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  1. GMC 353 Tipper

    Ha Ha - Can you imagine the red ball express grinding to a halt because the lead driver had bust his hours and needed his break - different times and different needs !
  2. GMC CCKW hardcab door locks

    another option ive just thought about is one of those cheap shead alwarms - simple stick on contact switch / magnet type of elctro contact - arm remotely and hey presto - the moment the door is opend the alarm goes off - all battery operated and you can buy them for under £20 - and no drilling into the bodywork....worth a thought.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wireless-PIR-Motion-Sensor-Alarm-With-2-Remote-Controllers-For-Home-Shed-Caravan/301943452927?epid=1267114048&hash=item464d3b74ff:g:CGcAAOSwNmVab~vt https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Battery-operated-window-door-house-alarm-set-burglar-intruder-sensor-WIRELESS/401003642979?epid=1190276583&hash=item5d5dae0063:m:muKzPDJ-BcQe9SHLcgebslw
  3. GMC CCKW hardcab door locks

    send me the details to andy.kyte@bt.com - I will add it to our websites and do my best to promote it for you - we have our club night tomorrow night so ideal chance to publicise your show !
  4. GMC CCKW hardcab door locks

    I guess the simple answer is how well do you want to secure the vehicle - given a window smash and in is probably the way a crook would go if they really wanted in - my thoughts were just a simple "keep the public" out at shows and give some very basic security to the cab - its almost impossible to make a vehicle of these type and age really secure - often instead people opt to immobilise, but if you wish to keep personal items in the cab or just want to stop people opening the door - this is a simple and cheap way to do it....
  5. GMC CCKW hardcab door locks

    British WW2 Humber Heavy Utilities have a very similar lock - although they would be like hens teeth to locate....but surely classic car door lock / handle suppliers must have something similar ?.. ive just had a really quick look and found this on e-bay : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Car-Door-Locking-Handle-With-Keys/253425195592?hash=item3b01519a48:g:KOAAAOSwg31agw7k
  6. GMC CCKW hardcab door locks

    This is something I myself was wondering - I have seen additional deadbolt type locks fitted that operate much like the locks you use on internal doors - you have a star shaped key that turns a dead bolt into the door frame - its completely separate from the door handle and is a stand alone hole approx. 5 mm in circumference ....still looking into alternatives myself but im sure between us and with the help of the forum we will get there!! This is what im thinking of.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DOOR-RACK-BOLTS-Dead-Bolt-Lock-Star-Key-Wind-Out-Chubb-Type-NICKEL-BRASS-WHITE/182342752766?hash=item2a747999fe:m:mm-WKMdd8bpHx2PbSZM5b-g
  7. BBMF Lancaster & Dakota diorama/picture Complete

    With some toughened glass that would make a great coffee table....... fantastic, well done mate...

    Does anybody know of anyone either producing new /replica decals to adorn a GMC engine ? - the decals that would adorn the air filter/Oil Filter regulator box etc. etc..... I've been on the internet and have found a chap who sells really nice looking sets for jeep engines - but nothing for GMC's......
  9. Oops!

    I purchased a book all about the red ball express during ww2 - to find a picture of a convoy of Reos in there as well - don't you just love researchers !!!!
  10. Help Please !!

    Many thanks for the links - I've sent them both an e-mail - will let you know what the response is !
  11. Help Please !!

    Yes - it seemed a good idea at the time - im sure I will get there in the end - but it never hurts to ask for help and advice! - I've trawled through hundreds and hundreds of photographs and various sites and can find nothing more about this vehicle - I found out about the airfield, its name, its usage and history - and I've found out lots about the USO program - but this is a mystery !!
  12. Rectangular mirror

    I was referring to wing mirrors / outside mirrors - most GMCs have little use for interior mirrors...
  13. Help Please !!

    Yes , and I would imagine if its a mobile broadcasting unit, and with the twin aerials on the back it would need to be supressed so eliminate interference with the radios? - as I said - its needle in a haystack as I cant find anything to assist my research on the internet......so I think is should have an" S "preceding the hood serial number.......?
  14. Rectangular mirror

    Realise this is an old thread - not sure if you found them.....if not - look on e-bay for vintage tractor mirrors - they have lots - and all for around £10 each!
  15. Help Please !!

    Can anyone help me ? Im trying to replicate the vehicle below - but im stumped when it comes to markings - im guessing it was part of the USO, im also guessing it may have had ASCZ on the front and rear.....but can anyone confirm or tell me what it should have / be ? Im also thinking as a mobile broadcasting unit it will have an "S" on the hood number as well...... as you can see from the only picture I have , theres not a lot to be gained from looking at the side........ Im happy to have a little "artistic variation" as the picture refers to a truck In the pacific and im looking at the European theatre of War...... any ideas much appreciated.....