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  1. It is not green and has no wheels, but an unusual item in mint unused condition I found going through my kit today. ARP Gas Mask wipes to give clear vision with the rear Brylcreem add priced at 1/- shilling, 2" x 1.5" size looks like a box of matches from the outside. It may have been issued with my gas mask in 1943. "A.R.P Clear View" are the only names on the item, does anyone have more history on these items? Regards Mick
  2. 2691H

    Going Electric

    An interesting conversion of a Landrover to run on electric from down under. www.goingbush.com/ptev.html. I would prefer the hydrogen cell to keep it more original.
  3. Vehicle independent parts (Hastings) Ltd, World Wide Bedford Truck Parts Sales. 01424858314 Fax 01424858316 E-mail truckpartsuk@aol.com Innovation Centre, Unit 19, Highfield Drive, St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, TN38 9UH boss-man Graham Eaton
  4. British Army Landrovers do not need reversing lights. We not retreat.
  5. Does anyone have a good use for an air field foam extinguisher, needing some TLC. It would be a shame for the scrap-man to be the new owner. Items are at TN6 Sussex area. As you can see my location is shown as the Isle of Man and I am in and out of the uk whilst I clear my barns of kit. Any interest contact me on tumbledown.farm@yahoo.com and we can arrange collection when I am in the uk. Regards Mick
  6. Eddy thank you for the information. May I return the favour with a few part numbers. Damiel Dingo wheel station outter bearing and seal + fluid flywheel seal Timken bearing 6211-2RS-C3 Outer hub seal 354 250 50 R23 Oil seal flywheel 200 125 37 R21 Supplied by Orbic Engineering Solutions 0208 684 8262 (Croydon Surrey) www.orbic.co.uk. I have a few spare seals if anyone gets stuck. I have fitted the wheel bearing and seals just the flywheel to go.
  7. Hi Folks My defence standards disc has stopped working, anyone got the current specifcation for the following oils please. M160 in 1942 operators manual as engine, gearbox, fluid flywheel and air filter, M220 (special) transfer box Regards Mick
  8. Further to the MOT debate on Bedford MK MJ vehicles. Let take my MJ for an example, which is still as issued by MOD after 34years and went to a new home yesterday, purchased by the first viewer at asking price. Vehicle data. Bedford MJP, 29 KA 26 with tail lift ex RAF, date into service 14.9.1983, date cast 1.9.1995 registered with DVLA on a "Y" plate no modifcations to vehicle and tax as a Private HGV. RoadTaxed application was made last week with the DVLA who stated it DID NOT NEED AN MOT and acepted the application. If you can get the index number and eleven digit V5c code, go on line, the system will state if a vehicle requires an MOT. Hope this helps. Mick
  9. We found when the Daf was introduced into our MT units fleet it was not as good as the MJ. The MJ is better than the MK as the turbo makes quite a difference to performance. As far as off road driving with bar grip tyre it is very good, on road the steering is lets say a more manly type of driving as opposed to the later road tyres introduced by the MOD, which makes a considerable difference, like having power steering but not so good off road. Mine is up for sale due to injury which is a sad day as she is great to drive. I see you are a single man again, hope the dust has settled without to many permanent injuries. When asked if I am married my normal reply is "No my vehicles shut up when I turn them off" Enjoy you freedom. Regards Mick
  10. 2691H

    new home required

    open to offers on first come basis. 01892 853873
  11. 2691H

    new home required

    Hi Folks I know it is not spring yet, but I need to clear out my kit and find good homes for the following.Manuals from SEME, REME, Royal School of Military Engiieers, Chatterden Ect. Plant Roads and Airfields School, MG11, Scrapper 4/6, D6C, Chalmers Alis-Chalmers, B100 The Army School of Mechanical Transport, ASMT, Advanced Training Wing, The Problem with Death. General Mechanical Principles Sep 1990 SEME, Engine Technology, Vehicle machanic upgrade 11-1, Transmission, Manual of Field Engineering, Volume 11 all arms, Detection and Clearance of Mines, 2x Part2 Field Defences (1970) amendment No1, Part4 Demolishion 1967, Pamphlet No5 Minelaying 1971 Oils 3x seal 25lts drums OMD330, 10 x 1lt cans OMD45 and some part 25lt drums AL14 I am out of the UK in 10 days till next year, can monitor the forum, no get rush as my barns are still semi full. Wish you all a happy Christmas, it is just around the corner. Regards Mick
  12. Thank you Gents a great help.
  13. On E-Bay is listed a "B"(84-85) Reg MJ shown as MOT exempt. My MJ "Y" (82-83) plate, full canvass and TCV seats + tail lift was subject to a full HGV test under the old regulations before I barn stored her some years ago. Before the new regulations came out I under stood that the rear springs needed down grading to come under the 7.5 ton limit. Advice please folks, can I run my MJ (PLG) as MOT exempt without down grading the springs? Cheers Mick
  14. Has Withams lost the MOD contract, any one know the current situation.
  15. Do you mean an MT350?. For both the MT500 and 350 I had Barbour jacket and trousers over 95 pattern kit with standard infantry boots. I returned the trousers to Barbour to have brasses fitted to stop them skidding down whilst riding.
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