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  1. Just taken the front wing off for repair and to make it easier to get to the water pump which is leaking ! to all owners of Ts Merry Christmas.
  2. Welcome, the museum was a fantastic northern experience, i had the chance to visit many times, always enjoying each visit. so welcome Wally, enjoy the forum, nigel.
  3. Hi there, very interested in your spare rear body, please contact me at Peak12rec@hotmail.com many thanks nigel
  4. Thank you for the welcome, if you have a back body im very interested, please contact me at Peak12rec@hotmail.com i have the water pump to change first then it will be big engine start up.
  5. Im Nigel, always been interested in military vehicles but usually Land Rovers that fit the garage. Im an electrician working in the steel industry but love tinkering with engines and vehicles. Have been helping david with his Diamond t980 and wiring up the lights and generally renovating the many moving parts. Had chance to buy a diamond t980 in March, so have lots to do as the water pump leaks, diesel tanks are dry and not heard the engine run yet. No back body either, so anyone got a spare one please. All the best to you all out there, Nigel (Sheffield).
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