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  1. Re Ferret battery boxes. What ever you do for the cover plugs stick to rubber as I found out by experience, when I had a battery explode. It is surprising how fast you can exit the vehicle via the front hatch in these situations, but your rear end makes a very good target for in cab missiles. Mick
  2. You must have heard of the most succulent British Army compo tinned processed cheese. A must for any connoisseur of good food, by just mentioning its name will bring back memories to many a soldier of the good old compo. I did have a few cans left in my barn and will dig them out next month when in the UK and let you know. Cheers Mick Location UK East Sussex
  3. A few years ago I had a lorry load of M20's, we could not get rid of them quick enough, seen here at Bagshot scrambling. When bike stopped going up the steep hills we grabbed a tree branch, lifted a leg and said good bye to the bike and got another one out of the Commer. Pictures may be usefully for unit markings and index numbers, but just think how much at today's prices this lot would have been worth. Regards Michael
  4. Thanks for the plea of guilty Oily. Any damage by a stollie in my Sussex fields, I will post an invoice for damage to you. Cheers
  5. Before you start including the Germans in shows in the UK, just remember many of us non snowflakes who lived during the war are still above ground. We still have our memories and opinions of that time, so just wait till we are gone before you dress up as Jerry's. I for one will never forgive the enemy for trying to blast me out of my cot. I am not allowed free speech these days, so I can not address my feelings properly on this subject. If it helps you understand my position, I stopped going to shows who invited the opposition years ago.
  6. In 2003 rebuilding a Dingo I used a firm called berniebolt@talk21.com. to make all the fixings that had to be cut out or re-made. Contact them and send a sample of your requirements. I have just checked companies house and the company is still listed. Bernard F Wade Ltd, PO Box 1865, Oxspring, Sheffield, S36 8BY 01226 370860 Every thing I sent was supplied or re-made in good quality at a fare price. Cheers Michael
  7. Try www.jones-springs.co.uk 0121 5687575
  8. Do a Google search for Manx Aviation and Military Museum Isle of Man If over for the TT or holiday it is free entry with lots of kit and displays, well worth a visit.
  9. I have a stock of new sa80 Land Rover rifle kits if required.
  10. Richard Yes your correct can I plead loss of memory, it the sun not the beer. Michael
  11. Hi.Spinner When I cleared out all my Bedford spare and sheets for MJ/MK all went to a firm in Sussex. Vehicle Independent parts (Hastings)Ltd 014524 858314 e-mail truckpartsuk@aol.com Graham Eaton Worldwide Bedford Truck Parts Sales. Do you required the whole set or a few side sheets? I have a couple of side sheets left in Sussex UK, can check when over in a few weeks if that would help. Michael
  12. Mike Has your vehicle been converted to negative earth and alternator? as all my vehicles of that period are positive earth with dynamos. Just a though that's been nagging me on this problem. My Dingo had the same problem in the middle of Normandy in 2004, wired as made in 1942 with positive earth and that was a faulty original engine mounted coil. Half an hour to cool down and it worked again but had to be replaced in the end with like for like. I had a similar problem when helping an owner in Norway with an OY half way up a mounting, but his spare coil had a REME label attached with big letters stating "faulty coil dated 1943". Cheers Michael
  13. Hi Mike Richard has covered all the options. If it is a good correct 12volt coil on a 12 volt supply wired correctly it should not get hot, warm yes. Does your points burn out ? if so this would suggest a high current through a faulty coil or the capacitor/condenser being US. Any external heat from the engine making the coil get hot? Good luck Michael
  14. Ladies and Gentlemen. All the time you pay the W&P fees, the cost will go up. I am happ[y to show my vehicles, my entrance fee is looking after the said vehicle all year, presenting her in good condition, paying transport fees and my free labour whilst on site. Any show that requires me to pay for the privilege of supporting them can take a long walk off a short pier. By the way do you know that a public footpath goes through the site, from just up the dual carriageway on the left, this can not be blocked and is free for walkers.
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