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  1. sorry typo, should have been 8x6, i read somewhere they trialed running 8 wheel drive but had problems with one of the axles breaking
  2. wasn't there a problem in the trials of the 8x8 with the second axle breaking?
  3. so what teething problems did you have? no rot in the wings apart from one rear one has had a plate welded, cab is good with a little surface rust on roof as usual, will sort that with a little blasting and paint job one day.. its coming with two racks, 4 x very good rear tyres fitted and a spare! took some bargaining to get that lot lol. its done 127k but seems to be original and not messed about, the engine is good and started with little black and no blue smoke, the batteries were flat but it jumped first crank. Need to test the batts and gel charge them i believe? all dash gauges work ok, same with hydraulics etc. No idea which regiment it came from as yet? how can i find out? No mot or uk registration as yet and no tacho either, will do all that myself, can get second hand tacho ok but the wiring and hall sensor may be more tricky? got any ideas? went to withams (spit) and got fobbed off with a load of bolloxs from their so called salesman ' we have five available'! BS they had one and that was ****ed! dave was hard to deal with but came round on my second visit..lol More pics on tuesday when it arrives
  4. My daf drops has a radio rack fitted inside the cab, what type of radios do these mounts have in them? i will be removing them and selling them on if any one is interested? also has the aerial mount on the outside of the cab i think?
  5. cheers martin.. I drove one the other day around the guys yard and got taken out for a spin on the road and i must say apart from the bounciness unladen, it was easy to drive and fairly comfortable! have you had any problems with yours? any thing special i should look for when viewing one?
  6. got a price of £170 for insuring the daf drops on a separate policy and £30 extra on my current policy :cool2: only for private use obviously!
  7. so what is the average mpg of a drops? and prices to buy?, would prefer a pre 1989 iveco,daf,man etc,still looking into the idea, looking at a tatra 8x8 to convert also and comparing them all..
  8. i hope not! still looking for a tatra 813 transporter:nut:
  9. My gaz 67b has now been sold and was loaded onto transporter today, she is now on her way to the Czech republic Now the plan is to buy something a lot bigger to go with my ot-90
  10. found a guy on ebay that bought his one a few years ago, uses it as a rolling base for grouting apparently? he has told me that he may be selling it towards the end of this year and will let me know as and when he does..fingers crossed
  11. send me pics to trapper_industries@hotmail.com you never know!?
  12. indeed tony, have had some directors/producers ask for stupid things in the past!, a memorable one on set of tomb raider 2 (cradle of life), asked Angelina Jolie to go faster around a very narrow track bend with one hand on steering wheel of our gaz 69 jeep whilst talking on her phone and a sheer drop of 100 feet 2 feet to her right..oh and a large rock that bounced the gaz across on the near side all at the same time! enough was enough and he was told NO more of that please.. well words to that effect..lol
  13. all vehicles on set are fully insured, we have never had any damage caused to any of our rented action vehicles. And our word and advise on health and safety is final, so even if the director wants something done and we deem it to be dangerous or unsafe then it doesn't happen.
  14. found one volga 21, seems they are not so popular here in the uk, and the owner is letting us rent it for this next possible film shoot could do with more ... Probably going to look to buy one at some point? as there are few around.. and not cheap nowadays!
  15. yea..also had the air bottle valve break too, going to fit a std divers bottle valve instead. your not having much luck atm with yours m8
  16. Been involved in the film and tv action vehicles for around 18 years now, supplying military and civilian from films,tv,commercials and docs.. Cant say ive heard of you either? lol, but its a big industry!
  17. just before the war and peace show my intercom (a1) box went pop, took it out and sure enough the transformer has blown, so been looking to find the wiring vehicle system diagram for the intercom, spent lots of time looking on the internet and found naada! got the manuals etc but nothing re intercom wiring in it.. Had a brain wave and asked my local ham radio guy who has a zil 131 radio comms unit and he has found the diagram for me! awesome bloke :-), now ive just handed it over to a friend of mine to see if he can fathom it out? hope so cos i need it fixed..
  18. we are just tendering now for another film ..any 1960's ish, russian and european also german volga's gaz m20-21, chaika, or weird looking vehicles let me know asap please need pics by the week end!
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