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  1. Hello , I am in need of a turret basket bearing mount, I have 4 & need the 5th one which is missing < part number FV718099 AND NSN 2540-99-838-1671 THANK YOU
  2. Welcome & where are the picture's of the CUCV , I cannot be the only one wanting to view the M1008
  3. Hi , you can Add me to your list , just posted some pics on post http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?46432-any-cucv-owners-about&highlight=m1008 UJJ
  4. Im lucky enough to have M1009 & M1008 but there not on the road yet ,
  5. 2 British and 3 American , hopefully soon to be 3 and four respectively :0)
  6. I will chirp in , I love mine , its a great bit of kit but would agree that the maintenance will be more hard work than the 432, but if you have some woodland its great , clears paths & remove large tree stumps instantly ,& for levelling its amazing so for me it works really well . :-D Oh and the winch is amazing , usable 95 meters & pulls like a train , I have pulled an 8 wheeler fully loaded with hardcore up a a woodland muddy track no problem , the driver still quotes it as his party trick . think they are a bit like marmite , & I bloody love that as well .
  7. I had the pleasure of seeing this vehicle in the flesh & would take my hat off to you for starting such a project especially at this time of year . Wishing you all the best with this & looking forward to watching the progress of the build so keep the pictures comming . All the best Jim
  8. Keep it up Jeff & welcome , what about some picturers:D
  9. Nice work , I passed some of these bits heading for the coast , on the back of a truck & wondered where they come from , I could have done with picking some bits if it was going to the scrap yard ....
  10. I just passed a truck with a chopped up front section of a HMMWV on the back ,11:30am , M20 , Coast bound in Kent UK ???
  11. Well , did you go for a ride in one ?? Have you bought one yet ???? I love mine , but had to wait 15 years to get it .
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