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  1. i think it was already like it when i bought it.. but its got worse and worse over the last few months.. will try them ..cheers neil
  2. ot starter motor is toast!! burnt armature and brushes>> any one know of a starter motor repair company in the south?
  3. not needed as 12 tonn cross chains will do a better job.. thus leaving the bed flat for use with my other vehicles
  4. i dont think i will fit inside track runners as yet..maybe later on!.. i am going to reverse my ot-90 onto the rack tomorrow and see what the weight distribution is like? I am going to fit 30-40mm wood deck what ever is cheap and hard wearing!? I have fitted the angle braces to the neck today and closed up two more rear C channels too. And if all goes well i may even lift the ot-90 onto the vehicle tomorrow? nail biting stuff !! lol
  5. check out the latest daf drops face book page here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Daf-8x6-drops-mmlc/478920685557171?bookmark_t=page
  6. or just buy a big trailer for tanks for your daf?
  7. track porn ! ftw, yes paul you will be needing a low loader..
  8. Hi wally, Thanks, no i couldn't find it, dont have the spec pdf .. email it if possible to trapper_industries@hotmail.com
  9. any one know the true empty weight of the daf drops 8x6?
  10. we are also looking into buying kpvt and pkt which are cheap, but will be asking a price for uk deact certification etc some time in the future
  11. tacho sender sorted! found out with a little research that there are two converter looms/plugs that adapt the standard speedo (1314 to a 1318/27 tacho head, called local daf dealer, had a word with their tacho man and he had both in stock :shocked: promptly bought them and fitted them, this uses the standard tacho sender and loom :-D no need for new sender or wiring loom! Just waiting to win a 1318-27 tacho head in the next few days:cool2: Meanwhile been busy fabricating a rack to fit my or-90 onto..... then its time to book an mot test and after that road register her..
  12. you bought a vehicle from withams !!:wow: :shocked:
  13. that doesn't really answer my question...but seeing as i am registering it legally as goods hgv that isn't really a lot of help..good luck with vosa.lol
  14. If any one knows the part number for the tacho hall sender for my daf drops preferably for kienzle 1418-27 tacho head, please let me know asap. Thanks Nick
  15. found the problem with the valve...its missing its top balance valve completely !! some bugger must have used it to fix another daf :mad:
  16. tried that lol didnt work.. i will strip it and see whats up with it..
  17. got an air leak!! what a surprise!? lol.. what is this valve and what does it do? it constantly leaks air from the bottom valve under the rubber flap! is it supposed to do this or what?
  18. yes the ot is 2.95 wide so iam widening and strengthening the rack to fit it, i see your rack with 434 on it bends quite a bit!
  19. any one know the daf drops 8x6 wheel nut torque settings?
  20. ecm on a truck!? why and what for? not sure it is the same as mine? see this link http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?15693-Leyland-DAF-Drops-and-fv432/page10
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