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  1. 😏😁 if they don’t rust then why the hell have I been welding it up for 5 years? Many thanks, looks very useful
  2. So I need to find a way to stick some C channel to the rear of my Range Rover. The channel holds the rubber seal in place for the boot. problem is there is not enough gap to pool weld it on and I don’t own a spot welder. any ideas? Thinking about hiring a spot welder but would probably have to get my own set of electrodes. Ta very muchly Paul
  3. Going to be moving to just North of Cambridge soon and looking for somewhere to rent to restore my Range Rover. Yes, not quite a Military Vehicle, but wondered if anyone knows of anything available, doesn’t need to be massive, guess about a double garage size-ish Cheers Paul
  4. Hi Malcolm, I don't think we have the special tool, Barney might, but I rather suspect that he found an easier way of doing it during his time in the field with REME. I know he has a secret stash of shims that he used. I've managed to not only slip a disc in my back, but also damage my hip so I don't think I'll be at Duxford till mid October, but won't forget. with regards to the engine I forget where it was rebuilt, but it was done in a REME workshop towards the end of the first gulf war. Think it was one of the very last Meteors rebuilt so the thought may be that it was never repaired, just crated up safe in the knowledge that the British army would never need it again. who knows.
  5. Hi Malcolm, So, where to start with this? After my last post funding for the Mk III restoration was not available for a few years, and it was taken outside and covered up. About a year back (maybe longer, @Lauren Child what do you think?), we got given the green light to get back on with it and massive progress was made. All the hull wiring was redone, a replacement main engine was sourced and installed with the clutch and gearbox. We were also very lucky in that we managed to get Barney back (anyone familiar with the MVW will know Barney - cent man through and through). He was vital when it came to getting the engline, clutch and gearbox back in, and I'd need to pick his brains as to how he managed it. But I think it involved aligning the gearbox to the final drives, then the clutch to gearbox and engine. The replacement engine has been giving us some grief and looks like the valve timing keeps on slipping, @Lauren Child Myself and a couple of others have become a dab hand at timing the valves and the magnetos but it seems to slip.... Unfortunately there has been another reorganisation with the IWM and I am unsure at the moment as to what the DAS MVW's involvement with the MkIII will be. I haven't been in several months as it's been cricket season and I managed to slip a disk. Hope to be back the week after the Battle of Britain show. Can ask Barney then for you. Cheers Paul
  6. Guess there could be a later mod, the MkIVB that came with our Cent III has these filters. Guess if they are on the scavenger side then they will be relatively low pressure so perhaps an O ring will suffice? 🤷‍♂️
  7. My parts list has it as JOINT, scavenger filter cap, 2 of LV3/RR/EM5265 from memory the ones I have come across are a fibre washer. hope that’s of help
  8. Would another way is to use the battery balancing box from a Cent? That provides a 12v feed for the wireless system
  9. Nope, not super 8. They need the orchestra to play the music for their moving pictures
  10. This idea that modern playgrounds are to be bubble wrapped and hermetically sealed against all risks is a load of old tosh. I’ve managed playgrounds and the European Standard actually states that a child might break a limb in the process of playing, and that is an acceptable risk as that is how the child learns. Doesn’t mean that we’ll just leave lots of huge pointy things laying about though.
  11. I believe that for braizing you can use oxy-propane instead of acetylene. I've only used oxy-acetylene, but have heard it said that the other method will work. All the same kit, just different flammable gas? Hope someone on here can confirm
  12. Thought i’d add a bit in here regarding PPE (yes, H&S, yawn). For Brazing and Oxy-Acetylene welding this is the type of visor that works well and allows 2 hand operations. Look for a shade 3 visor, and make sure that it will also deal with hot flying materials. https://www.fastenal.com/products/details/0800425
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