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  1. Thanks to all for the information, I've sent a mail to add it to the register, I'll post the pictures from last week up plus a few others shortly. Bike runs really well, just had the mag rebuilt, the first job I've done on it for 30 years!! (Apart from the odd oil change.) The only substantially non-original part is the front mudguard whch seems to be difficult to source and a toolbox which I've never had, I'm very interested in the information from the ordnance record, is this information available to view or copy? Thanks, John.
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    Tiger 100's

    I'm aware of an 8 stud speed twin with the 9-5T prefix registered in September 1938, also it's Black and Silver rather than Amaranth Red.
  3. Thanks to everyone for their help, much appreciated. The frame number prefix is TL and the engine number prefix is 3HW. I'll post a few shots shortly but in the interim here's the bike. I'll post a few more shots and a couple of it on the Beamish Trophy Trial a couple of years ago, plan to use it again this Sunday. The tank number is just something random I put on in the 80's, pleased to know now what it should be. It was Wakefield registered and I think that the licensing records still exist there I'll check what the VMCC have as well. More photos to follow. Cheers, John.
  4. Hi, I've got a 3HW which I've owned since 1977. It's in reasonable condition and in regular use, I'm riding it in the Beamish on Sunday! The frame is marked TEC 7.45 which begs the question were they still being made for military use then? Frame number is TL58543 and engine number 38796S It was first registered in 1946 so not sure if will have seen any military service. Thanks in advance for any help! John.
  5. Wanted to say hello. I've a 1945 3HW which I've owned since 1977 and a large collection of 19 sets! Ex ROF Leeds with a general interest in things military. Thanks John.
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