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  1. Brake dodge WC51/52

    Spoke to some one who explaned to me that the silicone brake fluid is a littlebit elastic, that explanes my spongy brake. Now it needs again an adjustment and/ or master brake cyl replacement or check up. bram
  2. Brake dodge WC51/52

    Dear Bluebell and Tony, thanks for your replies i will see after Noyon. Maybe i will by a new master brake cylinder, at least all is in good shape and keep the other as a spare. I want to sell the dodge so maybe the new one is the best option and have it quickly solved. I want to switch over to a jeep. Yes i know its not a dodge but easier to drive with for my family. I'm the only one who is driving the dodge and its true your not picking it up to have a quick drive to the supermarket easaly. Also going to normandie from my place takes 7-8 hours drive and when i get there i'm ready to be treated as a woonded soldier, no arms, no back and no legs in good shape anymore haha. Bram
  3. Brake dodge WC51/52

    So adjusted the brakes again, still a little bit spongy but when i did a brake test i left some pressious rubber on the street. I have to push the peddal completely to the bottom to have a good brake stop. Were getting there it will take time. This weekend liberation of Noyon(France), then after that again adjustment.
  4. Brake dodge WC51/52

    Hi Andrew, in the maintenance manual it is said that you have to put the rim nuts back on to have a good alignmend. As i thought it will not have that much impact i didn't do it. Your right about the fron brakes, they are working, when braking it dives. So i will do an alignmend again on the back brakes and see how it goes. Where are you in New Zealand? I hev an oncle living there doing revisions on old motorcycles, specialy BSA and collecting the big v twins. he's next to auckland. Brdgs Bram
  5. Brake dodge WC51/52

    Hi Tony and Nick, Nick, i have bought just the rubber parts for the brake cylinders and cleaned the inside with the special grinding tool so for me no issues. Tony, what you suggest is what i was thinking of this morning. At least you have the maximum of brake shoe use on this way. thanks bram
  6. Brake dodge WC51/52

    Thanks for the feed back, all of you. I will see and check everything again and give the feedback later. Quite bussy at this moment but need to have it fixed before the weekend of the 9-10 Sept. keep you posted. Bram
  7. Brake dodge WC51/52

    Hi Tony, thats what i did the first time before bleeding the system. I will do it again but it is not so easy to have it done due to the fact that the drums are a little bit oval so when you have adjusted the brakeshoe to the correct level it will hit somewhere the drum. anyway i will start over again with the process and give some slack when its hitting. Front is braking verry well, the dodge is diving so i will start on the back and see what its doing. Brdgs
  8. Brake dodge WC51/52

    Well i have tried to bleed the system but somewhere air stays in. Does someone have a good procedure to get it out? When i open de airnipples only fluid is comming out no bubbles. But when braking is spongie. But the good news is that if it brakes its better than before.
  9. Canvas back cover GMC CCKW

    Hi, i have a canvas back cover from a GMC. Found in a barn at UTAH beach Normandie. Its an original part as we have found more items at that farm. Missing the closing part and a small hole on the bottom of 1 1/2 inch. Canvas is in good condition. Price to be determind as it is an original part in good condition and more and more rare to find.
  10. Brake dodge WC51/52

    They only thing i wonder is that if the piston is comming back to the rest postion whitout the rubber seal it might be damaged after i while. Maybe i will cut of a small part of the rubber and install it. Of course it is normal to give a feed back. We all need info to attack the issues comming with these old vehicles.
  11. Brake dodge WC51/52

    Hello to all, finaly found time to check the brake system again. I have removed the master brake cyl. checked the wholes, as mention before. When i did the revision there was also a rubber ring delivered to be put at the end, where the push rod is comming true. Since all the openings where free i had the feeling that the piston could not return completely to the rest possition and due to that one of the openings where half blocked. I have taken out that rubber ring re-installed the brake cyl. Adjusted all the clearens on the brake shoes. For now it looks good, still some air in the system but that will be gone when i have more brake fluid. Was running out of it. When i brake now and release the brakes the wheels are turning straight away freely. Hopefully it will be fine now. Thanks to all for helping out with ideas and suggestions. Bram
  12. Brake dodge WC51/52

    Hello Pete, thanks for the advice. I just did a testrun and same hasle. Yesterday adjusted the brake clearence as adviced into 3.5 inch. Checked the left front wheel and it turns freely even after braking. After todays testrun i have the feeling that the piston is not returning completely into the rest possition and by this keeping the lines pressurised. What i will do now is adjust all brakes so the wheels will turn freely and see if i can open those vent holes. But give me some time i'm verry bussy at this moment
  13. Brake dodge WC51/52

    Thanks for the info, i haven't seen something like this on my system. Only tubes and connections.
  14. Brake dodge WC51/52

    Hi Gordon, you're talking about a valve? Where is that located? For me it is an easy and simple system. You have the master plunjer, pushed by the pedal pressing the brake cylinders. Return when no pressure is by the brake shoe spring, until it is stopped by the adjustment bolt and the little spring in the master cyl. I had a problem with purging the back wheels, the fluid came not trough and the front brakes stayed pressurised. After i had changed the flex hose, completely worn out, i could purge the system normaly
  15. Brake dodge WC51/52

    Please explane this. My system was working before i changed the cylinder piston rubbers and master cyl. due to leakage. As it is a former french army dodge they have installed an extra reservoir connected to the fill plug hole on the master cyl.. this works fine. I have given the brake pedal around 3,5 inch free play before it hits the master plunger. I have checked the rotation of the wheel, that is free now. Only have little oval drums but thats no problem. I had the feeling that the master brake piston is not moving quickly back, could be a small air left over in the system. No time yet to drive and check what its doing when working