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  1. iam lucky if mine starts below 100 when its cold. a lot easier when warm .. Blasting my ot-90 has started! :sweat::sweat: iam knackered! blasting always seems a good idea when you first start doing it, then it just become back breaking sweaty hard mind numbing work..lol Still i plan to have the etch primer and top coat done by Saturday, then camo the next day :-)
  2. Any one what the MB L3000 trucks are worth in average condition?
  3. cool ,let me know how much and get a price for them doing two of each might make it a bit cheaper for us both? :-) i have a vehicle tarp they could easily convert..
  4. neil i have the original air inlet but no exhaust cover, but iam sure i can make a pattern for the exhaust, and maybe even make the 2 x inlet ones into one whole one? the main cover will be hard to do without them measuring the vehicle?
  5. times that by two quotes :-) for above
  6. Paul, i bet you would be the same lol. be there next year and join in
  7. We had a really good show despite the mud rain etc..all the marshals that i spoke to were very helpful and friendly. What annoyed me was the lack of tracked vehicles that could not be bothered to enter the arena! probably for fear of getting them muddy no doubt! I was in the arena in my ot-90 as much as i could and even in some that i shouldn't have been in, personally i think the arena was lacking in vehicles most times! Sunday was appalling for vehicle entries as most of the lamers had gone home Saturday! This affected the crowd around the arena alot.. Speaking with the arena marshals on our cold war runs, they were quite impressed with the amount of Russian/E-Bloc vehicles attending all our runs this year and were quite happy for us to stay a little longer going mad and putting on a good show! I think that marshals or someone should encourage vehicle owners much more to attend all the arena activities to put on a spectacular display for the paying crowds rather than a dreary few vehicles bumberling around the arena a few times! At the end of the day its down to us the vehicle owners/drivers to make this happen and have some fun in the arena! Rex and his team did a fantastic job this year and it will only get better as they get more organized, thanks for an awesome time guys. Regards Nick ot-90
  8. my drops seems to have fixed its switch off valve all on its own :-)
  9. Funny that i have just had a similar problem with my daf drops... found out that the manual electric over ride button on right side of steering column has gone wrong..or something in that circuit? because when i switch off the ignition the engine keeps running until i press the red over ride cut off switch next to the battery cut off switch!? any guess what may be wrong with this unit or something else?
  10. Very impressed with capel mvt show! was a great show and we were very busy around the arena etc, big thanks to John and Andy etc for organizing a very good week end.We had a total of 9 Russian vehicles on site and my ot-90 was very busy in the arena lapping Andy in his fv432 :-)
  11. http://www.sussexmvt.co.uk/ai1ec_event/capel-military-vehicle-show/?instance_id=
  12. A massive shout out to Paul for organizing an out standing wartime in the vale show this year. Well organized and run by all the officials, and the most fun for me was crushing a renault clio and rover 25 :-) Let the good times roll again next year Cheers Nick
  13. It was my ot-90 on way to/from wartime in the vale show
  14. i know how that feels to work on brdm-2, been there done it :-)
  15. cheers martin, am gonna check it out on monday, i have a new viscous fan clutch kit in stock :-)
  16. any one know what the temp gauge normally reads when loaded heavily?
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