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  1. BBMF Lancaster & Dakota diorama/picture Complete

    With some toughened glass that would make a great coffee table....... fantastic, well done mate...

    Does anybody know of anyone either producing new /replica decals to adorn a GMC engine ? - the decals that would adorn the air filter/Oil Filter regulator box etc. etc..... I've been on the internet and have found a chap who sells really nice looking sets for jeep engines - but nothing for GMC's......
  3. Oops!

    I purchased a book all about the red ball express during ww2 - to find a picture of a convoy of Reos in there as well - don't you just love researchers !!!!
  4. Help Please !!

    Many thanks for the links - I've sent them both an e-mail - will let you know what the response is !
  5. Help Please !!

    Yes - it seemed a good idea at the time - im sure I will get there in the end - but it never hurts to ask for help and advice! - I've trawled through hundreds and hundreds of photographs and various sites and can find nothing more about this vehicle - I found out about the airfield, its name, its usage and history - and I've found out lots about the USO program - but this is a mystery !!
  6. Rectangular mirror

    I was referring to wing mirrors / outside mirrors - most GMCs have little use for interior mirrors...
  7. Help Please !!

    Yes , and I would imagine if its a mobile broadcasting unit, and with the twin aerials on the back it would need to be supressed so eliminate interference with the radios? - as I said - its needle in a haystack as I cant find anything to assist my research on the internet......so I think is should have an" S "preceding the hood serial number.......?
  8. Rectangular mirror

    Realise this is an old thread - not sure if you found them.....if not - look on e-bay for vintage tractor mirrors - they have lots - and all for around £10 each!
  9. Help Please !!

    Can anyone help me ? Im trying to replicate the vehicle below - but im stumped when it comes to markings - im guessing it was part of the USO, im also guessing it may have had ASCZ on the front and rear.....but can anyone confirm or tell me what it should have / be ? Im also thinking as a mobile broadcasting unit it will have an "S" on the hood number as well...... as you can see from the only picture I have , theres not a lot to be gained from looking at the side........ Im happy to have a little "artistic variation" as the picture refers to a truck In the pacific and im looking at the European theatre of War...... any ideas much appreciated.....
  10. Dodge WC54 applications?

    I did the same research many years ago when restoring my own WC54 and wondering which route to go down. I found photographic evidence of them used for : Signals/Wire laying / line repair trucks MP Paddy Wagons Mobile Shops Propaganda / speaker broadcasting trucks and of course Ambulances - I was also told they were used as aircraft crew taxis but could find no evidence of persons using them as such - but a few pictures of them ferry back the wounded from aircraft.... Caution however as many of the conversions were post war - many of the signal corps trucks were post-war/Norwegian based .
  11. London Duck tours to cease operating

    I had a good crawl all over one of these when on holiday in NZ - Theres very little left to call them a DUKW - all transmission and drive is Japanese - the hull is converted beyond recognition as is the driving area/dashboard etc. - The very best of luck to anyone wanting to try and convert back to its in service condition ! - that aside its a sad day if they wont be on our capitals roads anymore - I never tyre of pointing them out to the kids whenever we visit London.... I hope they can either find another slipway or maybe omit the swim part of the tour until such times they can be re-instated ....
  12. Goodwood Revival

    Not a bike - but ive been asked to display my Dodge wc52 as part of the Baker Street Boys diorama - although the forecast is for rain all week and weekend - its going to be fun as always! - Enjoy!
  13. WOW! - £33,750 FOR A JEEP !!! - And it didn't really look as though it had any provenance - imagine what the purchaser may have paid if it had!!! But is that price a true reflection of a jeeps worth or just someone with too much money / not enough common sense going mad at the auction I wonder? it would be interesting to work out exactly how much a jeep would cost to build from scratch - as the advert for the auction stated that particular jeep was a complete restoration / re-build - so how much would it cost to visit the various jeep parts suppliers and do the same ? - would it really be £33,750...? and imagine the collection of vehicles (MV) you could purchase as an alternative to the one jeep ? So has the bubble burst... It appears not.... Now - does anyone want to buy a 1943 Dodge WC52 for a bargain £30,000 ? (Well its cheaper than a jeep - you can save yourself £3750! )
  14. So apart from encouraging "drivers mates" - I don't know what else we can do as a hobby - most youngsters are now heading towards the re-enactment world as that is more easily affordable. I always do my best to blood into the hobby - but with prices what they are - what young person, starting out in life with a young family / mortgage/rent can justify spending in excess of 5k on an entry line vehicle such as a landy or small motorbike - not to mention running costs and maintenance/storage etc... My first vehicle was an Auto-Union Munga - I paid a couple of hundred quid for it, restored it as best as I could aged around 20 (Africa corp...don't ask - I was young and had no idea!) however despite having little knowledge or experience i had a great time - before embarking into 25+ years of jeeps/dodges/GMC's and Bedfords..... my only advice would be to consider alternatives - Bedford RLs ,Auto-unions,Post was American chevy blazers etc even a para bike is worth considering for those who want to gain an entry into the MV world , - most of these can be purchased for sub 5k - but for how much longer??? as I said previously - its great if your already on the Military vehicle ownership ladder - but its a hell of a climb up if your not!
  15. whever the bubble has burst or not - the recent rise in vehicle prices whilst good for those of us fortunate to already own vehicles has had a very noticeable and negative knock-on effect to the hobby - with the infamous jeep prices soaring - the price of other vehicles also went up as people looked to alternatives - the result - where are the youngsters coming into the hobby ? even the Landrover - once easily affordable and readily available has priced itself beyond the reaches of most youngsters wishing to embark into the world of green machines. Sadly I cant see this ever changing as I don't foresee prices dropping to the degree required to allow new/young membership to our hobby - as an Area Secretary for the MVT (West Sussex Area) - I cant remember the last time anyone under the age of 45/50 joined our club. I have tried to encourage drivers mates and the no need to own a vehicle to join - but long term we could end up with a large void of up and coming younger members to take over when we are all to old to clamber into and under our vehicles. I will be bequeathing mine to my sons - but that's presuming that they want to follow my tyre tracks and follow the hobby....its a wonderful hobby - but I don't see any younger members being able to afford and justify vehicle ownership - I started doing this when I was 21 - I cant see many 21yr olds doing the same now sadly......