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  1. any one know the Type Approved under Certificate number for the daf drops 8x6 mmlc please? I have emailed daf uk over a week ago now but no reply as yet!?
  2. Caution! the vehicle MUST be loaded with the correct weights otherwise it will not pass its braking tests due to the rolling road weighing the axles and calculates what braking force it should be.. I know as i just mot'd my daf drops without weight on it and tying up the brake compensator and it failed! The actual brake test passed! but failed because it had not enough weight on the axles..
  3. I believe its no swimming full stop! Sadly this means i wont be going.. as thats the only reason i was going in the first place..sorry tim..
  4. reverse problem sorted! was inside the gear lever, a return spring on the reverse electro switch was bent...
  5. daf is sometimes really difficult to get out of reverse!.. any ideas?
  6. Wally .. thanks that would be very handy, yes i can wait till next week.. thanks again for your awesome help as usual. Nick
  7. Walley can you help?? is there a type approval spec sheet for the daf drops? as i am filling out the v55 reg form and i dont want to miss out any questions to delay it etc.. its asking for type approval number/category, type, variant, version, HC g/km, CO2, mass in service, particulates g/km, CO g/km, HC g/km, trailer weight and unbraked trailer (kg) ( i think is 750kg) ?. if any one can help with this please?
  8. dont forget Tim, my ot-90 will be on the back of my daf, so no problem damaging the grass etc :-)
  9. Are there any other brake compensator valves on the daf's? (one over the 3rd axle) I have just changed mine as the old one leaked from the exhaust vent valve, as my daf has just failed its mot due to insufficient braking , i had to tie down the brake compensator due to it not being loaded (haven't got anything heavy enough atm to put on the back) and just wondered if there was something i have missed?
  10. BUMP!! can someone please add this show in the mvt events calendar?
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/eb4yua2nshxvm7b/entry-form.jpg The link above is for entry forms for next years capel mvt show (south) Capel is down the A24 towards Horsham in surrey. Its about 10mins from the M25 It started last year and we hear it was fairly well attended by Eastern block vehicles for a first time event (100 vehicles), 3 T34's and 1 T55 plus a lonely UAZ 469. So we need a lot more russian and german ww2 vehicles as they are planning on having Russian v German battle reenactment. This show needs a lot more advertising as i don't think its on the MVT website? if any one can change this please do! Trapper industries and myself will be taking lots of vehicles there next year. daf drops ot-90 gaz 67 x 2 gaz BA64 armored car brdm-2 x2 gaz 69 gaz 69a staff car field kitchen and mortars etc
  12. ok thanks wally.. just thought it would be nice to get one.
  13. I have read in the daf drops manual that there is a remote hand held hydraulic operator unit.. were they ever fitted with the drops? any available anywhere?
  14. Looking for a bmp-1/ot-90 starter motor ! If any one has one available please let me know?
  15. in the uk read this https://www.gov.uk/towing-with-car
  16. post bump! the radio racks for sale, got let down by the original buyer..
  17. soda does not remove rust, and has to be washed before etch priming, sand will warp panels if not careful but does remove rust.. ask your local blaster..?
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