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  1. took my daf with my ot-90 on it for a spin, it was 25 deg out side and the temp gauge went up to about 110 deg on the gauge, but didnt blow steam etc.. is this normal crappy leyland gauges or should i worry?
  2. ok cool, cheers wally.. is there any way of finding out its unit history etc?
  3. out of curiosity? which unit did my drops come from?
  4. had a mvt capel meet last night, all is going to plan so far, but we will need some more germans with blank firers to fight! any one interested in fighting Russians etc? please come!
  5. http://www.sussexmvt.co.uk/ai1ec_event/capel-military-vehicle-show/?instance_id=
  6. good to see the drops still in service :-)
  7. all very interesting.. thanks.. i will be at war and peace show,capel, headcorn this year, please drop in and say hi if your at any of those shows. Regards Nick
  8. no not at all, its self straightens when the rack touches the rollers, just make sure it hits the rollers :-) the hardest bit is aligning the vehicle onto the ramp when your on your own.
  9. my drops only changes up gears when its at 2000 rpm! is this normal? i have checked the throttle position valve and seems ok..
  10. Daf drops is now road registered on a 'J' plate 1992.
  11. Paul, you would have to change all the wheels over as just changing the rears would also wind up the transfer box etc.. then your center of gravity will change quite a bit! what they really need is an over drive unit.
  12. ot-90

    What MV do you own?

    2 x brdm-2 1 x ot-90 (bmp-1) 3 x gaz 69 jeep 2 x gaz 67 jeep 1 x ural 375 (diesel) ural k750 bike/combi 2 x 704 gaz trailers pk 02 cz cook trailer various mortars etc.. oh and a daf 8x6 drops mmlc, which is not eastern bloc :-D
  13. yea there quite good lol, best place for the spare wheel, when you need it just hoon it of the turret and pick it up when it stops rolling!!
  14. Trapper industries has two new arrivals, one brdm-2 canon, and a converted brdm-2 gaskin, but gaskin is missing its correct turret! and has been replaced with the canon version.
  15. Glynwood seem ok too... daf 8x6 drops mmlc was £170 per year.
  16. thats exactly what i have done :-) just sent it off, no we wait and see?
  17. just got a reply from daf uk, and they said the daf drops never had a type approval number!? wtf am i supposed to do about filling out the v55/5 registration form then? leave that part blank and hope dvla accept the form 654 mod form? I read on this link post No 7. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?34853-First-Registration-Leyland-Daf-45-150-4x4-Cargo That daf uk supplied him with the type number etc..
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