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  1. 2691H

    WANTED - MK/MJ Canvas Roof Panel

    Neil. Try Vehicle Independent Parts (Hastings) Ltd 01424858314 Bedford Truck Parts Sales. Graham Eaton He took all my Bedford parts and sheets as I have had to clear kit due to injury. I know it included two roof sheets one used with slight edge damage and one new with a hole which can be repaired. Good luck Mick
  2. 2691H

    Brake cylinder sleeving

    good advise, thanks very much. michael
  3. 2691H

    Brake cylinder sleeving

    cheers.and thank you
  4. 2691H

    Brake cylinder sleeving

    Thank you Richard. When brakes are done she will move to the Isle of Man, being the only Dingo out here. If you visit the island for any of the racing let me know as I can help with arrangements. Regards Mick
  5. I am looking for a company who can re-sleeve my Daimler Dingo brake cylinders. Any one know of a good firm. Thanks Mick
  6. 2691H

    items of interest at my Hamleys

    Being forced to down size due to injury. Going on the market early next year some of my (toys) vehicles, trailers and workshop kit. I did try and do this several years ago under "all must go" but ended up in hospital and unable to contact the replies, sorry . Some of the kit: Former RAF Regiment MJ, tilt and canvas, old style TCV seats, tail lift and very low mileage, 1.75 ton trailer, 1 ton Rapier trailer from the Falklands, new boxed immersion field water heater, 110 soft top new canvas and used Bedford/Daff canvass and odds and ends of vehicle new parts, plus one demountable pod suitable for a camper. Other workshop items: Shelving, mobile compressors, large tool cabinet, work benches, manual vehicle recovery winch, wood working bench, 3ph arc welder, 20ft curtain side container, large former REME armory cabinet. Al;l items are situated in East Sussex TN6 area. If anyone is interested send me your details to tumbledown.farm@yahoo.com and I will contact you nearer the time. Happy Christmas to all, Mick
  7. 2691H

    Daf 4x4

    Looks good, but remember that any vehicle can get bogged down, even tanks, take care and enjoy the vehicle. Mick
  8. 2691H

    Daf 4x4

    aHi Doug I passed my driving test on a 1953 Commer with a crash gearbox and love two types of vehicle, big and slow or small and fast (P6 Rover manual V8). When the Daf came into service we were told not to use it as a tow/recovery truck off road as we used the MK/MJ, as the chassic can bend. For mud plucking and off road work the MJ beat the Daf hands down. The Daf I considered to be a road vehicle and gave a better ride than the MJ, going into location off road give me an MJ any time. The other factor is the MJ had bar grip tyres and not road type tyres as the Daf. Have Fun and if you are new to trucks, remember the steer you back wheels. Mick
  9. 2691H

    bedford mk tyre change

    I been part of a two man team and changed MJ and TM tyres in the field without any major problems. The wheel and tyre are placed under the side of the vehicle with the split rim facing up whilst the air is removed and replaced, so if the rim blows it will hit the under side of the load bed. Mike
  10. 2691H

    Leyland Daf 4x4 Jack

    Good Afternoon. Re Daf Jack I have checked with my MT friends and in our unit the Dafs used the same jack as the MJ. The jack is a ERN-LAKE 4ton, 6.5 inch Tower Jack, from Harvey Frost & Co Ltd. If you get stuck I have a hardly used jack with a handle in my store. Hope this helps Regards Michael
  11. 2691H

    Daf 4x4

    Hi. I find the Bedford MJ a better 4x4. Look up MOD Sales/ Whithams on the net and you should find Dafs being auctioned off. You will have to visit before bidding to be sure its a good one, all have one careful owner. Regards Mick
  12. 2691H

    For Information

    For information Dingo fluid flywheel oil seal. part number W12520037 priced at £1.47 + p&p + vat From Orbic Engineering Solutions, 0208 684 8262 www.orbic.co.uk. Very quick service on all bearings and seals. Hope this helps Mick
  13. Arrow 1.75 ton Trailer 2330-99-893-4879. Require a jockey wheel rim 2530-99-823-2638. Any information would be helpfull. Mick
  14. 2691H

    Army radio sales co

    I am down sizing due to an injury. Have clansman and larkspur kit to dispose of. Let me know what you require on e-mail tumbledown.farm@yahoo.com and I wll see if I can help. Mick
  15. What's wrong with a peace of string as used on the Ford MK2 Consuls, that's why I had a girl friend!.:-D