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  1. EMER for Cent Mk III RBJ

    Hi James, That's not a problem, I think that as Lauren points out it's for when it was changed to a Mk V Lauren, That's the bunny! Will send you a PM
  2. EMER for Cent Mk III RBJ

    Cheers Aussie, The RBJ we've got us the one detailed in plates M29 and M30, so it's fair to say that the Cent we're restoring to Mk3 status is not a Mk3 but a later version (whether it was a Mk3 at one point is a different matter). Have you any more info to go with those plates? cheers Paul
  3. Hi all, i don't suppose anyone out there has any information on the RBJ for the Mk 3 agent? just started to go through the turret wiring on the IWM's Cent and someone has disconnected everything. Now I don't know whether it's a RBJ that is originally fitted to Mk3's, but the FV No is FV31559 Any help much appreciated Paul
  4. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Whataretheywherecanigetthem Whataretheywherecanigetthem Whataretheywherecanigetthem Whataretheywherecanigetthem Whataretheywherecanigetthem
  5. Centurion tachometer

    Got to be a happy bunny finding that, now you've got to fix it. Dunno what spec cable you've got available in Aus, but I'm using TC12 for any desiring up at Duxford as we can't get Unipren
  6. chieftain, is it multifuel.

    As above, it is multifuel BUT seem to remember mention about adjustments needed to the engine....
  7. Centurion tachometer

    It's a black device with 2 wires coming out of it. It is on the B bank and is attached to the end of the head nearest the fighting compartment. Think it's really tucked in to the bulkhead
  8. Believe that it is not a dynamo, but an alternator. As such it does not have a magnetic core but uses primary and secondary windings. Think in this case it take a LT feed of 24v into the armature to create the spinning magnetic field and as that passes through the secondary windings that creates the high voltage output. First thing to check is whether the is a LT feed to the contacts on the armature, then to check to see if the bushes are making a good contact. Believe that the contacts on the armature can wear down leave a build up of metal swarf in the gaps between the contacts.
  9. Cool photo, but we really need a video......
  10. New project - Mk 1 Knocker 6x6

    When looking for a decent freeze spray I found that Maplin sold one for testing PCB's works well. Have used it on stuck fasteners and to shrink outer bearing races for fitting.
  11. Centurions from scrapyard

    Wondering if the figure shown was RPM as at one point it went over 1000. Nice to hear it run, just wish I could get on with the Mk4B rebuild at Duxford
  12. Car paint supplier

    Unfortunately I've got no way to spray 2K system as I've not got the PPE for it. Are there any other 1k systems available that won't kill me?
  13. Car paint supplier

    It's a 3.9 '93 vogue hard dash by the way
  14. Car paint supplier

    Cheers, Contacted Jawel and they can supply the basecoat, but not in cellulose, still a single pack paint though. They have also suggested using an acrylic lacquer over the top. Any thoughts?
  15. Car paint supplier

    Can't use 2K paints as it'll probably kill the horses next to me. what are the water-based paints like to use, can you use them over cellulose primers?