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  1. as far as i know the only difference between the two types of racks is the thickness of the out riggers on the so called 15 ton racks, i beefed a 10 ton rack with lots of heavy duty box sections to take my ot-90 and it dont bend like a 15 ton rack with a 432 on it.. ive seen them loaded and they warp/bend/sag in the middle a fair bit!

  2. I carry my ot-90 (12.5 ton) ish.. on my drops, this year i checked the load axle weights on the mot brake test sheet and no 3 axle was approx 50-100 kilo under the max axle loads (but! the vosa test stations brake test rollers/computer are a bit hit and miss! and not very accurate as they change every year) i drive sensibly everywhere in my drops and am very aware of its limits and capabilities when loaded. ok so an ot-90 is a lot lower but wider and lighter than a 432.. just depends on the axle loading at the end of the day and the driver..

  3. ok thanks guys, i have found a leaking exhaust foot brake test 2.jpgbrake valve, which is now fixed.. and re adjusted two axles a little..but i made a booboo and forgot that i swapped all wheels from front to back and forgot to deflate/re inflate tires correctly before the retest ! doh !! which wont have helped with the 'locking' as some tires would skid on the rollers due to being to flat. and it was loaded with a brdm-2 which is approx 7-7.5 ton.

    booked in tomorrow morn for a brake test at a different testing station as the measured vehicle weight has changed between the 1st and 2nd mot tests by 200 kilogram !? why i dont know?

    here are the 1st and second test results.

    as you can see the odd thing being the 'locked' results being less than the 'unlocked' .. odd..

    brake test 1.jpg

  4. My daf just failed its mot on brakes, so took all wheels and hubs off, cleaned,checked and re adjusted, drums and shoes are not that old by the looks of them all..

    It failed at 45% service brake efficiency the first time and now has failed at 45% service brakes again after clean and adjust etc! also some wheels did not 'lock' the 1st time and now those that did, now dont! wtf?

    Any one got any ideas please?

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