2.html
  8. The German vehicles are forbidden, as the German uniforms, in Saint Mere Eglise. Be sure you have no wapens even if they are plastic with you this year. It will be a big issue, they are also forbidden. You see indeed German bikes but driven by the French and mostly in the French resistance transformation. In the nighbourhood of St Mere du Mont is neerly every year a German camp, but french speaking. Here is a link also in English. http://www.ot-baieducotentin.fr/d-day-1944/75eme-anniversaire-debarquement-programme-juin-2019/
  9. Thanks Tony, most inspiring haha. Those wheels weight a ton. Got my new presennings today. Looks good but nowthe paint job needs to be done. After normandie i want to sell it. Want to buy a jeep back. More practical for me
  10. You’re welcome. If you need info i have some contacts in holland whom know a lot of this bike and may have some spares/ phots aswell brdgs
  11. Hi Ron, Damien good to know what it is. Damien check this forum the know a lot and they can help you out with parts pictures and advises. As said before a lot of knowledge from old bikes are in this forum. http://forum.arielownersmcc.co.uk/ https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/25383/lot/342/
  12. Hi Tony, yes the cylinder was bought at a military shop specialists for ww2 vehilces in france. We have a lothere. Specialy in Normandie. What i will do is loosen a little the left and i will also clean again the right brake again. I did check and adjusted all the brakes yesterday. Keep you posted
  13. Damien, if there was a side car on it you should have a lug in the corner of the swan neck and the lower tube with the tank mountings. I have one on my ariel mf from 1931. i see that your frame is heavely mistrated. Would be a hell of a job to get that back into normal, specialy with alinements. Engine and gearbox mounts. In this case i would suggest you to find an other frame and fix this one on the wall as curiosity. I was lucky to have a donor frame badly damaged and one which was missing the back part but not bend. have a look at the ariel forum from the ariel club in England. They have a compleet w/ng part and also a lot of specialists
  14. Nice Pic Ron. My project is on hold for the moment. Need to have my Dodge WC ready for the Normandie. also i'm working on my HD WLA. Plenty of work, but it will come. As you suggested i think the lug is for the prop stand. Need to see pics. Brdgs Bram
  15. Gentleman, one year gone a lot happened. Finaly i had it working so on my way to Normandie for D-day. Beïng there i could not brake normaly anymore, first braking to the left than to right. Adjusting no result. Changed the front flex hoses no help. Found out that the left front brake cyl one piston was stuck inside. Bought a new one and installed. Finally i could brake with two times pumping. The master brake cylinder had an internal leak and was pushing the fluid back in to the reservoir. I have replaced just now the master brake cyl, didn't drive anymore since back from Normandie. Adjusted the brakes and purge the system. Now i have a good brake but when braking more strong the dodge turns verry strong to the left. What could be a solution? Can it be that, because i only changed the front LH wheel brake cyl; they are not the same with the movement? LH is having a longer sroke and there fore it's braking quicker? Shall i give more play on the LH? Qustions questions but now looking for answers. Brdgs Bram
  16. Hi Damien, nice project. Sorry for not responding earlier, i'm not that often on this forum. Comming back to to your issues, i have kept the pipes in the lugs for so far as it could. Re-inforsed the new pipe by puting an bushing insideon the welding. I did a lot with messuring on the eye by fixing the lugs and the pipes and see where to bend. I have a lot of info for the frames. I can send tha to you. As well more info. Brdgs Bram
  17. Hi to all, as we all are bussy i was also. I have finaly my Harley WLA licensed so i can legaly drive it on the road. The clutch allining problem i had on the ARIEL WNG is solved. Little by little its getting on the good way. bram
  18. Hi Gordon thanks for the reply, as you said i think its best to stay with the manual. All trough at that time they didn’t had the existng technoligy we have now. But it was working. I have two Ariels(1931/44) which have grease lub gearboxes and they are still doing fine.
  19. Hello, i was wandereing if someone could give me an answer. I am changing the seals on the back axle of my dodge because the inner seal was badly leaking. I saw on a post somewhere that the greasing of the bearing is done by filling the the Inside of the Wheel hub with grease. Also what was mentioned is to leave the outerseal away so the oïl can enter in the hub to lubricate the bearings. What is wisdom? Bram
  20. Spoke to some one who explaned to me that the silicone brake fluid is a littlebit elastic, that explanes my spongy brake. Now it needs again an adjustment and/ or master brake cyl replacement or check up. bram
  21. Dear Bluebell and Tony, thanks for your replies i will see after Noyon. Maybe i will by a new master brake cylinder, at least all is in good shape and keep the other as a spare. I want to sell the dodge so maybe the new one is the best option and have it quickly solved. I want to switch over to a jeep. Yes i know its not a dodge but easier to drive with for my family. I'm the only one who is driving the dodge and its true your not picking it up to have a quick drive to the supermarket easaly. Also going to normandie from my place takes 7-8 hours drive and when i get there i'm ready to be treated as a woonded soldier, no arms, no back and no legs in good shape anymore haha. Bram
  22. So adjusted the brakes again, still a little bit spongy but when i did a brake test i left some pressious rubber on the street. I have to push the peddal completely to the bottom to have a good brake stop. Were getting there it will take time. This weekend liberation of Noyon(France), then after that again adjustment.
  23. Hi Andrew, in the maintenance manual it is said that you have to put the rim nuts back on to have a good alignmend. As i thought it will not have that much impact i didn't do it. Your right about the fron brakes, they are working, when braking it dives. So i will do an alignmend again on the back brakes and see how it goes. Where are you in New Zealand? I hev an oncle living there doing revisions on old motorcycles, specialy BSA and collecting the big v twins. he's next to auckland. Brdgs Bram
  24. Hi Tony and Nick, Nick, i have bought just the rubber parts for the brake cylinders and cleaned the inside with the special grinding tool so for me no issues. Tony, what you suggest is what i was thinking of this morning. At least you have the maximum of brake shoe use on this way. thanks bram
  25. Thanks for the feed back, all of you. I will see and check everything again and give the feedback later. Quite bussy at this moment but need to have it fixed before the weekend of the 9-10 Sept. keep you posted. Bram
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